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Memorial Guest Book

Early on the morning of May 8, 2013, Dallas Albert Willard awakened to a full experience of the reality of the Kingdom of the Heavens he described so beautifully. Fittingly, his last two words were, “Thank you.”

“Thank you” is the feeling I am sure so many have for the contributions he has made to their lives. I believe Dallas Willard has been one of the great reformers of Christian thought of the past century and that his most powerful lessons were taught by how he lived an unhurried life, in love with God.

At the request of the Willard family, we have set up this official online “Memorial Guest Book.” Individuals who wish to offer condolences to the family or to offer a verbal tribute to Dallas Willard concerning how his writing, teaching or friendship has impacted your life may do so here. The Willard Center will make sure that Jane Willard, John Willard, Becky Willard Heatley and Bill Heatley see your words of appreciation and compassion. We invite you to share your reflections, tributes, comments, and condolences here by posting your message in the comments below.

From the Willard family: “We are grateful for Dallas’ life and ministry and for his willingness to live ALL of his life in the present reality of the Kingdom. Many thanks to those who have prayed for Dallas and who stand with him in the continuing Divine Conspiracy. It’s time for us all to support each other in carrying on the good work Dallas has shown us that Christ is doing in us.”

Warm Regards,

Gary W. Moon
Executive Director
Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center at Westmont College

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  • Bodie Quirk


    Your impact on my life has been indescribable. I am infinitely thankful for you. I will miss your amazing mind spouting out effortless brilliance with with and candor. I will miss your sweet spirit and model as a tender, fierce, ready, and kind disciple of Jesus.

    Thank you for illuminating the glory and beauty of Jesus Christ to me in a richer and more meaningful way. I can think of no higher compliment, nor one more appropriate.

    Bodie Quirk
    Heritage Christian Fellowship
    Orange, CA

  • Michael Cham

    Dr. Dallas Willard is my hero. The Divine Conspiracy made such an impact on me that long after I graduated from college, I took an entry level philosphy class at USC just to spend time with him. Every lecture was wonderful in both its depth of knowledge and warmth of spirit. I just wanted to be near him. I was awe struck. I was so grateful that he agreed to write my academic Law School recommendation because I looked up to him so much. I was amazed that he would take time to do something for me. I always wanted to speak with him more but never though it appropriate. In the world of ideas, Dallas Willard was clearly the most influential modern person in my life. To this day, I soak up everything I can find from him. Just last month, I discovered some quite short comments on sports ethics that caused me to reexamine my own obsession with sports.

    Dallas, thank you for everything, but most of all, for always pointing me to the glorious person of Jesus Christ.

  • Frederick Marais

    I have met you briefly during your visit in South-Africa, but mainly through your inspiring books. A few people has made such a lasting impression in such a short time on so many people. Your inpact will be felt in South-Africa for many many years to come. Your clear challenge that- we need congregations with a discipleship curriculan- challenged many leaders around our country.
    Frederick Marais

  • Dana Hanson

    Dear Dallas,

    You taught me two key things about this particular day.

    1. “It’s like standing between two rooms at a party.”
    2. “It may be that you won’t even realize you have died and entered the heavenly dimension.”


    I love you dear friend,

  • Michael Robb

    Thank you. Thank you for speaking in days when the word of God was scarce. Thank you for introducing me to a world of Christian thought and experience as old as history. May I and others inherit your ministry as Elisha did Elijah’s. See you later.

    Michael Robb
    Munich, Germany


    Dallas Willard was one of the instruments God used to introduce me to a disciplined Christian life. After reading the Spirit of the Disciplines my life was changed. Thanks God for a life devoted to sprituality. My condolences to his family, and may they find refuge in the Lord of Dallas. I never met him personally, though it is like he was a close friend and mentor.

    Thank you Dallas for a life lived on the practice of God’s great Presence. Until we meet by the Throne, and we will worship together the great I AM.

    Ernesto Alers Martir
    Professor of Theology
    IBBA Theological Seminary
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • vladimir

    Dallas was a man of God bringing on our earth God’s blessing. And I am thankful to God for the gift of his life.
    Vladimir from the Slovakia, Catholic church

  • John Bowen

    Thank you, Dallas Willard. You were to me a prophetic pastor, teacher, mentor and friend. Your teaching has always challenged me and, when heeded, always drawn me closer to Christ, our master. Thank you for your faithfulness. May you now rest in his glorious and joyful presence.

    I look forward to our reunion.

    Thank you for the life changing impact you have had on me…and so many others.

    John Bowen
    San Jose, CA

  • J Bradley Armstrong

    Dallas, Jane, Becky & John,

    The apostle Paul wrote to his friends in Philippi, “I thank God on every remembrance of you.” I met Dallas through “The Spirit of the Disciplines” in the Spring of 2000. I was deeply moved to want to know God and love Him better through that book and the many others that followed. I was privileged to attend the Knowing Christ Conference in February, and for a brief moment was able to speak with Dallas. He was and is a great man after God’s own heart and now He is experiencing God in a perfect way. I know that I will remember your husband and father with fond memories and already I thank God for all the thoughts I have for Dallas.

    Dallas, thank you for showing me that there is a real life with God available in His Kingdom!

    Our love and prayers
    J. Bradley Armstrong
    Maui, Hawaii

  • Yancy Smith

    Your ability to rethink old and intractable problems, turn them around and upside down to find the creative, helpful and fully humane answer was only matched by the gentleness and kindness of your spirit. So often I took your books, your talks, your conferences with me on journeys around the world. I was comforted to know that a spirit like yours lived among us: solid, gentle, creative and kind. I am comforted to know that now, because you generously gave of yourself that others have learned what you taught and how you taught them to learn from the Master himself, many, many will take up the fire that you kindled in their souls and pass it to others. Some ideas are unstoppable, but a life well lived in the shadow and dust of Christ for others, for the good of the world never die.

  • Joanne Whitman

    Thank you Dallas, your wisdom has been one of the keys that unlocked the door into a fuller, deeper walk with our Lord. Now you are in His presence and we will miss your presence here on earth!

  • Bob Mink

    I am so thankful I was able to particpate in the “Knowing Christ” conference this past March in Santa Barbara. I consider it a privilege to have been there and to have sat at this wonderful man’s feet to learn, be encouraged, and be challenged. Thank you Lord.

  • Olga Garate

    Family & friends of Dallas Willard, condolences to you for your great loss. Dallas is now in the presence of the Almighty and begins the eternal journey that awaits us all.

    Dallas, thank you for lighting & leading the way. I discovered your writing later in my Christian walk and will go on to cherish it even more.

  • Monica Newman

    To a man that epitomized heaven on earth. A man who’s left a transforming mark on many souls still here on temporary assignment. You continue to bring us great hope in the beauty of our Lord, and our everlasting inheritance to come. Until then, you are celebrated!

  • Trevor Jenkins

    I only met Dallas Willard on the pages of his books especially Hearing God and The Divine Conspiracy. His writing changed my thinking and for that I will always be grateful.

    Well done thou good and faithful servant.

  • David McElrath

    Outside of Scripture, no other author has challenged me more or had a greater impact upon my life and ministry than Dallas. Spending time with Dallas was a wonderful experience. It was as if he had just spent time with Jesus, and then was spending time with me. What a gracious and giving man.

    Thank you, Dallas A. Willard, for teaching us about the Kingdom of God, and showing us how to live into the abundant life Jesus promised. Receive your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. Well done, good and faithful servant.

    Thank you God, for the gift of Dallas. May his teaching continue to inspire apprentices of Jesus for decades to come!

    Our prayers will continue for all the Willard family.

    2 Kings 6:16-17

  • Jon

    So grateful for the life of Dallas Willard. The first I had heard of him was when I was going through a Christian bookstore. At that time, I was struggling with the Christian walk. It felt so hard and I couldn’t understand why Jesus would call it the “easy yoke.” When I opened The Spirit of the Disciplines, I was struck by the title of the first chapter, “the secret of the easy yoke.” I felt God speak to me through Dallas. Immediately I took the book down and read that chapter. It set me free from merely “trying to do what Jesus did” but gave me insight as to how to achieve that by way of becoming like the person of Jesus. I was underlining in the book as i read and I hadn’t even purchased it yet! That was the first of many lightbulb moments I got from Dallas’ writings and teachings.

    I am praying for his family. He will be missed so much.

  • Melanie Hammer

    Thank you Dallas Willard for living your life to the fullest. The words you used and wrote plus the life examples you demonstrated made Jesus 3-D to me. They have guided me into practical living that draws me closer to God. The Knowing Christ conference was perfection in my humble opinion. I felt the Holy Spirit through my computer screen. I am deeply sorry for the loss your family is experiencing now. My prayers are for them and my joy is for you and what you know fully – right now.

  • Steve Thomas

    Like millions of others, I have been profoundly influenced by Dallas Willard. I know the God of all comfort is pouring out grace and peace on his family, and that Dallas is now fully living within the reality he helped me embrace in the Kingdom of God. May his influence continue to spread many generations into the future.

  • Donna Arthur

    Dear Willard Family…In the weeks and months to come, I know you will hear from so many whom Dallas has mentored. I am one of them. His teachings have influenced my life more than any other person I’ve known. I will pray God gives you all His comfort and His healing presence…until we all are together again with Jesus.

  • Cheri

    “Well, it’s simple really…” Or, “I’d want to start by asking this question…” Dallas taught me to trust Jesus. To inquire of Jesus about what he meant when He said… He modeled being fearlessly teachable. He taught us to be humble in our understandings. He taught us to receive and then give the love of God. Thank you, Dallas. Thank you, Jesus.

  • Leslie Quartano

    My true introduction to Dallas Willard has been a recent thing. I bought his series Renovation of the Heart when he introduced it at the AACC. I tried to read it then and it was clearly beyond me – I picked it up again along with many of his other writings and conferences online in the last few years and have fallen in love with this man. I am so very sad at the news of his loss. I oddly feel I’ve lost a dear friend in Christ. The impact of his writings on my heart and my desire for Christ and my hope of experiencing the Kingdom here and now are indescribable. I pray for all who knew him personally, I cannot imagine the loss you all must feel. This world has suffered a great loss. Praise God for servants like Dallas Willard. He surely lives on in many hearts, certainly mine. Blessings

  • Bill Hull

    Dear Jane, Becky, John, Bill and family

    Jane and I were heartbroken to hear of Dallas leaving us. Our sadness was a focus on the loss of his teaching and the comfort of his presence. I have written formal tributes to his theology and teaching, I have spent much of the last ten years integrating his thoughts into my thinking. I cherish my friendship with him and always felt close to him. I think so many feel the same way. The leisurely lunches at USC were a joy, I always took notes. I have always thought of him as the accidental prophet, he never intended to be noticed, it just happened because of his attributes. I have not been the same since I heard him say, ” I have committed not to try to make anything happen.” I asked him what he meant, surely he didn’t mean that, that started the journey which continues. We rejoice that he has entered a new dimension of eternal life, we ask God to comfort you in your loss and the days ahead.

    Much Love
    Bill Hull

  • Marcus Mendes

    I’m one of the many lectors and Willard’s disciples! I’m sorry for his death (we lost him), but I’m happy because Willard finally reached what he was waiting and, as he said, he was living – God’s Kingdom. Many thanks to all those helped Dallas Willard be what he was – your wife, specially.

  • John A.

    Thank you Dallas for carrying out the Kingdom vision with such love, intelligence, perserverance and grace. Your ministry/books, your apprentice’s and apprentice’s books have been the single most influential in my faith walk. “The Divine Conspiracy” was the book that turned me right-side up. The way I describe it to my friends is that your books exploded/expanded my love for God and the quest for pursuing the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, through the Holy Spirit and discipleship to Jesus.

    I will miss you. I have devoured all of your books, which I heartily recommend everyone who will listen. I got to see you and meet you in person a few times at a few of your conferences and speaking engagements. If there ever was a person who “practiced what they preached” you were that embodiment. You were like a loveable grandfather that I just wanted to hug. A grandfather that was brilliant in every way but most of all, brilliant in the love of Jesus to others in his life.

    Thank you for allowing God to use you so mightily to change my life completely, the lives of countless others and those that will discover the continuation of your teaching and ministries throughout the ages. I, for one, am committed to continuing the legacy that Jesus inaugurated and that you have brought forth in a fresh manner to everyone: The Kingdom of God.

    I am eternally thankful to God for you.

  • Nathaniel Huntting Sherrill


    Dallas, thank you for being such an exemplar of unhurried, patient faith grounded in knowledge, humility, compassion for others, and devotion to God. You lit the candle. It cannot be hid. The fire is coming. Glory to God.

  • gi

    A humble, gentle and kind soul that has brought light.

  • Sam Buick

    The writings of Dallas Willard influenced me the last 30 years plus. When I had brushed aside any use for the “Church” after much wounding from the words and actions of “Christians” who thought they knew better, and simply walked away from the Church, I did not walk away from God. I just did not like the people who thought they knew Him. I found myself reading and re-reading some of Dallas’ books. My journey into the arms of my heavenly Father was propelled forward through the words on paper penned by Mr. Willard. I went to Bible College and read again his writings, and have continued to do so since those days in the late 1980′s.

    His life was a very significant life, that was well lived, and always exuded Jesus and grace. He will be missed, but we will see him again, as all who are part of the resurrection and the life.

  • Sarah Mullin

    There are no words for the level of impact Dallas Willard has made in my life. I never got a chance to meet the man in person, but he has radically altered the way I will forever view discipleship and what it means to be a true follower of Christ. His words have touched me on a level so deep, I will never be the same. Not only that, but it has changed the way I will forever view ministry and how it ought to be done. Because of that, his words will reverbrate throughout the generation of kids that I work with as I help them understand the difference between “trying to do good things” verses becoming the kind of person who would just naturally do “good things.” Other than my Bible, the writings of Dallas Willard are always near to my heart and I hope exemplified in my life. Every leader I train is required to read “The Diveine Conspiracy,” because that is the basis of our discipleship program. Thank you, Dallas, for your well-spoken, timely words, and for the impact you have made in my life. I can’t wait to meet you someday amongst the Kingdom of the Heavens!

  • Thomas

    It’s hard to know what to say. Dallas, it was through you that I discovered God’s love; you helped me begin to see what it means to exist well. You helped me begin to know that our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are good. You helped me realize it is possible to be simultaneously authentic and Godly. You helped demonstrate what it means to orient oneself towards life for all.

    Thank you for being God’s ambassador and voluntarily sacrificing to let Him use his power through you to change us. I do not know what harvest will be reaped because of you, but I know a small bit of the seeds God gave you to plant and they are precious and wonderful beyond description.

    Thank you for your graciousness; thank you for your love.

    And thank you most of all, God, for making Dallas, for letting Him share time with us, and for helping Him become the man he was and is.

  • Blake McKinney

    Dallas taught my favorite DMin class at Fuller Seminary and wrote my favorite books. With his unsurpassed intellect he challenged me to know Christ more deeply, and with his humble, gentle spirit he demonstrated that growing in Christlikeness is possible and desirable. I will miss him!

  • Patty Scott

    It is impossible to say what Dallas has meant to my life in Jesus. I followed Dallas when he spoke at Biola almost 17 years ago and then went to Renovare when he was a speaker there. I read his books and continued to attend talks he gave. In time, I got the courage to ask Dallas to recommend a mentor to me. In typical “Dallas style” he sat quietly. I asked him if my request was inappropriate and he smiled and said, “I’m thinking.” Dallas never was in a hurry. To use his own words, he ruthlessly eliminated hurry from his life. Dallas could quote (with ease) any number of old sermons by Wesley, great writings of the Desert Fathers and chunks of scripture. His mind was so sharp and he was a good steward of that gift. But, beyond the gift of the mind was the heart. Dallas cared and loved because he walked in Love with Jesus. When I asked for a mentor, he referred me to the dear woman who has been walking with me ever since in healing and growth (what we formally call sanctification).

    Dallas saw over a hill that I couldn’t peer over and what he did for me and many others was to describe the view in such a way that it made us all envigorated for the journey. He trusted and his trust was contageous. I have always considered myself blessed to have sat under his teachings as so many generations (until Jesus returns) will only hear of him and not know him as we all do.

    My prayers are for the God of all comfort to be with the family and with those who are personal friends of Dallas. I am sad, as God is, that death entered this world, as it was not part of the perfect plan. But, even in this, our God and our Redeemer will use this tragedy for much good. And, I can’t help but think of the amazing experience Dallas is having right now. We do not grieve as those without hope. Thank God for that.

  • Mary

    Blessings to all of the Willard family for sharing Dallas and his God given gifts with a world in need. Dallas had the gift of communicating the depth of God’s word with beautiful clarity.

  • Scott Holman

    I first encountered Dallas through reading the Divine Conspiracy in 2006, but I wasn’t ready to receive it so I dismissed him with a series of critiques. As God continued to tear down my soul through a dark night, I eventually came to a place (just in the past 2-3 months) where I could appreciate (and desperately, and consciously need) the message of the availability of the Kingdom of God through Jesus.

    I am re-reading the Divine Conspiracy, downloading all mp3 lectures I can get my hands on and watching videos as I have time. I feel like I’m “devouring Dallas” – I just can’t get enough of him! I so admire his courage to stand against so many Pharisees like me in the gentle name of Jesus who sent him and has now received him forever. His tenacious bravery to be himself and to be true to his God will always mark me.

