We support and engage in Christian spiritual formation research and writing.

As we grow, we will develop an online collection of scholarly and practical materials accessible to researchers and other visitors.


Our current initiatives include:

Senior Fellow Program

The title Senior Fellow is the highest category of research staff members of the Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center. Such appointments include evidence of distinguished scholarship and contributions to the field of Christian spiritual formation. The responsibilities of a Senior Fellow would vary based on the interests of the individual and the needs of the Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center.

Annual Book and Research Awards

The Martin Fellows Program Book and Research Awards honor original and creative work in the field of Christian Spiritual Formation. The three annual award categories include non-fiction book, empirical research and theoretical research which help to establish the field of Christian spiritual formation as a discipline of public knowledge that is open to research and pedagogy of the highest order.

Dallas Willard Collection

The Dallas Willard Center is committed to providing access to the writing and teaching of Dallas Willard.

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