What is Senior Fellow J.P. Moreland working on?

J.P.’s Current Articles:

  • “A Critique of and Alternative To Nancey Murphy’s Christian Physicalism,” (under review with the European Journal for the Philosophy of Religion).
  • “Tweaking Dallas Willard’s Ontology of the Human Person,” (out for review at the Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care).

Forthcoming Books:

  • “Why Top-Down Causation does not supply adequate support for Mental Causation,” and“Pace Runyan,” in Body and Soul: Recent Debates, ed. by Thomas M. Crisp, Steve L. Porter, Gregg A. Ten Elshoff (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans, forthcoming).
  • Co-editor of A Critique of and Alternative to Theistic Evolution (forthcoming, Crossway)
  • Co-editor of Substance Dualism and Its Chief Rivals (under review with Blackwell).
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