    Though I am saddened by the loss of Dallas, I am excited to see the next generation take up the torch of Kingdom apprenticeship! I hope to be among them.

    May the Lord richly bless all those who loved Dallas, and may the Lord richly bless all those who hated him, because that’s exactly what Dallas would want (and his Savior would too).

  • Kim Moir

    I am currently reading Renovation of the Heart, and I am nourished by each page. Thank you, Dallas, and to your family for each day lived for the glory of God. You will be greatly missed.

  • Scott Schade

    I know we all appreciate the Lord’s grace in providing leaders for us. Few seem to adequately rise to the call of leading, caring, growing, all while continuing to care for their family. I am certain there must have been struggles, but Dallas impressed me as an individual who was more concerned with the Lord’s reputation than his own.

    My books are full of highlighted Dallas Willard books, and I thank God for the way he has informed my thinking that has helped form me into a better disciple.

    However, I had the honor of meeting Dallas at the Renovare regional conference in Atlanta in 2011 as I was part of the committee. Out of everything I received that weekend what impressed me the most was the character of the man. I recorded my thoughts in this brief blog post: http://yokeministries.org/christ-like-character-trumps-credentials/

    Blessings and prayers for peace to the family


  • Beth Thompson

    The writings of Dallas Willard enlarged my life and changed the culture of our church. Being able to hear him speak and to sit in his presence were wonderful experiences in my life. I am saddened for his family as they grieve their loss, but I rejoice for Dallas Willard as he has truly come alive in the presence of his Lord and is now experiencing the fullness of what God created him to be. I thank God for Dallas Willard. May the peace of Christ strengthen and comfort his family.

  • Charles Wright

    Dallas’ books and conferences meant much to me and many others. The thing I remember most about Dallas was the kind and gentle spirit in which he taught profound truths. He will be deeply missed!

  • David Takle

    If it were not for Dallas, I do not know where I would be today. His work rescued my broken worldview and opened my eyes to the path that leads to life. And the light that surrounds Jane will always be in my heart and mind. My heart goes out to you, Jane and Becky. May God truly comfort you in all goodness and grace.

  • Brenda Quinn

    The first time I met Dallas, I was 22 yrs old and sat in with my frined and co-worker June Mears as she interviewed him for the magazine we were editing. We were at the USC campus and sat outside with him to talk. I had no idea that years later I would get to work with this special man on a big Bible project with Renovare. The thing about Dallas that stands high above all else in my mind is his kindness, his gentle spirit. I don’t know of any sort of spirit that to me better represents Christ. That presence has forever changed me. I send my love and heartfelt sorrow to you, his family, as you grieve his absence in your lives.

  • Merle Mees

    Dear Willard family,

    Dallas was a mentor for my wife and me although we never met him personally. This year while on study break our church graciously paid our way to the Knowing Christ Conference in Santa Barbara. It was part of a month-long soul care focus. One of the most beautiful moments of the conference was Dallas receiving the blessing from John Ortberg. His countenance said it all. Of course he wrote and said so many profound statements. One we reflect on was in Divine Conspiracy: What is done in anger can be done much better without anger(paraphrase). John Ortberg told of how Dallas would walk to his car after speaking humming a song. John wanted to know how he was able to do that since he would typically walk to his car thinking about what he could have done better. Dallas indicated that he had done what God had asked him to do and the results were now up to Him. As a result of that story I have established the habit of releasing a helium filled balloon as I walk to my car after our final service on Sunday. This is my way of reminding myself the results are up to God. I am grateful that Dallas was an advance scout showing us the way to know and love Jesus.
    Thank you for sharing Dallas with us.
    May our merciful and gracious Lord strengthen you.

    Merle Mees

  • michele boston

    When I went to school a few years back “Hearing God” was a textbook we used in our Spiritual Direction class. It changed my life and it was a blessing to read a book where that along with God’s word gave me clarity for a path God chose for me and how it brought me to the place I am at in my relationship with God. That book, more than any other one in my years in school has resonated with me to this day. God surely spoke and Dallas listened.

  • Bill Dennler

    I am not sure that I have met a more wonderful person in my life. I once heard him speak about the sweetness of prayer. He had a profound affect on me and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet him. He will be greatly missed. My prayers are with his family. Bill+

  • Sharon Dougherty

    I heard Dallas speak at a pre-conference workshop for AACC 18 years ago in Denver. I was in the first few months of a counseling ministry. I still quote him. His thoughts that day were based on: “We live life as if we are primarily human beings who also have a spiritual experience. The truth is, we are primarily spiritual beings who are having a human experience.” He profoundly spoke with such wisdom and clarity regarding matters of the soul. My life and ministry were forever changed. I was then blessed to be able to read his books with the richness of his manner of speaking, his thoughtful, wise pearls of wisdom inviting me to rest in the love of my Lord. I am forever grateful.

  • Heath Davis

    Dallas Willard’s influence on my life and theology has been significant. In a world where our God is too small, Dallas helped to enlargen my understanding of the beauty, grandeur and goodness of God. His writings helped me see God’s kind of life in profoundly new and refreshing ways. Thank you Dallas for allowing Christ to be formed in you. God’s life was active in and through you, and we have been blessed because of that!

  • Clint Davis

    What a gift from God Dallas has been. A big “Thank you” to our wonderful God who allowed us to live during Dallas’ life and brought him home in peace.

  • Shannon Kuzmich

    Dallas Willard’s writings freed me from a dry life of routine Christendom to a lush life in the Kingdom Amongst Us. Dallas Willard’s persona gave me permission to set aside my tough chick mask and learn to love others. Dallas Willard’s insights got under my skin so much that I recognized where he’d been when I walked into Oak Hills Church in Folsom California and asked Mike Lueken if he had ever heard of a man named Dallas Willard. Dallas was and remains a man of rare influence and an example of one living completely absorbed by everything in the Kingdom within which he daily lived. Thank you Dallas, you changed my life. I love you for the sacrifice you made of self in order to help so many of us who would otherwise remain stifled.

  • Ross Tatum

    The beauty of what Dallas taught was only surpassed by the way he taught which was always in love. No person could do what he did without the most generous support of his wife and family. Eternal thanks.

  • Monte Otto

    I only know Dr. Dallas Willard from this books and the video series “Renovation of the Heart”. As a believer in who Chirst is and was during His short time on this earth as God incarnate, I never received the insight of the difference between being a believer and being a disciple. I even fought the very idea of becoming more Christ-like. Dr. willard opened my eyes and my heart to the reality of entering The Kingdom here and now and looking forward to the growth that will continue thru eternity. God Bless Dr. Willard and each member of his family as they grieve the temorary separation of their loved one. Thank you Dallas and I praise God for the gift of you.

    Monte Otto
    First Presbyterian Church
    Greeley, Colorado

  • Chuck Mylander

    Dear Jane and family,
    Dallas means so much to me! Our history goes back to his earliest days with Richard Foster at Canoga Park Friends Church. I was Friends Superintendent in those days and recall talking with him. He spoke for us on several different occasions since that time and impacted my own life as well as our pastors. His teaching at our Pastors conference while he was working out what became the Divine Conspiracy book was especially meaningful. What amazed me was that he always recalled my name and our past history as if we were old friends. His life and legacy will be long remembered as one who lived fully the reality of “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” I look forward to unhurried conversations with him in the new heavens and new earth!
    Much love,
    Chuck Mylander

  • Fred Meadows

    I have been a student of Jesus through Dallas Willard’s teaching. I have been treasuring the videos from the Knowing Christ conference that I was not able to attend. I never met Dallas, but what a mentor in the faith he has been to me. No one has helped me understand the Kingdom of God like Dallas did. He will be missed. I appreciate all that he did to help us understand the deep importance of spiritual formation in our lives and in the Church. My blessings to his dear family and all of those who knew him through his writing, teaching, and a life of humble and Godly example.

  • Matt Harbour

    Thank you so much, Dr. Willard, for your life which sought to glorify the Lord, and your works which sought to enable others to do the same. Your writings and lectures have meant so much to me, and have played a very significant role in the establishing of my own career at a school where we seek to teach discipleship in manner that you so eloquently described.

    May the Lord welcome you oh so tenderly into his rest, and may you praise Him so jubilantly as you finally see Him no longer through a dark glass.

    May the Lord comfort and continue to bless your family and friends.

  • Kim Allen-Niesen

    I am so very grateful to have encountered Dallas Willard in my life, both through his writings and his lectures. He made a tremendous impact on my spiritual journey. He is such a wonderful example of the good and faithful servant. God blessed him and those who came into contact with him, I’m so glad to be part of that group.

  • Ken Paul

    Thank You. Dr. Willard, his wife Jane and the Life Model has given me a hope that life is joyful and Jesus is with me. Thank You Dr. Willard for being so close to Jesus.

  • Suzanne

    My prayers and love to all the family. Dallas was a man to whom God spoke as a friend. He was a most humble man who walked with integrity and truth. He spoke with gentleness and kindness. My life is unquestionably blessed in having known and been taught by Dallas Willard.

  • Banu Moore

    I am so sad that Dallas Willard will not share this earthly Kingdom with us. And I know he is rejoicing with the Church triumphant right now. His works have been my lifeline for so many years. My favorite quote of him which I frequently visit in my sermons is about what he called vampiric Christianity — ““Those in effect say to Jesus: “I’d like a little of your blood, please. But I don’t care to be your student or have your character. In fact, won’t you just excuse me while I get on with my life, and I’ll see you in heaven. But can we really imagine that this is an approach that Jesus finds acceptable?” May the Lord continue to inspire us with such truth as we all share in the legacy of this faithful disciple of Jesus…

  • Justin Digby

    Dallas, I am so grateful to God for you and your life. May God continually increase your capacity to experience His joy today and forever!
    Much love,

  • David Sandel

    Thank you, Dallas Willard, for reminding me and so many others that “Jesus is the smartest man who ever lived.” When you described him that way in The Divine Conspiracy, I was able to quiet down a little and be with Jesus more than ever. Trust him, follow him, ask him to show me how. Thank you!

  • Jim and Laura Hurlburt

    I’ve been trying to explain to my children (ages 12, 10, and 6) why my wife, Laura, and I are so sad with Dallas’ passing. We have cried several times today. The only thing I could think to tell them was “Imagine having been blind for 30 years and then being able to see…even though we met Dallas only a few times, he helped us see for a lifetime and he was a unique and beautiful ray of God’s light….wouldn’t you be sad if that person was gone?” They got it. Starting in 1998, after I read the Divine Conspiracy and then went to hear Dallas at an Intervarsity Conference in Chicago (where he graciously met with Laura and I one afternoon) Dallas helped us see through the religious construct/institution we grew up with and then led us to see the Kingdom of God was still available and all around us. His generosity of spirit and humility to spend time with us (a theme I see time and time again in all the comments above) reveals such a rare, rare quality…I imagine it is precisely what Jesus was really like. Though sad, we are undergirded by the joyous thought that Dallas is enjoying life in the undying Kingdom. Jane, you may not remember Laura and I (we had dinner with you and Dallas at Regent College in 2001), but we offer our deepest condolences to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your husband with so many. May you be comforted with God’s peace and love.

  • John Skelly

    I am grateful for being able to spend a lovely weekend with Dallas on the shores of Eagle Lake Mn at Faith Haven. So generous. So Kind. Teaching a bunch of young adults at a small camp in Minnesota and pouring out passion to Know God and not just about him. Grateful to God for him and his family. Praying for comfort. Rejoicing that he is face to face with Jesus.

    john skelly

  • Tow-Yow Chew

    His departure is a loss to humankind but he has left an indelible mark on many a soul who seeks after God. I have never met Dallas personally, being in faraway Malaysia, but he has been my teacher from afar through the intimacy of his books and his video teachings. I am most grateful to him for being instrumental in shaping my understanding of the spiritual life. May God bless you all at this time of personal loss shared by so many of us far and near

  • Peri Zahnd

    Dallas’s writings changed my life, too, first through the Divine Conspiracy, and then Renovation of the Heart. I probably have never read any two books quite so thoroughly and slowly, soaking up every bit of wisdom and truth I could. I got a small group together to go through a Renovation study–four years later, we still meet weekly, and though we have gone on to many other books in that time, we still look back to Renovation as the book that started it all. Dallas, I hope you know somehow now the impact you made. I still intend to meet you in “real life” someday, after resurrection. Until then, godspeed to you.

  • Vicki Tillman

    Dallas Willard’s work has made such an important influence on my life. His books were my “paper mentors”. I taught his ideas to my students and have led adult book discussion groups centered around “Hearing God”. I appreciated the wisdom he shared with us counselors at AACC. What a life well lived- full of God’s grace and presence!

  • Sum Yu Ho

    Dear Jean and family,

    This is so privilege that I am able to make a mark here about this respectful man whom I only had one personal encounter with in one of the Fuller-sponsored events a few years ago in Fuller Seminary. I have always felt like I get to listen to every word Dallas said when he opens his mouth because he has so much wisdom and life in his faith. He struck me as the most simple, gentle and honest person in his faith journey. His soothing and comforting words he gave me on that night, I would not forget easily. His gentleness had always impacted me. Dallas’s answer was so real that he did not attempt to hide or fabricate the matter to make it look nice on the surface. On that night, I walked out of that room felt very blessed.

    I know it is painful to see our loves one leave, but he certainly is released to a better place full of joy, dancing and singing with our Lord Jesus now. May God comfort all of you as you grieve as a family! He is certainly a God-sent Philosopher for the 21st century in Christianity. We will miss him.

  • Tom Stone

    I was unaware of the depth of Christian thought that could be experienced for so many of my years. As I read “Divine Conspiracy” I felt like I “woke up” to the richness of God and His Word. I will be forever grateful for the wisdom and insight and understanding that Dallas Willard shared through his writings. My life has been changed by his influence and wisdom. Thank you for what you have given me through your words and your life.

  • Joe Harrington

    Such a great man of God and spiritual teacher. He will be sorely missed by those of us still here, but we rejoice with him in his transition to glory!

  • Caren MacMurchy

    Although I have been a Christian for most of my days, Dr. Dallas Willard was the first voice to reach me with the joyous news that “the Kingdom is at hand; as close as the air we breath. All are welcome. Won’t you come!”
    Thank you, dear Dallas, for reminding us that all are welcome and that the way “further up and further in” is Jesus, the Master Teacher. So great was Dr. Willard’s influence that the declaration “Apprentice to Jesus” appears on both my husband and my mother’s tombstones. Such a glad reunion in the eternal halls with Robert, Margaret, Dallas and the dear LORD Jesus. Oh happy day.

  • Nick Bott

    Dear Dallas,

    I’m so thankful for your life and witness to life with Jesus, not only as your Lord and Savior, but as your dear friend.

    Yours in the Society of Jesus,

  • Andy Yamamoto

    I can’t begin to express how much Dallas Willard impacted me. In 2000, I asked Dallas to sign a copy of The Divine Conspiracy for my then infant son. He graciously did, and I was impressed that he actually paused to write a thoughtful, personal note along with his signature. I intend to give this to my son when he turns 18. I pray that he will one day appreciate the treasure that lies within those pages, and the gift God has given us in the life and ministry of Dallas Willard.

  • Steve Amerson

    Kristine and I have been honored to call Dallas and Jane friends. Jane has been such a wonderful partner to Dallas. Dallas was a man of huge intellect yet humble spirit. We will miss him dearly and know that God will use Jane to continue to touch countless lives with a message of God’s grace and see the Kingdom of God realized on earth.

  • Benjamin Vineyard

    The passing evening light paused with me when I heard the news of Dallas’ passing. A friend and mentor through his writing, I felt loss like loosing a grandparent. I felt the loss of no longer hearing the stories and the wisdom from someone who had so much more to share.

    But grace carries us through. Dallas’ gift of writing and teaching is affecting a new generation; his untold stories are slowly becoming paragraphs within us as we reflect on the wisdom he was blessed by God to carry and share. I’ve been blessed by Dallas’ work and blessed when I meet people who resonate with what Dallas hoped to work toward.

    It’s a treasure to be a part of a community who appreciates Dallas Willard and who will miss him; it’s a treasure to celebrate his life in Christ as he, and eventually we, wait for the resurrection of the body and life everlasting.

  • Mark Garner

    Thank you Dallas! You enriched my life, challenged my intellect, and helped me fall in love with the Jesus of my youth. Heaven’s gain – our loss!

  • David Wayne Embry

    Dallas Willard now has the answers to every question he has ever had about God and Christ and any other theological question. He was a very smart man and teacher. He had a strong and steadfast love for God and that love is being so richly rewarded by being with the Father and those loved ones who had passed before him. To the family and friends, may peace be with you.

  • Mike Pratt

    Like many who only knew Dallas through his teaching and speaking, I was moved by his Godly spirit and wisdom. What I have learned most from him is to not worry about how others might evaluate me, but to simply be obedient to God. Thanks, Dallas.

  • Rhea Zakich

    I’ve been to several conferences with Dallas, but today one stands out in my mind. Dallas did a workshop on the “old hymns” of the church. He not only told how they came about, he explained the spiritual principles in each one. Not only that, he sang them to us with such reverance, they took on new meaning. Because of Dallas, my life has been changed…for good.

  • Avo Adourian

    The following is a letter I wrote to Dr. Willard in 2006. I’m so grateful for his work in the Kingdom.

