Prayer Garden

Phase one of our Prayer Garden has been completed.  Located behind the Willard House, this oasis of peace and prayer is available for students, faculty and staff to enjoy.

Featuring the “Via Lucis” (Way of Light) or “Stations of Resurrection,” representing fourteen post-resurrection appearances of Jesus, this beautiful pathway offers a quiet place to pray and listen to God.

For centuries, in a number of Christian traditions, the Via Crucis, or The Way of the Cross is embraced as a devotional practice, a way of remembering the passion, suffering and death of Christ. In those traditions it receives particular attention during Lent, and especially on Good Friday.

An exercise called the Via Lucis, The Way of Light (or “Stations of the Resurrection”) has developed and spread in more recent years. The desire was to place emphasis on the positive and hopeful aspect of the Passion story—the part of the narrative that takes place between Easter and Pentecost.

The MIDWC is developing a prayer garden that will contain the Via Lucis. This is in large part in celebration of Dallas Willard’s emphasis on the theme of “Light” in Scripture and in some of his writing (Chapter 12 of Renovation of the Heart, is titled “Children of Light and the Light of the World.”) A local artist has been contracted to provide the metal images for this garden and a devotional is being written.

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