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Why A Wordbook?

Dallas Willard was extraordinary, both as a follower of Christ and as a teacher of Kingdom living. In person he was winsome, respectful, and explanatory; in his writings he was brilliant, expansive and precise.

Yet, even if you are inspired by him or his ideas, you might find some of his terms and concepts challenging.  If so, this Wordbook is here to help you.

If you’re comfortable with Dallas’ ideas, but always are on the lookout for more resources, this is for you too.

Or maybe you have something to share that will help others along the way. If so, we need you.

We All Need Your Input

Our starting point for the Wordbook is the short definitions provided in A Dallas Willard Dictionary. But to make this the kind of rich and growing reference we hope it will be, we need your input. All of us.

In the Comments section, please share any references–quotations, video and blog links, et cetera–that add to the definition provided.

If there are terms or concepts you’d like to see included in the Wordbook, share that in the Comments too. We will be adding a few terms each month to the Wordbook, so check back regularly for updates and new entries.

Please let us know how we can be helpful to you. And thank you for joining with us to share Dallas’ dazzling insights into God’s kingdom!


Elane O’Rourke, Wordbook Curator


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