    Dear Dr. Willard,

    This letter has been a long time coming. It has been delayed mostly due to my laziness, but also due to not knowing how to begin to thank you. I’d like to start off by thanking you for visiting me in the hospital. That meant the world to me. I was both honored and humbled by your gesture. I remember being ecstatic when I heard the news that you would be visiting me. Unbeknownst to me, my sister Sossi had tried to get you to call me to cheer me up; she was amazed when she found out that you would come to actually see me.

    In addition to thanking you for visiting me, I’d also like to thank you for taking the time to develop your character in Christ. In doing so, you’re life has significantly impacted my own. In my early twenties, I struggled with depression and many questions about this God I had been serving for most of my life. I was confused, fearful, and cynical. I felt God had abandoned me. I was uncertain of what the future held for me.

    At that time, a friend of mine at work said he had heard about a book that was supposed to be for Christians seeking to go deeper with Christ. I didn’t know what I wanted or needed, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to read this book. So three of us at work met together each week on our lunch breaks to discuss each chapter from The Divine Conspiracy. As I read each page, I simply could not believe the information that was being presented to me. Where was this information before? Why hadn’t anyone told me about Jesus the way that you were telling me about Him? As I kept reading I felt my spirit warming up. There was an inner “yes” within me confirming that what I was reading was true in the deepest sense. You helped me see Jesus in a way which in turn helped me to trust Him completely with all of my life. I would’ve been a fool to have done otherwise.

    By the time I had finished reading your book, and with the help of some loving friends and the grace of God, I made a complete turn around. The depression was gone, and my life had changed in a real way. I was amazed at how far God had brought me. I couldn’t believe that I was able to love people, to really love them. Those good things talked of in the Bible were flowing from within me. It was amazing. For a period of about a year, I enjoyed closeness with God that I had not known before and have lost since. But I’m pressing forward. I still have much to learn and understand. I lack a lot of wisdom when it comes to spiritual matters. My hope is that with the disciplines and God’s grace, I will continually grow closer to him to the point that the truths of the Bible will be what I really believe.

    You told me the night before my surgery that you would be praying for me at the exact time of the operation “and there’s nothing else you’d rather be doing.” I carried those words with me to the operating room. I was somehow really calm and peaceful before going into surgery. It was a tough road to recovery that took about a year, but recover I did. Today I’m as healthy as ever.

    Thank you again Dr. Willard. May God bless you for the work you do for and in His kingdom.


    Avo Adourian

  • Teri Reisser

    Becky, Bill, Larissa: My heart weeps with yours tonight.

  • Keith Hansen

    God used Dallas’s work over the last fifteen years to reach my heart through my head. No one influenced my mind and heart more than C.S. Lewis in my early twenties, no one more than Dallas in my forties and fifties.

  • Dr. Rick Warren

    My friend Dallas Willard, was simply one of the most Christlike people I’ve ever known. I loved his brilliant mind, but more than that, I loved his Christlike heart. One of the last things he did on earth was send me a personal note of encouragement, even as he was facing his own pain. The world has lost a giant.
    Rick Warren
    Saddleback Church

  • Bob Chisholm

    I will turn 60 this summer and I can identify only 2 or 3 real “turning points” in my spiritual life. The last one came slowly as I read Dallas’ writings, and then suddenly as I heard Dallas calmly and joyfully speak about the “easy yoke.” I feel honored to have heard him teach this past February at the conference in Santa Barbara. I traveled back to Dallas Texas having taken a new step in my own spiritual life and in my ministry. I will always be grateful.

    Bob Chisholm

  • Mark Hendrickson

    Thoughts about Dallas have been in my mind all day today. It’s hard to imagine that he is gone. I’m glad for this space to unload my thoughts. While I was working in the yard, spending time meditating on the events of this day, a picture came to my mind. It was Dallas passing a ball to me. “You’ve got the ball!” he said with his kind smile, “now, run with it. I’ll be cheering you on from the grandstands.” I feel a new weight of responsibility, like when one loses his own father.

    When I get to heaven I am going to find Dallas Willard. I am going to tell him the many many ways he helped me grapple with the big questions of life, how he showed me through his teaching and writing—-and most importantly through his life—-that I really can be like Jesus and that this universe is really is a safe place in which to live. I do look forward to that joyful-filled, tear-filled reunion with my teacher who introduced me in such a fresh way to the Teacher.

    Thank you so much Jane Willard for sacrificing so much of your time with Dallas so that so many of us could have these transformative learning experiences. Great will be your reward in heaven.

  • Tony Hendley

    Dallas Willard’s writings on the Kingdom of God in Divine Conspiracy changed my view if the Kingdom. He had great insight and revelation into the things of God.

  • Chris Gabriel

    I was privileged to be a student neighbor of Dallas and Jane as part of the Faculty in Residence program at USC. I can’t imagine a better mentor to a building full of college students learning about life.

  • Jan Mills

    What an impact his books and his lectures by video have been to me and so many others. We rejoice he is with the Savior and we can continue to be encouraged and challenged by his life, ministry, books, articles and video lectures.

  • Randy Neal

    Dear Jane, Becky, John & Family:
    For the past 40 years Carolyn and I have been greatly blessed by our acquaintance with you and your dear husband/father. As Dallas so helpfully once observed, “Love is itself a way of ‘being with’ someone.” Thus, be assured that we continue to be “with” you all (in heartfelt love and continuing prayer) during these momentous days! Praise God from whom all blessings flow–including the singular life of your dear Dallas!
    Randy Neal
    Red Lion, PA

  • Kyle Norton

    A true discipler of many over the last 10 years, including me, even if only through books and video. His Renovation of the Heart is one of my favorite all time books if not the top one. His loving gracious teaching style always felt like listening to my grandfather sitting by me. But the depth of his teachings keep me plunging in for more spiritual water year after year. Surely Jesus is pleased and is now with great joy saying “well done my faithful child”.

  • Mike & Marla Maynard

    We had the honor of personally meeting Dallas at a C S Lewis conference. It was an amazing highlight of our lives. So humble, gentle and kind.

  • Greg Davis

    In the first chapter of “Spirit of the Disciplines” Dallas wrote “The general human failing is to want what is right and important, but at the same time not to commit to the kind of life that will produce the action we know to be right and the condition we want to obey… and face the fact that they [we] must start at the beginning and go through the middle.”

    Then in the most refreshing, insightful, and authentic voice possible he opened up what that “middle way” looks like to the willing disciple. It had a jarring impact on my life in every way and jolted me out of my then calcifying faith. Meeting him later in person was beyond encouraging – here was a man that lived in person what he wrote about in ways even more clearly revealed in action than by words.

    We were blessed to have this tremendous saint among us. He is one of the giants of the faith and his impact will continue to grow and bless many still to come. Thank you Dallas for loving well, and for pressing into the Kingdom with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

  • Kathy Chase

    I am deeply grateful to have encountered the writings of Dallas Willard. Though I never had the opportunity to meet him, I felt a kinship with him as he opened my understanding of the Scriptures and of God. I refer to his works often in my work as a Christian Therapist and Educator. His openness, and genuine desire to communicate truth has changed the way I embrace my faith. Thank you Dallas, for your diligence, your dedication, your passion, and your joy as you served your Lord here on earth. And now, celebrate! You have gained the prize. My condolences to the family as you mourn the loss of Dallas. May our Lord bring you His comfort in sweet and tangible ways.
    Kathy Chase

  • David Lee

    I’ve always wanted to take a class with Professor Willard here at USC. Although I may not have the chance in person anymore, I’ve enjoyed reading his books and other pieces. Thanks, Professor Willard, for showing me what it looks like to be worthy of His calling!

  • Ihab Beblawi

    Dear Jane, Becky, Bill, and Larissa,

    Words can’t describe what Dallas meant to me personally. He opened my eyes to the reality of the Kingdom of God. I first met him on the pages of The Divine Conspiracy. His spirit came alive and I could sense his love to Jesus. I could tell that he lived what he wrote. I was later blessed by studying under him at the Renovar Institute. My life has changed. I saw in him Jesus. The kingdom is real, he displayed it.

    I am praying for you all tonight. I feel the personal loss. My only hope, and source of comfort, is that one day we will all meet him with Jesus. There will be no separation then.

  • Daniel Harris

    I never met Dallas, but I cannot conceive of the course of my life without his influence. One of my most treasured gifts I’ve received is a signed copy of The Divine Conspiracy. When a friend asked Dallas personalize it, he wrote “Isaiah 51:11.” It certainly fits this day well:

    And the ransomed of the Lord shall return
    and come to Zion with singing;
    everlasting joy shall be upon their heads;
    they shall obtain gladness and joy,
    and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

    Daniel Harris
    Midland, TX

  • Kathryn Linehan

    Dearest Jane, John, Becky, Bill and Larrisa,
    So much to share about Dallas’ ripple effect… His life brought the Word closer to countless numbers and we are all blessed for his keeping eternity before us. You are his greatest joy and I look forward to being with each of you as we remember our seasons with Dallas.
    With joy in the tears knowing that “glory always shines”, Your Kathryn

  • Darlene Hixon

    Thank you Lord for lending such a faithful servant of Yours to point the way to so many of us that are hungering and seeking the Kingdom of God today. I have many thanks to give to Dallas Willard. It was my great joy to hear him teach at the Knowing Christ Confrerence in February 2013. It was there that I saw a community that was “for one another”. As I sat there, I knew that I was part of a holy moment.

    The Lord bless you and keep you;
    the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
    the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

    “Become a person of blessing”, Dallas Willard. February 2013, Knowing Christ Conference
    You have been an instrument of God’s blessing Dallas Willard.
    All is grace…and with great gratitude from my heart.
    Simply, thank you.
    Darlene Hixon

  • shirleylovesfreedom

    Professor Willard, as my husband respectfully refers to him, is a gift. His life clearly impacted so many. The moment I read an email that started with the words “A tribute for Dallas…” I knew he had crossed over. How deeply this man’s writing impacted me. He helped a Pastor who was ready to walk away dig deeper and believe the Words spoken by her Savior and written by his first disciples were really true.

    A few years later I was honored when he invited my husband and I to dinner at the Faculty Club on the USC Campus. We had just moved our family of 3 down to LA to further my husband’s Education, majoring in Philosophy at USC. When told that our 1 year old daughter would need to join us due to no known sitters, he said something like “All the better. That’s much more like the Kingdom.” As a Children’s Pastor who had fought hard for people to value children, that this wise man said those words made me weep for joy and thanksgiving. Bless him. Bless him. What am I saying? He IS blessed. Bless his wife children, grandchildren… all who mourn.

  • Adiel Brasov

    Jane and loved ones,

    I was deeply saddened when I heard of Dallas’s passing away today. I first met him way back in 1988 as a bright-eyed freshman at USC. I was struggling with a paper on Plato, in one of my philosophy classes, and someone told me that there was a Christian philosopher on campus. Having never run across one of those, I stumbled into his office, in the vast and cavernous room on the second floor of Mudd Hall and talked with him. That day I left with more questions on Plato than when I first came in. But I also felt that I had found a treasure in the person of Dallas, and was deeply moved by his person – his kindness and attentiveness to me as an individual. But I was much more so enthralled by the vision of life with God he spoke of and the life he lived, sometimes before my very eyes, as I sat under his teaching, as I read his works and read his papers, and as I bothered him with my questions. I began that day to love philosophy and to love Jesus in a deeper way. Eventually, through Dallas’s influence, I came to love Husserl’s works too.

    One of my most favorite early memories of Dallas is a conversation he and I had one evening, at USC, after one of the sessions of his course on the history of ethical theories. I had just read Brother Lawrence’s work. I asked Dallas whether Brother Lawrence was somehow “unique” or whether it was possible today for me to talk and walk with God as Lawrence did. Dallas’s answer was firm and confident: “Of course you can!” To which I responded: “How do you know? Do you know anyone who interacts with God like that?” Dallas’s words were a breath of fresh air mixed with the shock of lightning: “Yes. I do”. I saw that response lived out before my eyes on many an occasion that I shall hold dear for life.

    What a privilege to have lived a few hours in his presence! I am so thankful for his companionship in the fellowship of truth! And am so grateful for him – for his gracious ways with me and others, for his devotion to the truth, for his way with words that breathed a life lived on the highest planes, that loved Jesus unstintingly, that displayed a fierce intellect, and that was, in a real, concrete way, manly.

    As you, his dear family, feel the depths of the loss and sorrow, my heart is with you. And so are my prayers. And as you wait expectantly for that time when we all shall appear gloriously with God, and be reunited in his presence, my hope is with you as well.

    May you experience the depths of the love, the joy, the hope and the presence of Jesus himself during this bittersweet time.


  • David J Kitch

    “You are an unceasing spiritual being with an eternal destiny in God’s great universe.” Amen, Dallas — Amen.

  • B.J. Jun

    Dr. Willard, thank you so much for your wonderful teachings about the Kingdom of God life. God used you to teach me at a few critical moments in my life and I am where I am due to your mentoring and advice. You will be greatly missed. See you in heaven! Rest in peace.

  • Rev Richard MacDonald

    I really don’t know where to begin! I have read all his books, listened to as much online preaching as i could find, and prayed for him loads over the years. But, as I am a minister in Scotland I never got to meet him in the flesh. He will be greatly missed by many over here. I love him and so do many others over here. Praise God for his impact in my life and for ongoing development into Christlikeness with the help of Dallas’ teaching opening the way into that growth. Thank you Dallas, and all who helped him in his ministry. Love and prayers from many in the Scottish Highlands.

  • Harm Renkema

    Thank you Lord for the life of this dear beloved brother. His life, his words, his thinking was and is a real blessing for me. We shall miss him!

  • Rob Hare

    It has been one of the greatest privileges of my life to spend a little time with Dallas – both here in the UK and in the States. I love reading all your books (I return to them often), I love to watch all the recordings of your teachings that have been made available to us all to view. We thank God for your brilliant mind and brilliant heart as you taught us about the reality of the Kingdom of God.

  • Danny Ginn

    Jesus Christ, Incarnate Word;
    God’s own soul wrapped
    With the sap
    And bark of human skin,
    Awaiting his time to come again.
    The hope of men
    And women too
    Who wait for his appearing.

    While we wait,
    Rare, those precious few who mirror
    Christ so well before us.
    Dallas was God’s gift to us
    For he did heave our souls
    Into the howling love of the Trinity’s wind.

    In Memory of Dallas Willard, May 7th, 2013

  • theressa mcmorris

    At about 6:30 am (EST) Monday, May 8th, I was getting in my car to go to work holding my cell phone. On popped a podcast accidentally. (In 3 years of owning an IPhone, this had never happened.) I couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from. I finally realized that a podcast from Dallas was playing. It was from a seminar he did in England for the Bible Society. (if you asked me to find it again, I probably couldn’t). So I listened to it all the way to work.

    During this past week, I had been praying and pondering with the Lord over Dallas’s desire to finish the work he had started. My heart strings were tugged over this and prayed that very thing. Selfishly, I wanted more from him. So as I listen to this podcast, I began to realize that the massive work that he so humbly has produced will never be done. It will continue through us. It will continue through the books, the podcasts, the videos, the DVD’s. It will continue through Renovare. It is the work of the Kingdom of God. It is not finished. It will never be finished only fulfilled. For him before us.

    So with great tears of sadness and gratitude, I thank the LORD who shines on and walks with our friend this moment. I thank the LORD that I know you all and we are sojourners that have been seeded and watered by Dallas Willard so that we might seed and water the next generation that LORD is preparing.

    I am honored to hold him closely as a friend, though I never met him.

  • Jennifer

    Dear Dallas,
    You’ve been like a father to me and my family. Thank you for demonstrating how in the flesh, a life can be lived in Christ without the burden of religion! God knows how our spirits had been been crushed by it. Your straightforward explanations of the gospel, which we have to live out in the messiness of our daily have been like loaves of bread, with pieces we can easily pass around and share with others, e.g. “As you go, make disciples.” / “Test the words of Jesus, and find them to be true.” Thank you for living the good life, for being our brother.

    We look forward to celebrating with you!

  • William W. Massey, PhD

    FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY SOUL, thank you Dallas Willard. You not only opened my life to a truer concept of the person; you have been an inspiration in life and writing of our soul to Soul relationship. We can all take great comfort in knowing this is an eternal covenant and that you now know it “face to Face.”

  • John P Morgan

    Dallas Willard is a mighty man of God who has established a great example for those who desire to live in the reality of the present Kingdom. Although he will be missed His example will live on in Christ centered disciples!

  • Rick Gresik

    Dallas Willard started me on a journey to deeper and stronger discipleship which continues to this day. His clear yet profound writing and thinking were a challenge as well as a comfort to me in my walk with God. His legacy of thought will continue for decades, helping others like me to be closer to Jesus and to hear the voice of God with more clarity. Good bye, Dallas, until I too arrive in the presence of our Lord.
    My prayers to the family for God’s comfort and peace.

  • Grant Nichols

    My deepest condolences and prayers for the family, and for those of us who are also “family” because of the impact Dallas Willard has had on our Christian walk. It’s interesting—while I did not have the privilege of meeting Dr. Willard or hearing him in person, I feel like a “grandson” because of the indirect impact he has had on my life through Dr. Gary Moon. The legacy continues, and shall continue on until we all are face to face with God, and his impact passes on from “generation” to “generation.” I’ve seen the impact on my clients of things that I have learned from Dr. Willard and Dr. Moon. Thank you, and may you revel and rest in His presence. We are on our way soon.

