The Renovaré International Institute
for Christian Spiritual Formation

A Two-Year Experience of Becoming Like Jesus


Since its inception in 2011 the Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center (MIDWC) has collaborated with Renovaré in the work of the Renovaré Institute. The Renovaré Institute provides a two-year academic and experiential journal through the 12 Key Concepts of Renovaré, which can each be traced back to the writings of Dallas Willard and Richard J. Foster. Dallas Willard taught in the Renovaré Institute and was instrumental in its creation.

About the Renovaré Institute

Lately there has been an explosion of interest in Spiritual Formation with the majority of seminaries offering “something” related to it. However it is rare to find academic or seminary offerings that maintain what Renovaré champions: high Christology, balanced vision, practical strategies, a breadth of historical and ecumenical engagement, and a superior quality in ideas and written materials.

The Renovaré Institute’s Mission

The mission of the Renovaré Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation is to make disciples of Jesus, immersing them into Trinitarian life in the kingdom of God, and teaching them actually to do what Jesus says is best. The Renovaré Institute encourages students in:

  • Commitment to the highest possible Christology
  • Commitment to the development of a substantial Christiantheology of spirituality
  • Ecumenical dialogue
  • International presence and influence
  • The “with-God life” as fundamental content
  • A balanced vision of the six “streams” of Christian spirituality
  • The spiritual disciplines
  • The Renovaré Institute is unique in the area of spiritual formation today in the
 way it incorporates: in depth study of classic and contemporary texts in the field, scholarly and intellectual engagement and oversight, intensive cohort and communal involvements, and supervision by people highly qualified by their own experience and understanding of spiritual formation in the Way of Christ. The Institute is designed to put its participants in position to live fully in the Kingdom of God, whatever their real life circumstances may be, increasingly manifesting the character and power of that Kingdom throughout the contemporary world. It is a rigorous and demanding course of studies and development, as one should expect the path of discipleship to Jesus Christ to be. But the outcome gives substance to the high calling of Christ that far too often is only sung about and fitfully dreamed of.

    Dallas Willard
    Dallas Willard
  • “I give my highest endorsement for the Renovaré Institute. I know every teacher in the program personally and they are superb. The Renovaré Institute will provide students with a solid framework for understanding and living out Christian Spiritual Formation. In addition, the cohort structure encourages an exceptional experience of Christian community life.”

    Richard Foster
    Richard Foster

Renovaré Institute Details

Who should apply to The Renovaré Institute?

The ideal individuals to benefit from the offerings of the Renovaré Institute are the cross section of people within various local congregations who are profoundly dedicated to Christian spiritual formation. These are highly motivated individuals who are looking for something not fully provided by either seminary education or local church life. Their common desire is to know and live the “with-God life.” Their common strength is the ability and the platform to influence others in living well.

What will the Renovaré Institute provide?

The Renovaré Institute offers a systematic way to articulate and develop—both in writing and teaching content—critical ideas of Dallas Willard and Richard J. Foster and others associated with Renovaré. In addition to providing an intensive environment for soaking in these core concepts, the Institute will add intellectual rigor and testable information to the Christian spiritual formation field. The Renovaré Institute will help develop a second generation of Renovaré teachers.

Who will teach in the Renovaré Institute?

Teachers for the first three cohort groups have included: Dallas Willard, Keith Matthews, Jan Johnson, John Ortberg, Todd Hunter, Trevor Hudson, Chris Webb, James Bryan Smith, Glandion Carney, Emilie Griffin, Mindy Caliguire, Charles Ayars, Eduardo Rosa Pedreira, Howard Baker, and Gary W. Moon. Richard J. Foster has been available for Q & A sessions.

Renovare Institute 2014 Faculty
Renovaré Institute Curriculum

Over the course of two years, students will read more than 24 books and dozens of articles, participate in a variety of spiritual formation activities, develop a spiritual community with a small group of co-learners, and experience 28 days of teaching and formational activities built around key Renovaré concepts such as the following:

  1. It is actually possible to become like Jesus: Biblical Foundations
  2. Living in the kingdom of God: What is the gospel of Christ?
  3. The total human system—all of which is to love God
  4. Living in Conversation with God
  5. The role of Spiritual disciplines in Developing Christian Character
  6. Salvation is a life of knowing God
  7. Celebrating the Great Traditions of Christian Faith
  8. Being with God in classical devotional literature
  9. Experiencing God in Scripture
  10. Being with God in prayer
  11. Living as an Apprentice to Jesus
  12. Formation in all the roles of real life
Important Dates

While you can be a student in the Renovaré Institute and live anywhere in the world, students will gather four times over the course of the two-year program. The five previous host cities have been Menlo Park, California; Denver, Colorado; Atlanta, Georgia; Santa Barbara, California; and London, England. The next cohort groups will meet in Dallas, Texas and then Boston, Massachusetts.

Session One October 5–11, 2015 October 3–9, 2016
Session Two March 7–13, 2016 March 6–12, 2017
Session Three November 7–13, 2016 November 6–12, 2017
Session Four June 5–11, 2017 June 4–10, 2018
Early Application Deadline March 1, 2015 March 1, 2016
Final Application Deadline* April 1, 2015 April 1, 2016
Payment Date for Year One: July 1, 2015 July 1, 2016

* This date is applicable only if space is still available. It is anticipated that there will be far more applicants than available space. It is likely we will close the application process and send out notifications prior to the final application deadline.

What does it cost to attend the Renovaré Institute?

The cost for each year of the two-year academy is $3,900—exclusive of transportation, books, and supplies.
A significant percentage of this cost is for lodging and meals during the four weeks in retreat center settings.

How do I apply for the Renovaré Institute?

Applications for the new cohorts are available online at the Renovaré website.

For more information contact Pam Stewart at 706.498.7595 or email: pam@renovare.org.

I have spent two years within an environment that exemplifies openness, vulnerability, the love of God, the challenging of the mind and the cultivation of a permeable soul.

Renovaré Institute Student

This course has been truly life changing. The teaching has given me a new vision of God, and of life that is so much bigger and more wonderful than anything I could have imagined.

Renovaré Institute Student

Through the Renovaré Institute I have begun to believe and to know Jesus’ good news. Life in the Kingdom of love, joy and peace is really possible and I’m invited.

Renovaré Institute Student

Two years ago I had a deep ache in my heart to know God more deeply and to be able to communicate that process of growth to others. The Renovaré Institute has provided incredible teaching, spiritual direction and guidance.

Renovaré Institute Student

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