Conversations 8.2: Developing a Pilgrim Posture

How many of us naturally associate the spiritual practice of contemplation with the social activity of doing justice? Senior Fellow Trevor Hudson does, and it’s not just because he is from South Africa. Trevor’s linkage of contemplation and justice emerges out of love: his love for God and for God’s people.

In honor of the American holiday of Thanksgiving, we present Developing a Pilgrim Posture, from Issue 8.2 of Conversations Journal.

It helps to spend a few moments at the end of the day thinking about my encounters with people that day. As I do this consciously in the presence of God, I usually ponder: Did I spend time with anyone who was suffering in one way or another? What injustice have I been aware of today? What do I sense Christ saying to me through my thoughts and feelings about these things?

Trevor Hudson
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