  • Gary Miller

    God used you profoundly in my life during the 80s and beyond. I will never forget you attending our men’s retreats at Valley Vista Christian Community and spending the weekend with a small handful of men who were looking beyond “church” to a Christian life God was introducing us to through you. I will never forget, “If God calls you to be a taco maker, be the best taco maker you can be”. It is in large part because of you, Dallas, and your personal challenge to me to “make your life your religion” that I am where I am today in my walk with the Lord, in my family life, and in my career.

    Gary Miller
    Westmont, Class of ’75

  • Matt Walton

    Dallas, my deepest gratitude for a life well lived in the Spirit. Your life and teaching are a gift to the church.

  • Kevin Tupper

    Twenty years outside of Christ with no interest or desire for the kingdom and twenty more years in Christ with a mixed bag of theological teaching created habitual ways of thinking and being that were toxic to myself and others. Thank you, Dallas, for proclaiming and teaching the accessibility of the kingdom of God through reliance upon the person and word of Jesus. Genuine transformation toward Christlikeness is possible!

    My sincere sympathy to Jane, John, Becky, Bill, Larissa and the rest of the family, and many thanks for sharing Dallas with the rest of us over the years. Love and blessing to you.

    Kevin Tupper

  • Brian Elmer

    I had only ‘discovered’ Dallas in January 2012. Since that time, I dove into ‘The Divine Conspiracy’, ‘The Renovation of the Heart’, and ‘The Great Omission’. His writings pulled me deeper into understanding the Word of God and His desire for His people – living life in the Kingdom of God here and for eternity. His writings clarified the teachings of Jesus – looking at cultural and historical settings – challenging my ‘church’ beliefs. I even listened to His video teaching sessions! God used Dallas on my spiritual journey to ‘go deeper’. Thank you.

  • Darrell Blaine

    Dear Family,
    Our Lord used Dallas in our lives from Pittsburgh, PA, to Istanbul, Turkey and back to OK. My wife Lisa and I sat with Dallas for lunch at Baylor at a lecture series in 2009. Dallas asked about our kids and lives; we heard about you, his family. Thank you for sharing him with us for you are co-laborers together in the Kingdom work. May God in His grace empower you all and enfold you all with His peace-full Presence during this season.

    yours, His
    Darrell and Lisa

  • Christina

    To the Family of Dr. Willard,

    I have no words. My Spiritual Director tells me we get to that place where words become too small of a container for all we want to say, but know my heart goes out to you.

    Fortunately, Dr. Willard was able to put ideas into words. It was not until I began reading Dr. Willard’s writings that I experienced such well thought out Christian philosophy;and, it wasn’t until I fully engaged his ideas that I was able to be in touch with the Kingdom of God.

    I believe my husband said it best. I had attended a study in the Valley on Dr. Willard’s book. The last session he was to attend so I invited my husband. My husband is not a particularly religious person but when we left he said, “Dr. Willard is a holy man.”

    Thank you for this opportunity to share.

    May God bless you.


  • Harry Lacey

    Dallas was truly a man after God’s own heart. He certainly impacted my life through his writings and the privilege I had to hear him seek at AACC conferences.

    God bless you and give you His comfort.

  • Kenna Sapp

    So thankful I read such a timely word for me in Dallas’ book, “In Search of Guidance” (now titled “Hearing God”): “often it is God’s Will that we should decide” (paraphrase). Such a freeing thought. Truly, “where the Spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM.”
    Enjoy your well deserved FREEDOM, Dallas.

  • Steven Hamric

    Many years ago I was lucky enough (thanks to Todd Hunter) to spend some time with Dallas along with several other young leaders. This is not hyperbole…he made me want to be like Jesus. For that I say “Thank you sir!” Enjoy your rest and your King!

  • Matt Filer

    His last words were “Thank you.”
    Let these also be my parting words to you.
    Thank you for opening my eyes to God’s great kingdom,
    the pearl of great price,
    the seed that grows all of itself.
    Thank you for sharing your vision of Dr. Jesus,
    Master of all reality,
    Teacher of all time.
    Thank you for showing that eternal, abundant life begins now,
    being poured out as a gift of God
    as a blessing on other’s lives.
    Thank you for the hymns you sang in the hallways,
    the scriptures you quoted without thinking,
    the kindness you showed in your silence.
    Thank you, God, for the gift of this life,
    quiet laughter, intense thought,
    stinging wit, gentle hands,
    unhurried feet, eyes wide open,
    devoted heart, deep soul.
    Thank you.

    Matt Filer
    Jemez Springs, NM
    Renovare Institute Graduate

    • Mike Bizon

      Beautiful: “Thank You!”

  • Tolu Odulesi

    While I did not know you, Dallas Willard personally, I have been deeply impacted by you.

    At this time, my sense is to laugh out loud and cry at the same time. I want to cry because of the loss to his family, to the world and to me personally. I want to laugh because I can only imagine the joy in heaven, the joy stirring in my heart, for Dallas has finally begun chapter 1 of his GREAT STORY for this world is but a prelude, the introduction to life.

    I once heard Dallas say “when I see myself rightly, I am an unceasing, spiritual being with an eternal destiny in God’s great universe. My life has hardly begun! :) When is my life going to end? Never.” Indeed Dallas, we are eternal beings!

    When I think of Dallas in heaven, this is what comes to mind:

    …but the things that began to happen after that were so great and beautiful that I cannot write them. And for us this is the end of all the stories, and we can most truly say that they all lived happily ever after. But for them it was only the beginning of the real story. All their life in this world and all their adventures in Narnia had only been the cover and the title page: now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the one before – CS Lewis, The Last Battle

    Dallas, you taught me more about Christ and the Kingdom of God than any other person through your work, books and thoughts.

    I am deeply grateful to God for your life and your family. God has made you and your family a great nation, he has made your name great and He has blessed you. Through you, the nations of this earth are being blessed from one generation to the next one.

    I pray for God’s comfort and healing for the family of Dallas Willard. The Lord bless you Jane, John, Becky, Bill, and Larissa. The Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace. I am grateful to you for your support and your hand in Dallas’ formation. Through every single one of you, God has blessed the nations of this world

    Dallas, your wisdom, sincerity and humility humbles me. The hallmark of a great teacher is that as you chew on their words, they work on you. This is the case with you Dallas, especially since you lived out those same teachings, just like our Master, Christ Jesus

    In those days there were giants in the land – Dallas, when I speak of you, I regard you as a Giant in the land; a Steward of the Most High God

    Have fun sir. What am I saying; I know you are having a BLAST!!!!! ENJOY Sir

    Adieu Dallas Willard, you inspire me and humble me

  • Marilyn Auvermann

    After expressing to Dallas how scared I was as I engaged a new understanding of the holy spirit, he quietly said to me “he will teach you”; I continue to remind my heart and head of that reality. Thank you Dallas for all you continue to teach me.


  • Jonathan Weiss

    I am saddened by the news of Dr. Willard’s passing. I have only become a student of his teachings for the past few months, yet I feel a great sense of loss. I cannot imagine the difficulties his family is feeling after living with a man of such incredible vision on a daily basis.

    His teachings on the kingdom of the heavens have awakened me to a new paradigm in my life. Dallas in a profound way opened the kingdom of the heavens to me. For that I am eternally grateful to Dr. Willard and his great teacher who gave him these insights.

  • breadman

    About ten years ago, he spoke to a small group of Christian faculty at Cal State Northridge. At the end of the hour long lecture, I eagerly introduced myself to him as a fan of his writing. I found it a privilege to be learning from him and for meeting him. He looked me in the eyes, and held on to my hand and said, “I heard about you Eddy. Why don’t you and I grab lunch some time?” (He had been prompted of my interests to meet him by a faculty member we both knew) As a young minister in my mid-20s, I was ecstatic at the opportunity to have lunch with him.

    Six months later, he and I had lunch at one of his favorite restaurants in the San Fernando Valley (where he lived. He and I lived about 5 miles from one another). We talked about many things. I shared about my ministry and peppered him with questions about his life. What I appreciated about that time is that he came across as a learner and not just an expert because he was a world-renowned author and speaker. He was genuinely curious what I was learning about the student generation.

    During that time, I asked Dr. Willard why he was teaching philosophy at USC and not pastoring a church, since his focus has been in spiritual formation. His eyes lit up as he told me how excited he was that his books continue to sell out at the USC library. He loved that he was influencing culture and non-church goers. He had also shared with me how he never thought he would end up as a professor. He had once pastored a Church and after years of investment in the life of people, he realized that very few of them were actually being transformed. His disappointment in that ministry led him to charge ahead in the area of spiritual formation.

    At the end of our lunch, as we were walking to our cars, I thanked him for the ways that he has walked with me in my journey of faith (through his books). We stopped, and he grabbed my hands again and told me how privileged he was to walk with me. He then prayed for me, for my own spiritual formation and for my ministry.

  • Brian Fidler

    Mr. Willard was my teacher and mentor, and in some ways a close friend. Although I only ever had one conversation with Mr. Willard, and that was in the last month or so, the way he poured his heart and soul into his words and teachings made him available to his readers, invited them into the “divine conspiracy” he had discovered at the feet of Jesus. I loved him, and love him still. I consider him one of the men Jesus used to lead me home to Himself, to discover in apprenticeship to Jesus the extravagance of our life hidden in Christ. Mr. Willard’s books sit on my shelf and some scattered on my desk, paragraphs notated, underlined, thoughts strewn into the margins as my mind and heart were strengthened and engaged by the author’s invitation into discipleship.

    A month ago, I emailed Mr. Willard to ask if I could enter into a mentorship with him in regard to writing. I had hesitated in every asking, because I’m sure he gets many such requests. In his generosity, he responded, and kindly declined my request. Even in that, he taught me something.

    Mr. Willard is one of the handful of men that I have in my own “bucket list” of people I want to talk to first in the Kingdom come, after absorbing myself in the Trinity. I can’t wait for that day.

    Thank you, Dallas
    Brian Fidler
    Joplin, Missouri

  • Billie Buchanan Galyen

    Dear Jane,
    You probably don’t remember me, but years ago (13 yrs), I was able to visit you and Dr. Willard in your home and have dinner. I was dating Greg Jesson at the time. You and Dr. Willard had such an impact via that brief encounter. I just love you both so much. I remember seeing all of his books and your cozy home, the effortless love and grace that emitted from you both, the love of Jesus–thank you for who you are. I just learned that Dr. Willard passed away today. I am sad because I always felt I could just find you guys again and “hang out” with you once more, together. My finite human mind is trying to grasp that we will once again “hang out” for eternity. Praise our Lord for His hope! I love you! I wish I could hug you, but please consider yourself hugged! I am praying for you and your children and grandchild! Love to you!

  • Joe Creel

    Dr. Willard’s books have been an ongoing inspiration for me and for the people with whom I work in my Christian counseling practice. I so look forward to being with him, my brother in Christ, in eternal days to come. May God continue to bless him and his family.

  • Jason and Kaitlin DuBray

    “Well done good and faithful servant”

    Jesus’ light shining through you led many to a closer and pure relationship with our Lord. Thank you for all you did. And enjoy being in the arms of our Father.

  • Jere and Paul McGrew

    Dear friends,
    We found the Divine Conspiracy in 1999 and it completely opened our eyes and hearts to what it truly means to follow Christ. Dallas’s wisdom and insight has blessed us and our church as we brought his words to any who will listen. We pray God will comfort each of you and give us all strength and joy to continue in his momentary absence.

  • Colin MacDonald

    Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. Dallas’ life has borne much fruit, and his will be an enduring legacy. The one time I met him was in Toronto at Wycliffe College, and I made sure that I sat at the very front. I had him sign my well-worn copy of The Divine Conspiracy, and when I told him that I had already been through it five times, he quipped, “That’s more than I have been through it!”

    My prayers are with you, his family, that the Holy Spirit may hover close and envelope you in His embrace. Dallas has made a difference in so many lives, and I am truly blessed to be included in that number.

    Colin MacDonald, pastor
    Central United Church
    Barrie, Ontario, Canada

  • Melinda Dockum

    The summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college, I read Renovation of the Heart. I remember feeling full of hope and willingness to cooperate with Jesus for the transformation of my whole being. I still do. It was that book that influenced me to work towards a degree in Spiritual Formation. Later, I was allowed to be a guest for a segment of Renovare in Glen Eyrie, Colorado. Dallas was there. I felt like one of the little children wanting to see Jesus. Dallas asked who I was and we were introduced. Thank you, Dallas, for being an example of one who is truly immersed in the Kingdom.

    My husband and I have been impacted by Dallas, and are grateful for his life. Our vision is to live our lives as Jesus would, becoming transformed disciples and helping others do the same.

    Thank you Jane, John, Becky, Bill, and Larissa, for sharing him with us.

  • Quinton Peeples

    “With angels, and archangels and all the company of heaven” Is it how you imagined it Dallas? Even better, I’m sure. Thank you for planting the seed, watering the soil and tending the weeds for so many years. Those of us left in the vineyard will look to your example when we get weary and we will be inspired by all you have left behind. The story is not over. It’s never over. Enjoy the peace you so richly deserve. And thank you hardly covers it.

  • Carol Nelson

    I first ‘met’ Dallas Willard through The Spirit of the Disciplines, and my relationship with him continued through The Divine Conspiracy, Renovation of the Heart, and others. His words were profound and gracious, simple, yet challenging. The Lord continues to use his words in my life to follow Jesus’ examples and live my eternal life in this world–both are my constant challenges. I thank the Lord for Dallas’ ministry to both those seeking answers to life’s questions and to the Body of Christ.

    My condolences go to his family and to those who were partners with him in ministry. May the peace and comfort of Christ surround you during this difficult time. Our loss is Dallas’ gain–II Timothy 4:7,8

    Carol Nelson

  • Matt Erickson

    I heard the news yesterday of Dallas Willard’s passing. It was such a surprise and sadness for one who had influenced me so greatly, even if at a distance.

    Dr. Willard’s work in The Spirit of the Disciplines helped me to view discipleship as more than imitating Jesus at certain moments but rather as approaching all of life in the way that Jesus approached life. The “secret of the easy yoke” is something I have attempted to live into for many years now.

    In Search of Guidance helped me at a time in my life where I deeply wanted to hear God’s guidance about my life direction. Again, Dr. Willard helped me look at hearing from God within a more comprehensive perspective. He helped me move toward developing a whole-life approach of conversational relationship with the living God like Jesus did. I still often refer people to this book when they are seeking to hear from God. Willard provides both the overall framework of hearing from God but also very specific and practical advice on how to hear from God. Some thoughts from this book led me into a day in solitude to refocus with God. During that day, I sensed God calling me into full-time vocational ministry as a pastor.

    Beneath and within it all was a great thinker with a pastor’s heart to see individual Christians and the church enter into the full life with God that Jesus intended when he called people to follow Him. Because of this – and Willard’s great influence on my own life – today I thank God for the life of Dallas Willard.

  • Jeff Scoggins

    What a loss! I had very much hoped to meet Dr. Willard someday. His life and his teaching are an inspiration and will continue to be.

  • Roane Hunter

    There are those we meet along this journey – whether in person or in written word – that we connect with in our Spirit – when deep meets deep – and we are forever changed. Dallas Willard was one of those “lights” that had a profound impact in my life. I picked up my copy of Renovation of the Heart and wept as I looked at all the highlighting, notes, and underlining I have done in this book over the years realizing that this great mentor, friend, and guide is now in the presence of our Savior.

    In my work as Marriage and Family therapist I use so much of what I have learned about myself and God through Dr. Willard’s teaching. Counseling is so much about intensive discipleship and spiritual formation – “spiritual transformation only happens as each essential dimension of the human being is transformed to Christlikeness under the direction of a regenerate will interacting with constant overtures of grace from God…such transformation is not the result of mere human effort and cannot be accomplished by putting pressure on the will(heart, spirit) alone.”

    The part I loved the most about him was always boiling it down to practical action of practicing the ways of Jesus, apprentices of Jesus doing the hard work of transformation alongside Him. Warriors under the white flag of surrender! Thank you Dr. Willard – I grieve and celebrate with your family and the worldwide community of those whose lives you touched.

    Head up, heart open. To better days!

  • Tim M. Allen

    I will always be thankful for the life of Dallas Willard. Through his many writings and speaking engagements, Dallas taught me the vital importance of integrating the life of the mind and the Spirit. He provided a language for following Jesus that enlivened my imagination. What a gift!

  • Steve Blue

    Dallas Willard has guided and shaped my life and ministry more than any other person. The Holy Spirit has used his work to guide me into the truth of the gospel. I am grateful to him and to his family for sharing himself with me and others, you all are in my prayers.

  • Brian Borin

    Through Dallas’ writings, I was given tools to start rebuilding a faith and relationship with God that had necessarily been deconstructed from earlier inherited versions of the “gospel” that were more legalism than Love. I have used those tools of truth for some years now, and they still prove powerful and effective in pointing me to the God revealed to us in Jesus by the Holy Spirit. I praise God and give thanks for the ways that He used Dallas to be re-introduced to me more accurately, and for the healing that has come from that and will continue until the day I cross over to the next room at the party.

