We support the development of new resources and programs for Christian spiritual formation. Supporting new resources includes the cultivation of a network of professionals working within the field of Christian spiritual formation, hosting and participating in conferences, and collaborating with other organizations that share our goals.   Our current offerings include:

Book Recommendations

The Dallas Willard Center is dedicated to providing top-quality resources to foster authentic spiritual formation. Check out our recommended books from some of the best authors in the field.

Conversations Journal

Conversations Journal is a publication providing spiritual accompaniment and honest dialogue for those who long for radical transformation in Christ. It stimulates hunger and illuminates the path by drawing on classical wisdom and practice, exploring the vital role of community, and illustrating the journey with realism and hope.

Dallas Willard Timeline

One of the ongoing projects of the Dallas Willard Center is to archive the work of Dallas Willard’s life including his academic teaching career as a philosophy profess and his writing career as an author of many popular books in the field of Christian spiritual formation. The interactive Dallas Willard Timeline offers a visual display of the highlights Dallas’ life and work.

Dallas Willard Wordbook

The Dallas Willard Wordbook is being built online by our community. With your help, we intend to make the Wordbook a rich and growing resource of terms and concepts, definitions, quotes, videos, and other reference materials.


One great practice to go deeper in our life with God is to spend time regularly in Scripture reading, meditation, prayer, and reflection. We’re excited to provide our community with seasonal and topical devotionals.

Renovaré Institute

The mission of the Renovaré Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation is to make disciples of Jesus, immersing them into Trinitarian life in the kingdom of God.  Through an intensive two-year, cohort-based program, participants learn to do what Jesus says is best, and how to share that knowledge with others.


In an effort to extend the field of Christian spiritual formation, we’ve partnered with several like-minded organizations. Visit our selected partners to discover some of the best resources for growing deeper in your spiritual walk with Christ.


The Dallas Willard Center had the privilege of hosting the Knowing Christ Conference in February 2013. Joined by his good friend John Ortberg, senior pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church and noted author, Dallas delved into the richness of knowing Christ in a practical and authentic way. The videos from Dallas’ final public teaching session are available on DVD from InterVarsity Press.

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