The Renovaré International Institute
for Christian Spiritual Formation

A Two-Year Experience of Becoming Like Jesus


Since its inception in 2011 the Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center (MIDWC) has collaborated with Renovaré in the work of the Renovaré Institute. The Renovaré Institute provides a two-year academic and experiential journal through the 12 Key Concepts of Renovaré, which can each be traced back to the writings of Dallas Willard and Richard J. Foster. Dallas Willard taught in the Renovaré Institute and was instrumental in its creation.

About the Renovaré Institute

Lately there has been an explosion of interest in Spiritual Formation with the majority of seminaries offering “something” related to it. However it is rare to find academic or seminary offerings that maintain what Renovaré champions: high Christology, balanced vision, practical strategies, a breadth of historical and ecumenical engagement, and a superior quality in ideas and written materials.

The Renovaré Institute’s Mission

The mission of the Renovaré Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation is to make disciples of Jesus, immersing them into Trinitarian life in the kingdom of God, and teaching them actually to do what Jesus says is best. The Renovaré Institute encourages students in:

  • Commitment to the highest possible Christology
  • Commitment to the development of a substantial Christiantheology of spirituality
  • Ecumenical dialogue
  • International presence and influence
  • The “with-God life” as fundamental content
  • A balanced vision of the six “streams” of Christian spirituality
  • The spiritual disciplines

Renovaré Institute Details