    Brian Borin
    Portland, OR

  • Susan Hogan Zombo

    I am very thankful to the Lord for you Dallas, because you came on the scene at Valley Vista at the right time to a desperate and hungry for God, group of believers on the quest to know the real Jesus Christ. We were not settling for religious knowledge or tradition, but for the true reality of knowing our living God. You showed us how God brings pleroo time in our midst, “for such a time as this,” “on earth as it is in heaven.” You were God’s instrument to show and point us to the One whom is our Deliverer. I will always be grateful for this truly, healthy, living, loving, setting the foundational truth time, for me in my life. God brought true healing in my inward parts. God set this captive free, “To know Him, Phil 3:10.” This time with God in this atmosphere with you and Larry Burtoft leading and teaching brought such renewal, change, transformation to be conformed to His image, for me. I truly experienced a glimpse of heaven and, what God meant the Body of Christ should be and look like. God forever ruined me for the ordinary to live a life He set apart for Him. Thank God! And thank you Larry, for sharing your treasured friendship with us in Dallas. Mike and I are very thankful for you both officiating and releasing your blessings to us for our marriage, setting God’s framework. Again, I cannot thank God enough for you both.

    Dearest Jane, I wish to ask the Lord to be with you and your family. I pray and ask the Lord to wrap you in His arms as your Comforter that He is, in this time of loss and home going presently.

    Thank you Jane too! I wish not to diminish at all your part too, and impact in my life. Along with Sally Verduszco, Larry Burtoft and you, God brought inward healing to my life which caused His transformation in me. You both have an integral place in my heart and spirtual life.

    I am truly thankful to the Lord for all He has done in my life and through you both. May God surround you with His presence during this tender time.

    Susan Hogan Zombo

  • Mark Friesen

    I was saddened to hear the loss of thinker and writer Dallas Willard. I have read most of his books, and enjoyed many of the resources highlighted on the website maintained by his children. I want to offer my condolences and prayers for all those who knew Dallas persoanlly. I was not so priveliged. But still his teaching impacted me more than any other contemprary writer. I consider him a type of spiritual father in my life, speaking the words of wisdom deep into my soul. Only in eternity will we be able to see the impact of his life lived “with-God”. God bless you all as you mourn your loss, and celebrate his life.

  • Steve Grundmeier

    Dallas, you were my friend, although we never met. I look forward to spending eternity with you and our Lord Jesus. Thank you.

  • Susan Badgett

    There’s lots of smart good stuff Dallas taught me about Kingdom living but today what keeps coming to mind is…
    * that twinkle in his eye * singing hymns loudly * crying at our wedding * assurring me “God loves little girls”.

  • Rob Maupin

    I am so thankful to Dr. Willard for his work as a writer and as a speaker. I read “The Spirit of the Disciplines” in 1992 and that book changed my belief about Christianity being the hope of the world. I was very blessed to have spoken with Dr. Willard at a few conventions and my experience was the same as many who have reported it: He was amazingly kind and wise and it made me wish to be his friend. More, it made me realize how life might look if I became Jesus’ friend. His work is a foundational piece of my dissertation on the ontology of spiritual practices and the life of young missionaries. I am so happy he has found reward, so sad for his family and eager to re-read what he has written. Blessings to his family and friends.

  • Christine H

    Reading everyone else’s posts/remembrances of Dallas just reinforces what we all knew. He was the real deal. He was kind, loving and gosh, wise. The most valuable part of my USC education: Dallas. His class, his office hours, his appearances on campus…wow. To be in the presence of someone was so attune with Christ was amazing. That was a true education.

    Dr. Willard, you saved my spiritual life. If I hadn’t encountered you, your books, your teachings think I would have gone through life seeking but never finding. Even when you were with us I couldn’t ever find the words to articulate my gratitude. I’ll keep it simple – Thank you.

  • Ryan Harmon

    As a young pastor I have found myself thinking on numerous occasions that I am not sure how I would do my job had I not been introduced to Dallas Willard. He had a way of expressing concepts familiar to us all – discipleship, following Jesus, Kingdom of God – in a way that was fresh and so insightful that it was impossible to think about them the same way again. All of this from a man who, Lord – let us all be this way, seemed to embody humility to such a degree that you were not afraid to approach him, interact with him, despite his rare and brilliant mind. Where others would look to impress you with words, Dallas seemed unconcerned about impressing anyone – only letting the truth reign.

    My first time hearing him speak I snuck into some conference in K.C. and as I walked in I think my version of Jesus was about an inch tall, as I left he towered over the created universe – how could it be so rare to hear someone articulate the truth of how Jesus is “the smartest man who ever lived?”

    My first reading of him came in the spring of my senior year of college when I was dry and weary and ready to abandon faith had it not been so engrained in me. I read the first chapter of The Spirit Of The Disciplines and felt as if someone had finally offered a solution to what plagued me. I didn’t pick the book back up for five months because that first chapter was so refreshing – I revelled in it.

    My son’s middle name is Dallas. He has influenced my following after Jesus like no other. I can’t express my gratitude enough. I am so thankful to God for his life and ministry and that he was able to finish well.

    We all miss him…but I just keep thinking that now we must all stand in the gap.


  • Curt Louckes

    The Divine Conspiracy was my first exposure to your wisdom, Dallas. That lit the fire.

    Later, when I saw Renovation of the Heart in my local bookstore, I remember clearly standing there and weeping with joy–I just KNEW that your book would change my life. Bless you, Dallas!

    Looking forward to meeting and hugging you on the day I arrive,


  • Jim and Teresa Grady

    So grateful for the influence Dallas continues to have in our lives. His teachings on the Kingdom, how our physical body interacts with the Spirit, and many other teachings and thoughts, have changed how we think and have brought us closer to God. His deep insights are cased in such a fatherly presentation. So sad for his family, but thrilled for Dallas, that he’s now with his Jesus. Our prayers are for comfort for his loved ones.

  • Rosalie Nelson

    Dallas’ words and writings have been a huge impact in my spiritual life during the past decade. HOw wonderful he was able to complete the series in February—I just listened to “Blessing” today. My deepest sympathy to his family and co-workers, I know the loss of his presence is great, but I don’t know anyone more prepared for heaven.

  • Dave Bukenhofer

    I never met him, but I knew him well enough through reading his books, and listening to his recorded discussions. Like many others here, my life was profoundly impacted by what I encountered through those materials. May his memory be eternal. RIP.

  • Ken Cleaver

    Dallas Willard’s Sprit of the Diciplines was a textbook we were assigned in a Spiritual Life course at Dallas Theological Seminary. It was a great bridge between theology and practice, which is the vantage point from which I teach theology courses today. His words of wisdom and his seeing how the nitty-gritty details of every day life relates to the bigger picture helped me to see how the big and small fit together in God’s plan for our lives. If you’ve read Dallas’s books or heard him speak, you’ve been blessed by him.

    Ken Cleaver
    Liberty University

  • Valerie Hess

    Dallas Willard was a gift to our generation. Thankfully, he will live on to gift other generations through his writings and recorded speaking engagements. May God bless all who are grieving his loss with a real sense of the Resurrection hope we have in Christ.

  • Mike Bizon

    Like some of you, while I never met Dallas personally, I felt I knew him and he knew me. His writings and lectures were so exciting, maybe the word is enthralling. I saw real possibilities of being a committed Christian. So I am now an “apprentice,” albeit late in life. I am sure Dr. Willard, who insisted upon being called Dallas, would offer words of encouragement: “Mike “now is the appropriate hour,” who cares about “time,” we are in Eternity Now!”

    I want Dallas’ family to know that I have been praying for them. I particularly want to thank Jane for supporting and encouraging her husband and sharing him with us.

    A personal note: I don’t “tweet” often. But on Tuesday, the day I learned of the seriousness of Dallas’ condition I sent him this tweet: @DallasAWillard: My prayers are with you and your family. Jesus is trying to change my life through your writings. I love you so much. A bit later, I was notified that Dallas was “following” me on Twitter. The irony is I would have “followed” Dallas anywhere as we “followed” our Lord in the Kingdom. A part of me hopes that he saw my note before he joined the Great Choir!

    “Thank you” God for giving us Dallas Willard. Only you know how much he has helped and encouraged your apprentices. But we all know he is now a Journeyman with You!

  • Chuck Helderman

    What a gift! I met Dallas in 2005 during a weekend conference at our Church. Dallas spoke of the Christian as already “in the Kingdom and when we die, we just step over into the Kingdom of Heaven”. Recently, I heard Dallas respond to a question, “what happens when you die?” Dallas said, “you may not even know your dead for awhile”…..well Dallas….the applause you received upon your arrival just woke you up!!!!! Heaven’s gain. Thank you for being my mentor through your writings.
    Thank you Jane and family, for sharing Dallas with all of us and may God bless you with His agape love during this time of separation.

    Chuck Helderman
    Give Yourself Away Ministries

  • David Vander Laan

    I first met Dallas when I was an undergraduate. When he shook my hand, with what I now know was characteristic warmth, I was startled to find I had met someone with a palpable halo.

    I am grateful for Dallas’ teaching on living as student of Jesus, and I am grateful to have known that that teaching sprung from Dallas’s deep experience of that life.

  • Rev. Michael Scarlett

    Thank you, Dallas. Thank you that you allowed God to shape and guide you in the way of Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Your perspective on a holistic Christian faith indwelling the kingdom of God has forever changed my life. Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift in you!

  • Austin Gohn

    I live in the Kingdom of the Heavens. That changes everything. Thanks for helping me see.

    Austin Gohn
    A Young Pastor

    P.S. I wrote this post last night after much reflection on what I have learned as a young pastor from reading Dallas Willard called, “(At Least) 9 Reasons Why Young Pastors Should Read Dallas Willard”. http://www.thevuepittsburgh.com/2013/05/08/at-least-9-reasons-young-pastors-should-read-dallas-willard/

    Whether or not elderly or middle-aged pastors should read Dallas Willard is for other pastors to decide. I am a young pastor–a 23-year-old who struggles with the need for affirmation when preaching, forgets about discipleship for weeks at a time, and gets easily side-tracked by the newest thing in ministry.

    I owe a debt to Willard [one much deeper than my college loans] that can only be satisfied by giving to others what I have gained from him. Although I have only known Dallas through his books, Youtube, and through the secondhand teachings of those who have studied under him, much of who I am today can be attributed to him.

    In January, I set a goal of reading through everything he had written by December–with the secret hope of meeting him in person once I finished. Although it will now be many years [perhaps] before I meet him and a few more months before I finish reading his books and articles, today seemed like an appropriate day to share with other young pastors reasons why we should read Dallas Willard.

    1. He was a young pastor once. Like us, he knows what it’s like to be fresh into ministry–to have bigger-than-life visions for our churches and the constant inward battle between preaching prophetically and preaching for affirmation. He’s been where you are, and he survived.

    2. He knows what preaching is and is not. The evangelical world is full of books on the newest strategies in preaching written by pastors whose “expertise” is primarily based on the size of their congregations and not the depths of their own heart-relationship with the true Pastor. One sentence toward the end of Renovation of the Heart has done more for my preaching than a thousand pages in other preaching books:

    “The minister does not need tricks and techniques, but need only speak Christ’s word from Christ’s character, standing within the manifest presence of God.”

    3. Sometimes, he wrote paragraphs like this:

    “This heresy [salvation apart from obedience] has created the impression that it is quite reasonable to be a ‘vampire Christian’. One in effect says to Jesus: “I’d like a little of your blood, please. but I don’t care to be your student or have your character. In fact, won’t you just excuse me while I get on with my life, and I’ll see you in heaven.”

    4. He didn’t write books about following Jesus until he was nearly in his 50s. He lived for almost a half-century before he started writing words that would be published for millions of people to read. That’s 50 years of letting time rip his ideas about following Jesus to shreds. That’s 50 years of watching fad after fad in ministry amount to nothing. He gave the Holy Spirit decades to shape his ideas in the grand furnace of time, and was then able to share those lessons which truly are timeless.

    5. He reminds us that our goal is not simply to save people from hell, but to preach what Christ preached: “Repent for the Kingdom of the Heavens is at hand.” Confessing Jesus Christ as Lord is not just something we do followed by decades of waiting before we die and go to heaven. It is entering into a new reality right in the here and now. Our preaching must reflect this.

    6. His attention to the spiritual disciplines shows us that being a pastor is less about what people see and more about what they do not see. If we spend time praying, fasting, and reading the Word of God behind closed doors, our outward life will reflect that. If our inner-life is chaos, it doesn’t matter how good our outer life looks–eventually we will be found out. Maybe this is why one of his books is entitled Renovation of the Heart and another one is called The Spirit of the Disciplines.

    7. Many of his book covers are paintings of fruit. A not-so-subtle reminder that we are meant to bear fruit in this world through our relationship with Jesus Christ. If your spiritual disciplines are not bearing any fruit, you’re doing them wrong. If you read his books all day but don’t do anything, you missed it.

    8. He knew that preaching must be the overflow of a heart satisfied in Christ.

    “We have to stop trying too hard. There may be a few pastors for whom that is not a problem, but for most, it is. We need to do that not only for ourselves but to set an example for those to whom we speak. There is a place for effort, but it never earns anything and must never take the place of God with us. Our efforts are to make room for him in our lives.”

    9. That said: Willard breathed the Word of God. Yes, he was a renowned expert on phenomenology who could effortlessly quote philosophers. Yes, he had a house of books. But you cannot read his books without noticing a Scripture reference on nearly every page. That man breathed the Word of God–just like many of the saints who came before him. In an age where preachers treat the Bible as secondary to commentaries and theologians, he obviously saw the Bible as primary. If our preaching is to be effective, we must as well.

    Nine is an awkward place to stop, but ten sounded too complete. I have learned much more from Dallas Willard than what I have briefly written here. With that, I will end with one of my favorite quotes by him, anticipating the day in which I will join him in the fullness of the Kingdom he so often described:

    “Grace is not opposed to effort, it is opposed to earning. Earning is an attitude. Effort is an action.” [The Great Omission]

  • James G

    I want to pass on my heart felt wishes to the family of Dallas, may God walk along side you in your loss. I am honoured to have met Dallas on one of his trips to Ireland and a more gracious and humble man I have never met before or since. I know he is resting with our Lord and Father.

  • James G

    May God keep you and provide for you at this time.8

  • Shawn R Stewart


    Your writing’s have helped me move into the world of the spiritual formation as well as helping to reorient my view of evangelism; I no longer mainly believe my job as a living witness is to walk up to someone and sell them a piece of goods… It is not my job to close a deal, I bare witness to the power of the resurrection and the knowledge of the Kingdom of God in my every day dealings at work, at home and where ever I find that I am. Thank you Dallas. Who you clearly are is perhaps what challenges me the most, I want to be an unhurried, unworried, disciple living currently in a kingdom that will not be shaken.

    One last thing, I met you a couple of years ago at the Anaheim Vineyard and was so grateful to hopefully honor you in sharing how I had used the ideas in the divine conspiracy to create an experiential labyrinth for a Middle Eastern youth group that I was pastoring. That labyrinth which brought those young people face-to-face with Christ’s teaching through the ideas in your book, had more of an impact on them, than perhaps anything I ever preached in a sermon. Thank you Dallas for sharing your intellect and your own story of Christ formed in you.

    We will miss you for the while we are apart.

  • Christy Hill

    Thank you, God, for our dear brother Dallas, who invested his life into shaping a Christian worldview for this generation. May we continue to live with a strong rationale for the importance of taking care of our soul in light of Your perspective and economy. Amen.

    Christy Hill
    Grace College and Seminary

  • Dr. Steven Sturm

    Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much),
    Dallas’s words always came from his keen mind and warm heart. Hearing him speak at conferences and reading his books always challenged my thinking and moved me toward the God he loves. Now he fully knows even as he is fully known.
    Aloha ahui hou (goodbye until we meet again),
    Dr. Steven Sturm
    Waialua, Hawaii

  • Doug Stewart

    How I am indebted to and thankful for the life and ministry of Dallas Willard! No one has influenced me in the last 30 years since I have come into touch with Dallas’ life and teachings as Dallas. Most of all, through his life and ministry, Jesus has more of me, and I of him! My heart is sad, knowing I won’t see or hear him again this side of heaven, but I rejoice in the legacy he left and which will continue, and in the gain he now enjoys!

    Doug Stewart

  • Rev. Phaedra Blocker

    Dallas Willard’s writings and ministry have been significant in helping shape my own journey with Christ–and the ministry work to which I have been called. I had been looking forward to hearing him in person as a guest lecturer soon, and am sorry to miss that blessing. But his legacy will linger with me, and I am grateful for his life and faithfulness.

  • Patrick Watters

    A tribute to Dallas Willard:


    Our diversity as a community of faith and as individuals enables us to serve the diversity of His Creation. We are not meant to look like or follow each other, but to find our unique identity in Christ then follow Him in obedience. }:-
    Thanks to Dallas Willard for helping me grasp this truth of incarnational living, contentment in our daily lives as we follow Christ.

  • Steve Macchia

    The Leadership Transformations ministry family is profoundly grateful to the Lord for the writing, teaching, and leadership ministries of Dallas. He lived what he taught, experienced what he wrote, and his influence upon countless lives is a legacy we honor with thanksgiving. We use all of Dallas’ books in our spiritual formation ministries to leaders and teams and will continue to do so for years to come.
    We join family and friends around the world in celebration of this godly life. Thank you, Lord, for Dallas Willard. A faithful man who daily pursued God’s heart.
    With love, joy and prayers,
    Steve Macchia
    Founder and President
    Leadership Transformations, Inc.

  • Nathan Ferrell

    It was through Dallas Willard’s thought and teachings, as expressed in The Divine Conspiracy, that my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as a living and real Teacher was restored. One day does not go by in my life that does not bear, in some way, the mark of what I learned in and through his writings. Thanks be to God that Dallas was willing to put this great intellect to use in the service of Christ. We will miss him here.

