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The Renovaré International Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation

A Two-Year Experience of Becoming Like Jesus


What is Renovaré?

Renovaré is a nonprofit ministry devoted to advocating, fueling, and modeling authentic discipleship to Jesus Christ, so that churches and individuals might be renewed through deeper experience and understanding of Christ-like life. Founded by spiritual formation author Richard J. Foster, Renovaré is Christian in commitment, international in scope, and ecumenical in breadth.

What is the Renovaré Institute?

Richard J. Foster first drew up a proposal for a spiritual formation academy/institute in 1991. Since that time, there has been an explosion of interest in spiritual formation with the majority of seminaries offering “something” related to spiritual formation. However, even with the burgeoning interest, it is rare to find programs that maintain what Renovaré champions—high Christology, balanced vision, practical strategies, a breadth of historical and ecumenical engagement, and a superior quality in ideas and written materials. According to Dallas Willard, at present “the spiritual formation field lacks intellectual rigor and testable information needed to put the gospel and spiritual life in Christ on the cognitive map for the multitudes of people who are hungry for something real.” With this challenge in mind, the mission of the Renovaré Institute is to make disciples of Jesus, immersing them into Trinitarian life in the kingdom of God, and teaching them actually to do what Jesus says is best.

  • The Renovaré Institute is unique in the area of spiritual formation today in the
 way it incorporates: in depth study of classic and contemporary texts in the field, scholarly and intellectual engagement and oversight, intensive cohort and communal involvements, and supervision by people highly qualified by their own experience and understanding of spiritual formation in the Way of Christ. The Institute is designed to put its participants in position to live fully in the Kingdom of God, whatever their real life circumstances may be, increasingly manifesting the character and power of that Kingdom throughout the contemporary world. It is a rigorous and demanding course of studies and development, as one should expect the path of discipleship to Jesus Christ to be. But the outcome gives substance to the high calling of Christ that far too often is only sung about and fitfully dreamed of.

    Dallas Willard
    Dallas Willard
  • “I give my highest endorsement for the Renovaré Institute. I know every teacher in the program personally and they are superb. The Renovaré Institute will provide students with a solid framework for understanding and living out Christian Spiritual Formation. In addition, the cohort structure encourages an exceptional experience of Christian community life.”

    Richard Foster
    Richard Foster
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