  • Meg Wolfgram

    Thank you

  • Debby Sorrell

    I periodically I do a Google search just to make sure that Dallas Willard has not published something new. Tonight I thought I might better “check for Dallas news”. I am so sad the news I found was his death; but his profound understanding of “God’s Kingdom within” lives on in a lifetime of creative works just as his “eternal spirit” continues the journey.
    I will hold even more dear, one of my Google searches that found this:
    Your Place in This World Published in 2005 by LifeWay Christian Resources in the Holman CSB Graduate’s Bible, this was Dr. Willard’s commencement address at Greenville College in May 2004. Transcribed and edited by Steve Bond of Holman Bible Publishers.
    I refer often to my abbreviations version that follows:
    1. Remember who you are.. I am an unceasing spiritual being with an eternal destiny in God’s great universe.
    2. Remember to keep God before your mind.
    You will keep in perfect peace the mind that is dependent on You, for it is trusting You (Is 26:3).
    David says:
    I keep the LORD in mind always. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken (Ps 16:8).
    You can bring God before your mind constantly and train yourself to have Him there always. One simple approach is to train yourself to go through the morning repeating to yourself, every minute or so, “Hallowed be Your name” or some other phrase that’s meaningful to you.
    3. Remember to live sacrificially.
    Don’t strive to advance yourself. Let God advance you. When you serve others, you’re really serving God. Because you are serving God, you give the best of service to other human beings.
    4. Remember you need a plan of discipline. Living the Christ life requires it. What’s normally thought of as church activities is not enough, even if you’re one of the leaders. Put together and follow a plan of solitude and silence, Scripture memorization, fasting, prayer, and worship.
    If you regularly do these things, Christ will grow in you and His character will become your character. Then you will routinely and easily do the things He did and said to do out of love, joy, peace, and power.
    The people who are in the world but not of the world are people who simply do the right thing routinely, easily with peace and joy. Their picture is drawn repeatedly in the Scriptures (Ephesians 4, Colossians 3, Philippians 2). What you see in these passages is true. It works. It’s accessible to everyone. And there’s nothing in this world that compares with it. People like this are the answer to Jesus’ prayer at the end of his commencement address.
    I have given them the glory You have given Me. May they be one as We are one. I am in them and You are in Me. May they be made completely one, So the world may know You have sent Me and have loved them as You have loved me. This is what the world is waiting for. Paul says that all creation is groaning, waiting for the sons and daughters of God. Now take your God-given place in this world. Be Christ to those around you.

  • Tom Christian

    Dallas was so important to me personally. He was the first person I had ever met who told me to “never believe anything bad about God.” I was, at the time, active in my church’s college group and he deliverd his series on The Sermon on the Mount. It was so different than anything I had ever heard – it was such good news that I could scarcely believe it. The Jesus that Dallas knew was so scandelously generous. And the spirit that Dallas delivered this news with was so persuasive in an attractive way, not a manipulative way. “Let your ‘yes’ be yes and your ‘no’ be no.”

    I had to ask him all sorts of questions. Dallas was very patient and answered my questions. I knew when I had come to the end – he would say something like “I don’t think we’ll gain anything by dwelling on the furniture of Heaven or the temperature of hell.” A beautiful man. So elegant in his practice.

    Dallas gave me lots of good advice about loving others – some of which I followed. It was so much like Dallas to know that it is God’s Spirit that does the heavy lifting. “Burning grace like a 747 burns fuel on take-off.” I’m just guessing that Dallas prayed daily for the knowledge of God’s will for him and the power to carry that out and didn’t worry about how God would use him. He just planted the seeds in my life and patiently waited, watched, watered and pruned. He knew God would save me. He knew I was in the hands of the good, wise and powerful God. I didn’t at the time.

    I was very happy when Dallas started publishing books because I could picture him speaking these words to me. The Sermon on the Mount came alive again in The Divine Conspiracy. I could hear Dallas speaking to me again about this beautiful moment when our great Savior walked the earth and loved the unlovable people like me. What a treasure to be able to have these reminders of Dallas.

    One of the greatest gifts that Dallas gave me was he told me that “Every good thing that comes into your life is from your loving Heavenly Father.” And “This world is a perfectly safe place for you, Tom.” This good news freed me to look for the work of His hands everywhere and among all people so that I could join in the fun too!

    Dallas, Thank you.

  • marlac

    Dallas’ last two words were Thank you. it struck me speechless. Again. His humility was/is so breathtaking beautiful. Since I heard of his death the tears have come in waves. In between I can scarcely believe how “lucky” we have been to be living in a time when Dallas was with us. The gratitude I feel for Dallas and for Jane is without end. No other book besides the Bible so transformed my life like The Divine Conspiracy. I read it and the moment I got through started at chapter one again. This time with my 5 X 7 cards handy. One paragraph after another rocked my world. This was one such paragraph: “God’s way of moving toward the future is, with gentle persistence in unfailing purpose, to bring about the transformation of the human heart by speaking with human beings and living with and in them. He finds an Abraham, a Paul, a YOU. It is this millennia-long process that Jesus, the son of man, brings and will bring to completion. And it is the way of the prophets, who foresaw that the day would come when God’s heart is the human heart. ‘The law of God would be written in the heart.’ That is, when what is right to God’s mind would be done as simple matter of course, and we would not be able to understand why anyone would even engage in evil. That is the nature of God’s full reign.” God brought us a Dallas and a Jane. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Whenever I have a difficult time bringing into focus the intimate, loving nature of the Trinity, I picture the time when Dallas, Jane, Margaret, and I were having lunch in their kitchen. Then I easily remember I am in the presence of the Community of unspeakable, magnificent, personal beings of boundless love, knowledge, and power!
    Jane, I know you will miss your beloved Dallas. I love you. I am grateful for you!
    Marla Christian

  • Lisa

    I remember thinking this year that I wanted to hear him speak just one more time, somehow feeling that he might pass soon. He came to our church and it was so rich for me. And now I’m crying and I can’t even really say why. I don’t think I’ve ever cried over a person who died that I didn’t know personally. And I think that is perhaps the beauty of his legacy– he makes you feel like he is a father or friend walking with you in this journey. Like he really wants you to succeed and follow Christ with full abandon. Thank you for all of your love and support of his ministry, because I know that it was the simple ways that you served him with food or were patient with him when he spent extra time at school or a conference that enabled him to do the great work that God had called him to do. Praise Jesus for all of you.

  • Jeff Nichols

    Like so many others, I too have been greatly impacted by Dallas though his books, his audio talks, and a few times I met him in person. What he wrote, what he talked about, what he helped us understand, he lives. Dallas is not a “was” he is as much as “is” as ever. He reminded us that we co-reign with God and his infinite goodness. Dallas now is doing that! I wonder if he’s teaching classes to those who perhaps didn’t quite learn what they needed to before there own home going? Imagine?
    Jane and family, thank you for sharing Dallas with us all. No doubt at times it was difficult for you to have him gone so much, but we are all reminded that there is so much more life ahead of us then behind us. Bless you as you miss him, what a truly good man.

  • Mike Vanderipe


    You helped me to understand my need to be a disciple of Christ more than anyone else ever did. For that I am eternally grateful. Looking forward to seeing you in Heaven.


  • Gavin Burnage

    I still have my first edition copy of The Divine Conspiracy. It promised a worldview, and didn’t disappoint; thankfully my faith has never been the same since reading it. While I went on to read as much by Dallas as I could, living in the UK meant I heard him speak in person only a few times. But on one of those occasions, one day in Oxford in 2004, I had the slightly strange experience of seeing him turn up almost everywhere. I went to Starbucks for coffee, and Dallas was standing patiently in line. I went to St Aldates, and heard him speak softly words of Christian revolution once again. And later I went to Blackwells bookshop, and Dallas was there too, down in the cavernous basement, quietly working his way round the Theology section.

    And now I reflect how his teaching and example has become a routine part of my ordinary, daily life in Christ, and that I usually forget – I suspect as he would wish – who the Spirit used to inspire me in so many ways.

    I no longer fear the Beatitudes are dreary commands to a forced, life-defying existence: as Dallas helpfully explained, they’re proclamations, much-needed invitations to come out from a broken, hurting world into a wonderfully good and exciting Kingdom. His breakdown of Colossians 3 as a model of Christian life and transformation is something I use myself and pass on to others whenever I can. He helped restore my soul – the concept of it, that is; that it really does exist, and how it can be understood, healed and completed by Jesus, and just a footnote of his led me into the hidden, heart- and mind-expanding riches of the Old Testament word nefeš. The closing pages of The Divine Conspiracy have helped me to help others to die peacefully, trusting in Jesus and his promises. Even yesterday at a prison Bible study, discussing the perils of gambling addiction and watching too much bad tv, automatically I found myself sharing his challenge “where does our mind naturally go when left to its own devices?”, and suggesting his answer that we can learn to make a habit of the practice of the presence of God. And perhaps my favourite, most often-repeated line is the short one which reminds me that nothing else comes close to matching the depths of grace and truth we have in Jesus Christ: Dallas taught me it’s possible to know it and do it – “It’s all true and it all works”.

    So, today I’m conscious how much Dallas really has been turning up everywhere in my ordinary, daily life for some time. He has helped build and shape a home for my soul – so many wonderful things that Jesus and the Father use, as, true to Jesus’ word, they come to me and are at home in me.

    Dallas – with prayers for your family and friends, and the hope that God will do even more for the Kingdom with your work – thank you.

  • zinck

    I live in Brazil. Yesterday a brother who does not speak English told me that Dallas had passed on.

    I write this to Jane and the family. Thank you for sharing Dallas with us as he pointed us to new life in the Lord. I never had the chance to meet Dallas but have read his books and listened to audio messages over and over again. It feels like I have lost a friend. Yet, thanks to those works his teachings will live on and continue to point us to the TEACHER and the belief that we can LIVE with the Teacher here and now and for eternity.

  • Tim M

    The first words I heard on the first day of my first class as a freshman at USC in 1989 were from Dallas Willard. He said, “There is a map in your mind.” Dallas is the most influential person in the development of my mental map. I took half of my required philosophy classes from him and attended several other courses he offered. He is my mentor. In fact, he was the one who encouraged me to read the Odyssey to see who Mentor was.

    He motivated me to pursue a major in philosophy, introduced me to the masters program in philosophy started by his former students, and supported my doctoral studies. He encouraged me in my career as a philosophy professor. I tell my students that every true and interesting philosophical idea I have owes its origins to Dallas.

    He modeled what a Christian philosopher ought to be. He demonstrated Jesus’ love for me (and all his students) with patience, kindness and goodness. At one particularly difficult period in my studies, Dallas said that the best thing I could do to get through my doctoral dissertation was to maintain an intimate fellowship with Jesus. He spoke from the depth of his own experience with our Lord. Dallas taught me what it means to be Jesus’ apprentice. Dallas is gone for a little while, and I grieve. We will see him again soon. Our joy will be full. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

  • Mark Schulz

    My sincerest condolences go to Dallas’ family and closest friends as they mourn his death. You will deeply miss his day to day presence and Christ-like goodness. I had a relatively brief opportunity to experience these in a two-week Fuller D.Min. class/retreat spent with Dallas. Of course, there was wonderful course content, but more inspirational was how Dallas embodied Jesus with us and for us.

    Even before the class, God had used Dallas to change my life and ministry. I first encountered him through his books with The Divine Conspiracy making a huge impact on my theological thinking and walk with Christ. He helped me to see that in many ways I had been preaching a “reduced Gospel,” reducing God’s gracious work in our lives primarily to justification and turning sanctification into primarily our work done in response. Dallas along with John Ortberg have opened my eyes to the amazing divine gift that we can become more like Jesus.

    If I am not feeling great loss today, it’s because Dallas has left us such an amazing legacy of theological thought that will leave me and many others with much to read, reflect on, and apply for years to come. My hope and prayer is that his influence will only grow as the Church rediscovers kingdom practices and the presence of Jesus in our daily lives. I understand that Dallas’ last words were “Thank you.” I want to say, “No Dallas, THANK YOU.”

  • Joyce LaGodney

    I’ve only read books, seen him spreaking at Menlo Park church on footage about tough questions, But the most profound thing is that he said he hoped to be so close to God that he wouldn’t know he died till later. I see lots of comments about people being “lost” because they died. He’s not lost we know exactly where he is. Think before you speak. I know I’m picky but I don’t like looseing.

  • Alida

    I had the great privilege of serving as a TA for Professor Dallas Willard for his introductory course on the Professions and the Public in American Life at USC. Dallas was greatly loved by USC undergraduates, and with very good reason – in his lectures and all of his interactions with students, he exuded a kindness, compassion, and genuine caring and concern for all of his students that is very rare to find in contemporary academia. I believe that the students were so drawn to him because they could tell (even if they did not consciously realize it) that he truly loved and respected each and every one of them.

    Dallas took an unusually hands-on role in undergraduate education; instead of delegating the grading of exams to the TAs as is standard, Dallas graded every exam himself because he wanted to personally check in on the progress of every student. He extended this concern to the TAs for his course, as well. It was an absolute pleasure to work for him.

    In the last few years, Dallas was working on a book about The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge in today’s American university. One did not feel that moral knowledge was disappearing when one took Dallas’s courses, because coming into contact with him at USC felt was to encounter firsthand someone possessed of great moral knowledge. He was a light in our Philosophy department, and will be greatly missed.

    My sincerest condolences to his family and friends,
    - Alida

  • Brad Swope

    I have had few heroes in my life, especially spiritual ones. Today I lost one of the few I had. Dallas Willard died today at age 77 of pancreatic cancer.

    Dallas did more for me than anyone else in making Jesus a real person who was ready to lead me and teach me how to do the life I actually had.

    He did more to teach me that spiritual growth was never by osmosis but by embracing and entering into a Kingdom life through specific and intentional spiritual practices.

    He was the wisest, most humble, most gentle…and yet the most rigorous intellectual I have ever encountered.

    Dallas did the kingdom life not in the bubble world pastors and Christian ministers sometimes live in but as a full professor of philosophy at USC.

    When you were with Dallas you felt like you had met a person that knew Jesus at a level you did not (that his relationship with Jesus had deeply transformed his inner character and outer life)

    There was never an occasion when I was with him that I was not deeply impacted. And whether you knew it or not, his influence has been deeply felt in our church life

    I feel profoundly sad today… We are poorer for his departure…yet Dallas is profoundly richer for now being with the Lord who he loved so much

    Grace & Peace

    Brad Swope

  • Chris Coursey

    The Divine Conspiracy was the first reading assignment given me when Jim Wilder started mentoring me. Since then I have enjoyed all of Dallas’ works. I feel incredibly blessed and honored to have crossed paths with such a special, godly man. Having the opportunity to read Dallas’ books, hear him speak and meet him in person has given me much inspiration, encouragement and hope for living the kind of life that leaves a Christ-like trail of love, joy and kindness behind. It was just last summer we were blessed to have Dallas and Jane share their lives and hearts at Heart and Soul and I still smile thinking about the sweet, gentle, calm demeanor Dallas exudes. His character and personality, love for God and love for others spoke loudly to me and everyone who listened intently to his every word. My prayers and thoughts go with Jane and the entire Willard family as such a sweet man was taken home. The effects of Dallas’ work and legacy continues to sweetly bless my life, family, ministry and community. I am honored to tell my children when they grow up that I met Dallas Willard. Thank you Dallas for truly being a much needed light in this world. We will miss you.

  • Peg Seaton

    I did not have the opportunity to meet Dallas face to face, but we surely have spent much time together through the printed and spoken word. He has impacted my life and I am forever grateful. I will miss Dallas, but feel blessed that through a little piece of my life, his legacy can live on. To his family, thank you for sharing him with us. I pray that you will know the presence and comfort of Jesus who Dallas loved and proclaimed.

  • Gary Schwerin

    I will never forget sitting by the river in our town and reading Divine Conspiracy. Chapter 3 in particular. Every sentence it seems caused me to pause, took my breath away. One time only did I get to hear him in person at a Renovare’ conference. Same effect. Humble, simple, profound. How Dallas was able to open doors, and to ask the questions that led us forward. So grateful for this dear saint. Blessings to his family and friends.

  • Tony Baron

    O God of grace and glory, we remember before you this day our brother Dallas. We thank you for giving him to us, his family and friends, to know and to love him as a companion, colleague, and teacher on our earthly pilgrimage. In your boundless compassion, console us who mourn. Give us faith to see in death the gate of eternal life, so that in quiet confidence we may continue our course on earth as faithful followers of Our Lord’s divine conspiracy, until, by your call, we are reunited with Dallas and those who have gone before; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (BCP, 493, adapted)

    Dallas was first, to me, a gentle man. His wisdom rocked my world, but his kindness changed my heart. He was a bearer of hope in a church often filled with learned helplessness. He comforted my tears durning difficult times in the pastorate, he spoke gentle truths in my ears in classroom settings and meal time gatherings, and although he was a giant among men he never ever made anyone feel small. I became a better person, better husband, better father, and a better servant of our Lord because of Dallas Willard.

    Most merciful God, whose wisdom is beyond our understanding: Deal graciously with all of Dallas’ family and friends in our grief. Surround us with your love, that we may not be overwhelmed by our loss, but have confidence in your goodness, and strength to meet the days to come; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (BCP, 494, adapted).

    Perhaps when Dallas ended this life on earth with the words, “Thank you.” It was not only a demonstration of gratitude for his wonderful wife and dear family, but additionally, just maybe, He was simply responding with humility and gratitude after hearing the words of Jesus saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

    Peace and Comfort,

    Tony Baron

  • JR Woodward

    Dallas, you will be missed dearl my friend. Here is the tribute I have written for you: http://bit.ly/YzmUyn (Remembering Dallas Willard – A Man Who Invited Others to Live in the Reality of God’s Kingdom.

  • Donna Katagi

    I have started to write this many times, but find it hard to express the impact Dallas had on me. I first heard of spiritual formation at the Spiritual Formation Forum in Long Beach 7 years ago. Dallas talked about kingdom living, the easy yoke, that salvation was not just a ticket to heaven, that eternal life begins now, and that its possible to actually become more like Jesus. I so longed for that life, instead of the trying-hard, sin-management life.

    At the time I was just entering full time ministry at my church, and I emailed my senior pastor after hearing Dallas, and told him: “I don’t want to be the Teaching Director, I want my title to be Director of Spiritual Formation”. In the years since, Dallas had helped me be more than a teacher, to enjoy the with-God life myself, and to have something to say to people that actually helps them grow to love God and become more like Jesus.

  • Debbie Achilles

    To all friends and loved ones of Dallas,
    I am so sorry for your loss. Our church book group recently read The Divine Conspiracy and watched the video series which accompanies it. Through the readings and videos, I feel as though I knew Dallas personally. I call him the “people whisperer”.
    Just listening and watching him, made me feel whole, peaceful, and amazingly joyous! I feel sorry for myself that I never had an opportunity to meet him, but I am so gloriously happy that he is now with our Lord Jesus!! Please accept my prayers and sincere condolences to you.
    Debbie Achilles

  • Kathy

    When I heard the news of his passing, I left my office, went outside to a bench and cried. I never had the privilege of meeting Dallas Willard but he was a wise elder and teacher to me. I have read the Divine Conspiracy more times than any other book in my collection. He taught me what the Kingdom was meant to be, and he inspired me to see how God intends to use all of us in his amazing plans.
    May the Lord’s Spirit of comfort help fill the giant hole in your hearts and give you the assurance that you will be reunited in the future.

  • Dan Davis

    My first encounter with Dallas Willard was in reading the Divine Conspiracy. I “stumbled” upon the book when I was emerging from a serious battle with depression. Reading the Divine Conspiracy helped bring me back to life. The experience was for me like meeting Jesus “again for the first time.” It was the doorway to a depth of relationship with Jesus that up until that encounter I did not think was possible. My second encounter with Dr. Willard was at the Renovare Conference in Houston in 1999. I was deeply moved by the depth of his intellect but more so by the humble servant I saw and heard as he stood before thousands of people. Thanks be to God for the life of Dallas Willard.

  • stephen arnold

    We send sad condolences to Dallas’ family from the A.A. community in northern Indiana. We studied Dallas’ writings day after day for the teaching and comfort contained within. Those of us who were in the audience when you visited South Bend were blessed with the simple understandable words describing Jesus’ powerful message found in Mathew 28. As I recall, you addressed it, “the modern day apprenticeship program.” A kind and gentle man, a great humble servant.

  • Cory Botts

    My life has been immeasurably impacted by Dallas not only directly through his teachings and writings, but indirectly thorough the writings and teachings of those he has mentored either directly or from afar. I will be forever grateful for his life and teachings. I look forward to one day telling him so.

  • Delianne Greydanus Koops

    Dallas Willard’s radical discipleship and Kingdom vision have shaped my world and life view. His writings have profoundly influenced my teaching and preaching. Now he’s singing with the saints in heaven….”Alleluia! Alleluia to God’s Almighty Son.” Glory be to God.

  • Rob Guyor

    Like so many others, after several hundred hours of having Dallas Willard’s voice in my head through reading and re-reading his books, listening to his lectures online, and the many inner conversations I’ve had with him as I processed this stuff, I have begun to consider him my friend.

    I only heard Dallas teach live once… about 10 years ago. As my friend and I absorbed his words over a couple of days, at one point, my friends leaned over and said… “this must be what it was like to have listened to the Paul.” Exactly. Dallas Willard is one of the few people I’ve known who could actually pull off saying…. “live as I live.”

    Not long after hearing Dallas speak for the first time, I read “Divine Conspiracy.” I distinctly remember a particular night when I woke up after only a few hours time. I read for the first time the chapters (perhaps 3 and 4?) about what the human soul is like, and will be like, without the life of God transforming it; and then the chapter following that describes what can (and will) happen to those that are transformed by God. Actually thrilling stuff! His thoughtful, thoroughly Biblical, and intelligent words struck me like a ton of bricks. After perhaps 10-12 years of believing in Jesus, learning some important things about him, and, once in a while, actually experiencing hims directly… somehow Dallas’ explanation of life with God … so inspiring, provoking, and compellingly, came to me as new revelation. Perhaps not new information, but definitely new revelation.

    As I sat there reading that night, I remember the wonderful, startling, and sobering revelation that “it’s all true”… or at least… “it all could be true… for me!” And this revelation was both compelling and, I must confess, kind of alarming… even offensive at some level. Everything I said I believed, and at better moments in my life, really thought I believed, somehow became more real… more concrete. And this was both enticing and threatening. Kind of like… “wow!.. if this is all true, than it’s actually possible for me to experience God… to know him and be transformed by him.” And at the same time I though to myself “wow, if this is all true, this means a lot is going to have to change… I’M going to have to change. I simply have no more excuses for not moving forward; for not answering His call.” In other words, God was speaking directly to me, confronting me, through what Dallas had written. And I was being confronted with the invitation (perhaps een demand) to consider the cost of following Jesus… and to consider the cost of not following Jesus. And I am still confronted with that choice every day.

    I had a dream about a month ago. I was at a party and Dallas seemed to be the guest of honor. He and I chatted for a while, but I can’t recall what we talked about. But I do recall that I was at ease with him like I had known him for a while. And like so many of us, I believe I sort of have. I described the dream to my wife and, as she has done a number of times before, she encouraged me to write Dallas a letter and simply share with him how much I love and respect him. And I never did. But no worries… I’ll tell him all this and more when, in a little while, we meet in person on the other side.

  • Dorothy Bethel

    I am so happy that I got to hear Dallas speak at a conference 2 years ago. It helped me to read his books better and as a result, I have been more ministered to by him than I can describe. To me there are a few “must read” books for all believers and permanently on that list, for me, will be Renovation of the Heart. Most of my copy is highlighted and I refer back to it often. He is and was a gift to the body of Christ. I hope that his family finds comfort and peace knowing he is with the Good Shepherd and they will be together some day. Blessings to all.

  • Jimmy Tan

    “you must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life” – those were among the first words I heard from Dallas Willard when I attended his course on Spirituality and Ministry two years ago. And they have left their imprint ever since.
    More recently, out of the Knowing Christ Conference, I took away the challenge of living into the vision reality of life in the Trinity. Now Dallas’ transportation from vision reality into reality of vision has further underscored that it is possible to live this way. He did in life as he did in death – setting an example as Jesus did. I am so deeply grateful for his life – and for the immense privilege to have met him in person.

  • Steve Wolinski

    Blessings to you Jane, and the rest of Dallas’ family. I am referring to Dallas as the most important unofficial mentor in my life the past 3 or 4 years. I only met Dallas once, fortunate to spend a couple of hours with him at his USC office just over a year ago. Toward the end of our time together, I asked him how life was for him, and he said “Steve, I am 76 years old, and I don’t have the energy to get done all the things I would like to. And I don’t like that very much”. My guess is that he has abundant energy now. I cannot wait to see how he is contributing to the Kingdom now. The last thing he said, and that has become somewhat of a mantra for me, was “Trust Jesus for EVERYTHING”.

    Thanks for sharing him with the rest of us!

    Steve Wolinski
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Pastor Howie Maxson

    I have come but lately, less than two years, to discover the writings of Brother Dallas. There are no accidents in Father God’s universe, so it was by His kind providence that I read a book by a Keith Meyer, “Whole Life Transformation”, which introduced me to Renovare and the writings of Dallas Willard. To say that Dallas has made a deep impact is to say the very least. Several people in the church I pastor are being influenced by “Hearing God”, “Celebration of the Disciplines” and “Divine Conspiracy”.
    To the family, my deepest condolences. To Christ, my deepest appreciation for what you lovingly did for Dallas and through him for the Kingdom.
    Soli Deo Gloria,
    Pastor Howie

  • Mike Platter

    To Dallas’ Family,
    Thank you for sharing so much of Dallas with us — here in Southern California and throughout the world. I am better for it, and Christendom is better for it.
    Annie Dillard wrote:
    “I think that the dying pray at the last not please, but thank you; as a guest thanks his host at the door.” Dallas was a man who knew that gratitude was the proper response to the Creator for the gift of mortal life. My guess is that he is still saying
    Thank You, and now he has a thousand tongues to sing God’s praise!

  • Alan Fadling

    I remember Dallas speaking to our first four generations of The Journey in 1998. I still have notes from those times. It was his challenge to “ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life” that was a catalyst for my “An Unhurried Life.” I always experience Dallas as an expression of the unhurried presence of Jesus with whom he walked. My life and ministry are measureless different because of Dallas’s. I’m grateful.

  • Joel Anderson

    Dear Dallas, Jane and family,

    May God give you peace in this time.

    As others have also said, no one taught me more about Jesus and life with him than Dallas. When major questions faced me I repeatedly thought, “what would Dallas say?”

    One of my great joys was watching a live streaming video of the Knowing Christ conference. It was the closest I ever came to him–Dallas, John, many others and me, all sharing a moment in God’s presence. It was a gift to see Christ’s humility, humor, love and wisdom shining through Dallas.

    Well done sir! You’ve finished the race.

  • Don Farr

    I first heard Dallas at the 2003 AACC conference and his challenge to personal holiness that day touched the Spirit of God in me and reached deep into my soul, starting me on a journey to get to know Jesus in every way He designed me from before the foundation of the world.

    Since then I have pursued God and opened myself to His pursuit of me, and along the way have turned to Dallas’s writings and the influence he has had on the hearts of such men as Larry Crabb and John Ortberg. My heart aches that this most Christlike of men will no longer be here to show us the way.

    But our loss is nothing compared to his family, and I pray that God’s comfort and the mixing of joy as you think of what Dallas is up to in heaven and the memories you will cherish forever will soften the grief you are feeling.

    Dallas will continue to touch all our lives, as we ponder his words, and as the influence he has had on other godly men and women helps us pursue a more godly path in our lives.

    We will miss him greatly,
    Don Farr

  • Susan Welch

    Dear Jane and family, No, you don’t know me. The year of the Houston conference, 1999, I was able to attend and what a privilege that was. It was just prior to that that I was able to complete a cassette taping of The Divine Conspiracy for my blind friend Russ Reinert. He was for 30 years the Personnel Director of Wycliffe’s Peru branch. I had put a number of books on tape for him and when Dallas’ Conspiracy came out I didn\’t even need to ask Russ if he would like it–I just got busy taping. I think by now I have read the Conspiracy at least three times. Whenever a security question asks which is my favorite author, I always say “Dallas Willard.” Knowing your loss is horrific but your joy for him is great, I will continue to remember you all in the days ahead, asking God to give you every blessing as you grieve and as you continue to love and serve H im. with so much love, Susan Welch

  • Matt Hadley

    I’ve had the opportunity to teach Renovation of the Heart to a group at our church. Taking the time to really study his book meant so much to me. God really used the book and the video to bless our group.

  • Anna Arutyunyan

    He introduced me to the Heavens. And lately I noticed they were brighter–now I know why.

    Dearest Dr. Willard, you are missed.

  • Tiff Peterson

    God, thank you for the lives of Dallas and Jane Willard. Thank you, Father, for teaching me through Dallas to think about the person I’m becoming. So many of those precious worda have been life to my mind and spirit and reached deeper than sentiment and feeling into the way that I think. Dr. Willard’s writings have changed my life. I’m eternally grateful.

  • Cindy McCreary


    Your dad was an amazing person. My family sends prayers and love to you and your family. I am grateful for all the stories of your dad and the amazing books and lectures your father gave. Your father is in heaven and I know you will see him again. May your family find peace in knowing that your father is free from all pain and suffering.

  • Shirley Sloan

    I learned so much from Dallas Willard’s books. I’m so grateful…so grateful… “The Divine Conspiracy” truly is, as Richard Foster says in his forword, “A masterpiece and a wonder…” Far too many quotes come to mind to pick just one…but I was challenged to live the eternal KIND of life…to go to Heaven before I die….to give up my right to retain anger, contempt and condemnation… Looking forward to meeting in that other room….

  • Paul Dubuc

    It was reading The Divine Conspiracy over 10 years ago that gave me hope again that I could be a new person, that Jesus could live his life through mine. It made “spiritual formation” a life pursuit. Thanks for that, and all your other books. You’ll be missed here by many, but well met on the other side.

  • Walter Hopp

    Dallas was my dissertation adviser, my greatest teacher, my mentor, and my dear friend. During our first brief encounter I revealed that I had spent the previous summer groping my way through Husserl’s Logical Investigations. Dallas scheduled a lunch together, which he of course paid for — a tradition he insisted on maintaining from then on. He didn’t talk about himself, though there was plenty he could have said. I only learned years later, for instance, that Dallas had translated the Investigations himself. His translation is no doubt sitting among his papers and notes. Over the years the depth of his philosophical knowledge astounded me. He seemed to have read and digested everything — not only the works of the great historical figures, but those of legions of minor ones too. And, of course, he stayed abreast of developments within both the continental and analytic traditions. His published philosophical writings comprise only a fraction of his written work. He composed extensive handouts and notes — upwards of 30 or 40 pages in some cases — on virtually every topic of philosophical importance. These were not hastily written, but exhaustively researched. I have only a small fraction of them, but they are among the most treasured items in my library.

    What set Dallas apart as a philosopher, though, is that he never allowed himself to get lost, in his words, in the “fog of language.” To the extent that it was possible — and he made it possible — he measured the claims of philosophers, not against this or that “__ism” or “intuition,” but against “the things themselves.” This was one of his remarkable gifts; I’ve never encountered a thinker with Dallas’s ability to state what is evident and display how a theory or claim conforms to or contradicts it. He appealed, ultimately, to what is obvious. But, as any reader of Dallas’s knows, the obvious things he points out are only obvious after he has pointed them out. Like a good joke, its infinitely easier to “get it” than to compose it, and no one had Dallas’s ability to compose it.

    Merleau-Ponty once claimed that language is a way of “singing the world.” Most of us, I fear, either sing out of tune or sing something else instead. But not Dallas. Dallas sang the world. And he shared his songs with thousands of students. I’m grateful and proud to have been one of them.

  • Terri Lieberman

    Thank you Dallas for sitting at Jesus’ feet, listening, learning, and then so willingly and sacrificially giving to all those around you. Thank you Jane for sharing your soul-mate with the world. My heart grieves and rejoices with yours. Thank you King Jesus for trusting our brother Dallas with so many of your treasures to share with your people. We are more whole, more joyful, more at peace and more loving because our journey intertwined with his. To God be the glory!


    Dear Jane, Becky, Bill, and Larissa,

    Studying under Dallas was one of the great privileges of my life. He is a wise, intelligent, and thought-full man who broadened and deepened me through his teaching. He is a kind and gentle man who reflected Jesus in this world, and who was tender to me in the grief of losing my daughter. Thank you, Willard family, for sharing your father/husband with so many of us. May God comfort you in these difficult days, and may you know how many of us grieve with you–and rejoice with him.

    Peggy Reynoso
    Renovare Institute Graduate

  • Terri Kresin

    Dallas mentioned one day at a teaching session in the Renovare Institute at Mt. Hermon that he didn’t get out of bed until he had prayed the Lord’s prayer and the 23rd Psalm. As he did both in our presence that day, they took on new meaning for me and I cannot pray either of these great prayers without thinking of the look of joy and peace on his face. He appeared to be addressing his oldest and best friend, his most beloved. Dallas’ teaching and writing are gift enough for a lifetime but his intimate love of God was pure inspiration. Dear Willard family, thank you from the depths of my heart for your gracious sharing of his time and energy, especially in these last several months. May God bless you and keep you and be gracious unto you. May He make His face to shine upon you and grant you peace.

  • Charles Whitehead

    The feeling that many have shared, I will echo: I also miss Dallas. Gordon Cosby said that what the world desperately needs is saints. Since that is true, what one of the tributes above opined is also true: that this world is now a little darker because of the loss of one of its saints.

    I only know this secondhand, yet I know it must be. While Dallas was with us, I never met him in person…it was just the meeting of hearts and minds and souls, at a critical juncture for me. I think every spiritual director or mentor becomes a father or mother to us. Though we never spoke a word to one another, Dallas was a director, and therefore a (grand?)father to me. I sincerely don’t know where I would be with Jesus right now, were it not for him. At the time when I first encountered The Spirit of the Disciplines, several years ago, the Church no longer held anything for me. I was a battered child of evangelical fundamentalism; an arrogant “intellectual” who had, since those formative years, learned just enough to have no meaningful confidence in Jesus or his Father; a young husband and father beset with vices and relational strains for which I had no adequate tools to remedy, or even explain.

    But then, there was Dallas, who came to my attention via Richard Foster’s Streams of Living Water, speaking a language I had never dreamed of, opening (along with Richard) my eyes to categories, concepts, and spiritual vistas I had been unknowingly longing for. It seemed he “knew” me, was speaking to someone just like me…and I understood him. I’m sure I didn’t understand every word, but I “got it” – and “it” was exactly what I needed to hear. It was the final nail in the coffin of the stultifying Christianity I had known up to that point, and it just as forcefully freed me from the paralyzing functional agnosticism into which I had drifted. Dallas made Jesus real to me again (or perhaps for the first time), showing me how he must surely be all-sufficient, admirable, desirable, breathtaking. He made sense of Jesus’ words, in the midst of what had seemed a hopeless mire of redaction, doctrinal bias, and irrecoverable sociological context. He “gave me permission” to explore beyond the provincial landscape of my “Christian” upbringing. He answered the cry of my heart for a Gospel, an atonement, and a redemption that answered the desperate needs of this life in the here and now. In the process, he set me on the path to discovering a “heaven” and “hell” (and “world” and “grace” and “flesh” and “spirit” and…how many concepts?) that actually made sense of all reality, as I could possibly understand it. His vision of the certain potential for tangible, definable sanctification filled me with hope. His magnificent portrayal of the experiential life with God rescued me from the dungeon of purely propositional “faith”. In short, he brought me back to the Kingdom of God, at the feet of Jesus.

    Besides all that (and the enormity of “that” I cannot even put into adequate words), he, Richard, and (subsequently) Renovare introduced me to many saints from all corners of the historical Church, at whom I may never have done more than blink, if left to my own hopelessly narrow awareness. Among those introductions, I will be eternally grateful for Dallas pointing me to George MacDonald, whom I now adore perhaps even more than I do him…although it can never quite compare to someone whose life overlaps yours, someone whom you can see and hear “in the flesh.” I was drawn to Dallas when I saw and heard him, wishing I could just linger with his words and presence. It was the first inclination of this “drawing,” in fact, that led me at that time to connect with someone who became one of my mentors, and remains so – a man who actually was physically present in my life, and who shared my affection for Dallas.

    Perusing the various tributes to Dallas around the web the past few days, I noticed something from Todd Hunter, who remembered Dallas’s concern that there would be those who would take his teaching, and yet miss Jesus, becoming nothing more than “Willardites.” I know I’ve been guilty of just that mistake at times, but it is a profound testimony to his brilliance and depth that such people even exist, and to his humility and surrender to God that he apparently never sought such followers.

    Through the books and the online articles, lectures, and conference sessions, Dallas did for me what he obviously did for so many others. When I began to put a voice, a face, a demeanor, and a character to his revolutionary words, via all the online media, I saw what surely must have been Jesus shining through, Christ living his life in Dallas. Though I longed to meet him, I felt that if I ever did he surely would have seen right through me, into my own vice, caprice, and listless pursuit of the Kingdom. The last lesson he began to teach me was love and graciousness. Many times I would listen to a Q&A or watch a lecture in which he would have a chance to tear down the kind of person for whom I held so much resentment – but he wouldn’t do it. In this he entrusted himself, his words and actions, and his “enemies” to the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. I only hope I may attain to some measure of that love.

    If Dallas has been allowed to see these comments now (and I suspect he has – in fact I suspect I don’t even know what “now” means for him at this phase of his eternal life), then I say thank you…thank you. I will strive to make my gratitude real, by not misusing the gifts God gave me through you. And thank you to Jane and the family – I imagine all this became fairly “easy” and “routine” for Dallas at some point, and yours was the greater sacrifice, though I’m sure the demands of his work were hard on all. Thank you all for bleeding for the Body of Christ in that way. Thank you for blessing him, to bless us. I will pray for you. God’s Peace.

  • Marc Schiler

    Dallas was a clear voice in a crazy world. He has lucidly and calmly expressed the things that I was thinking. I could hardly believe it. I was most proud and delighted to find him as a Christian faculty member at USC. I was fortunate to be able to take 3 of his courses, listening to his lectures, the way he posed ideas, the gentle way in which he asked questions and guided discussions, his encouraging demeanor and a palpable love, intelligence and integrity. Some of my best moments at USC over the last 30 years have been in his company. I will miss him immensely. I am only sad that I did not have more time spent with him.

    May the Lord bless his family and all those who knew him.

    Marc Schiler, Professor and Vice Dean, School of Architecture, University of Southern California

  • Kim House

    Dallas, your words and books inspired me like no other. I looked forward for three years to see you in person and God provided the opportunity- I saw a man who was closest to St John, writing and speaking about love and being all that we were created to be. Your words will echo in my heart and be references for continuous transformation until I come face to face as well. I think of what you must be experiencing now, and although we grieve, there is joy knowing you are living in the promised land far greater than anyone can imagine. Your family is in my prayers. Thank you – Your inspiration will continue to feed those who seek the Kingdom of God first.

  • Elane

    Thank you, Willard family, for sharing him with us. We share your grief as well.

  • Foster C. Dryden, Jr.

    Dear Family and Friends of Dallas, I only met Dallas briefly at the March cohort in Santa Barbara, but, through the years, have come to know him as a spiritual guide and mentor through his books. His clear thinking and profound commitment to Jesus Christ was an inspiration to me. I was reading the Divine Conspiracy again four years ago when I came upon these words, “Until our thoughts of God have found every visible thing and event glorious with his presence, the word of Jesus has not yet fully seized us.” I stopped reading and meditated on those words knowing they were true but not true for me. They became my vision until they seized my heart. Thank you for sharing your husband, father, grandfather and friend with the us. May you know the comfort, hope and joy of His Presence through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. In His love, Bud Dryden

  • Chaplain Linda Norlien

    I had been a Christian for 40 years and had been an ordained chaplain for 4 years but I was not experiencing growth like I had read about in the old classics. In fact, I had been raised under good teaching as a child so I knew by that time in my life and ministry I should be experiencing more maturity, illustrated by increased patience, joy and love. I shared my discouragement with my husband and a fellow chaplain and both of them, in God’s providence, were reading The Divine Conspiracy at that time. They both, independently, recommended that book to me. I remember so clearly that as I proceeded through that book over a period of a few weeks, I was overcome with tears, of hope and relief. Dallas Willard was explaining to me exactly what I needed to know to become again a disciple of Jesus not just a professor of the Christian faith. That was over 10 years ago and I have read and reread every book Dallas wrote on spiritual formation since. I praise God routinely for Dallas and the gift he has been to me and to my husband, family and every military service member I have ministered to since that day. God changed me eternally through His servant, Dallas Willard and I am so grateful. May God powerfully bless you Jane and your precious family. I know He will continue to bless and lead you all in the coming years. Thank you for sharing Dallas with us.

  • Doneetsa Anderson

    Praise God for the work and life of Dallas. I met him only once, when he spoke at Bethel College in Minnesota. He was so very gracious as he signed my books. And though I spoke with him just that one time, his writings spoke to me often. The insight and wisdom of this godly man changed me and changed how I did ministry.
    May the peace of God surround you, Jan, and family as you experience this loss of father, husband and friend. As Dallas certainly knows now, this time on earth is but a breath compared to eternity. He lived it well.

  • Arthur Hiley

    Dallas was one of my professors when I was taking my D.Min.
    I found him to be extremely insightful, and a deep thinker. During my two week with him my understanding of Spiritual Gifts deepened and my desire to make them part of my daily living was strengthened. Of course if was because of what he was teaching, but mostly it was because of how he lived what he was saying. His faith, his grace, his agape love flowed naturally from him.
    I had hope to have him come and speak one day at our Conference meeting. I will joyfully settle for the day when I meet him again and have a chance to talk with him.

  • Courtney Thomas

    I only knew Dallas Willard through the pages of his books, The Divine Conspiracy and The Spirit of the Disciplines, both of which I just recently read within the last year. His writings have had such a profound impact on my growth as a Christian and my understanding of God and His Kingdom. To me, he was a modern-day C.S. Lewis. I was so saddened to hear that he had passed away. What a great man of God.

  • Linda Smith

    Well done Good and Faithful Servant. You were a true Prophet from God. Dave & Linda Smith

  • Linda Smith

    You will be Truly Missed but never by God.

  • Peter Cassidy

    Dallas’ books and lectures and his life have been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me, and no doubt to thousands of Christians. His spiritual life and maturity were coupled with a wonderfully dry sense of humor. During a lecture introduction
    someone referred to Dallas as radiating warmth and “southern comfort”. Dallas remarked dryly”I wonder if he knows what “Southern
    Comfort” is? And now, he has passed away, but will continue to live and influence seeking Christians through his insightful
    writings. We will miss him.

  • Jayne watts

    Dear Jane, Becky, Bill and Larissa,
    It was with great sadness that I heard that Dallas had passed away. I just recently came to know him and his work and have felt a such sense of joy and freedom that I was so desperately looking for. I was given a series on cd called “healing the heart” and couldn’t get enough of it. I started a notebook that I call “Dallas nuggets”. In February I was able to hear Dallas speak in Santa Barbara and came away with the thought…..I want what he has! I am thanking God for his amazing insight and will treasure all that he has written and done, he has changed my life! Thank you for sharing this amazing man with me. I will be praying for you as the weeks pass and the pain of his not being here is felt. I think that can be the hardest time. With much sympathy, Jayne

  • Mary Jackson (Hermann)

    I knew when I was at Heart and Soul that it was an honor but I had no idea what an honor it would become to be able to see Dallas speak for his last event. What a tribute and what timing. Our family has been so blessed by Dallas and Jane and the work he has done with the Wilder’s and so on. At Heart and Soul a pivotal moment for me was when Willard said, “We don’t try to do these things, we become the kind of person that does these things.” He had a way of speaking so eloquently and simple to say something so profound. I think he was the Paul in the Bible of our time… What an amazing man and behind every amazing man is always other amazing people, like his wife and family and friends.

  • Tim Harben

    Willard Family,

    I know that I am just one of thousands of people who are praying for you & sharing your grief during this time. Even though we know Dallas’ life continues in the full Kingdom; it is still a time of sadness and tears. Please remember that there are countless of us, your sisters and brothers in Christ from around the world, who stand beside you as you mourn.

    What can I say… mere words will be insufficient. I can only say that Dallas is (not was) an extraordinary disciple of Jesus! He literally reoriented my life to that of a kingdom life, first through his books and teaching, and most recently through the Renovare Institute (Atlanta). In kronos time (human time,) I spent only a few cumulative days with him. But in kairos time (God’s time,) Dallas had an eternal impact on my life.

    I want you to know first that I will continue to lift you up before the Lord & ask God to give you His peace that transcends all understanding. I also want you to know that as God has blessed me with the gift of Dallas’ example & teaching, I have & will continue to live the kingdom life & pass this priceless treasure along to others. I hope in some small way this will honor both Dallas & you all.

    In Christ’s Love,

    Tim Harben
    Atlanta, GA

  • barbara blais

    The world lost a great theologian, philosopher, Christian Writer, and loving person this week. Dallas Willard, author of many bestselling books passed away, and rose to live with God in His Heaven.

    I never had the privilege of meeting Dr. Willard. But I read, and persistently studied, 1 of his books: Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God. [1]

    Dr. Willard’s book strongly influenced my spiritual development, and my development as an Inspirational Christian Writer. I was an Agnostic until about a year before I stumbled upon his book. I had been having conversations with God, and/or Jesus, several times each day, and I wondered if anyone else had conversations with God. I had scoured the internet, trying to find someone who wrote about hearing God, the way that I was hearing God. Finally 1 day God had conserved enough of His limited resources for me to find and read Dr. Willard’s book.

    I was so relieved when I read his book. Finally, here was someone who talked about having a conversational relationship with God. Here was someone who knew that Our Loving Father doesn’t consider us His servants, but His friends. Here was a man who provided his readers with guidance on how to determine whether their thoughts were pure. And, here was a writer who emphasized the relationship between doing God’s loving will, and having a deep, personal relationship with God.

    These are only a few of the many ways that Dr. Willard helped me feel comfortable having conversations with God, and writing about them in my blog. I am very sorry that our World lost such a wonderful person this week, but it must have been his time to join Jesus and God in His Heaven, and begin constantly living a perfect life, for eternity.

  • George Lee

    Dallas Willard has inspired me to live more deeply as an apprentice of Jesus. His profound simplicity on living an abundant, supernatural life has been no little influence. I will be forever indebted to him, and will sorely miss whatever additional teaching ministry he would have continued to offer. May God spread the wisdom he gave him and direct others to the fullness of the God-life!

  • morsefc

    Fred Morse

    I heard Richard Foster introduce Dallas once by saying that he had known Dallas for 30 years and Dallas had never done anything except point Richard to Jesus. He did the same for me and so many others. Through his pointing I found LIFE; the only life that is real life, life in Jesus. How does one adequately say “Thank You” for something like that? Dallas has said the following passage is very important in my learning to ‘hear God’. It also accurately reflects the person I know Dallas to be; this in addition to his manifest love and graciousness.

    The wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and hypocrisy. (James 3:17) Dallas personified all these elements of wisdom and many, many of them remain with us in the legacy he has left us. We miss you Dallas.

  • Mary-Catherine

    Dallas Willard inspired my passionate pursuit of Christ and His kingdom. I am glad to have known Dallas through his work and brief meeting when he came and spoke at my church. His teachings are infused with such wisdom, grace and peace rooted in Christ. They are like precious pearls to be cherished. What a great witness! What a great model of how to follow Jesus! He has left such a rich legacy of truth and knowledge of the kingdom of God to bless the church.

    To his family: May God’s love and compassion comfort you in this time of loss. Know that I and others are praying for you in this season of change. Grace, mercy and peace be multiplied to you.

    In His grace,

  • daMoose

    I’ve only met one person I would consider truly old and wise. The kind of person who seems to “have it altogether” in life. Who seems truly content and at total peace. He has said it’s got nothing to do with him personally, but just that he’s surrendered to “living with God daily.” He says he learned this “way” from the One Who did it best, Jesus of Nazareth.

    Thanks Dallas, for imitating Christ for us to see, and for encouraging us to do likewise.

  • Joshua

    Eleven years ago Dallas came to speak at the Ohio State University with the Veritas forum. At a crossroads in my life, he spoke clarity and reason, challenged my faith, and left a lasting impression on my heart and mind. I am thankful for his faithfulness to the LORD, the kindness he showed, and how he challenged me. Farewell Dallas. May the LORD bless you and keep you.

  • Keith Funk

    My condolences to Dallas’ family and loved ones. As I have heard him speak on several occasions and read a number of his books, God has deeply touched my life and thinking through this brother. Mine is both sadness and gratitude.

  • Jeremy Suess

    I had the great pleasure of being introduced to Dallas’ writings through a spiritual formation course I took under Gary Moon in Atlanta in the mid-90′s at The Psychological Studies Institute, when we read Spirit of the Disciplines. Later on I devoured Divine Conspiracy and Renovation of the Heart, as they and many of his talks available online were food for my soul. Just in the past year, my Dad and I were able to read through Knowing Christ Today and get together weekly over Skype to discuss it. And the one time I got to hear Dallas speak in public and was able to meet him, I was deeply touched by his warm and gentle spirit. Thanks Dr. Moon, for introducing me to Dallas, and thank you Dallas for having a profound impact on my life relationship with the Lord.

  • Ken Jennings

    I would like the family to know what a profound difference Dallas made on my life. I was one of the few business guys in the first Renovar cohort out of Menlo Park.

    Dallas was love on a mission.

    In response to Dallas’ encouragement I am going to redouble my efforts; pursuing Christ in the company of others, calling others to Kingdom adventures, and looking for opportunities to make my teacher smile.

  • Wyman Richardson

    I wrote a post on my feelings concerning Dr. Willard here: http://www.walkingtogetherministries.com/2013/05/10/concerning-dallas-willard-an-appreciation-from-a-grateful-reader/

    What a true servant of God. My heart is so heavy about this loss, yet I am so happy for his great gain.

  • Steve Robbins


    Dallas was so gracious to me. He spoke at my ordination. He served on RobbinsNest’s advisory board. He would meet with me in his office and treat me to lunch at the Faculty Club. He endorsed my first book. He served on Ruth’s Ph.D. committee. When I asked him to speak to the board on 10/10/10 on the topic of “The Top 10 Things Dallas Willard Wants to Say to Pastors,” he graciously shared his insights for over two hours, though only presenting 8 things! While in high demand, he never charged or requested a contract. He was unpretentious, known simply as “Dallas.”

    I treasure the spring evening when Dallas and you, Ruth and I, and Dan and Ruth Fuller met at the Fuller’s home on Mentor Avenue (what an appropriate street name!). Thank you for sharing Dallas with me and with the world. You, too, are gracious and one in whom Christ dwells and delights in. Whenever I asked Dallas for his prayer requests, he would inevitably answer, “Wisdom and strength.” God graciously granted Dallas his requests while living in the kingdom among us, and now even more so.

    Numbers 6:24-26,
    Steve Robbins

  • John Moorhead

    I was a workaholic physician… alive, but not living.

    Then, 11 years ago, my son, who was a senior in high school, and I read The Divine Conspiracy together. As a result, we began to learn how to walk with Jesus and experience a kind of life we had never imagined. I never will forget the time when, after beginning to experience LIFE for the first time, and talking about the book, he said with a big smile, “Well, Dad, you always knew there was more!” Indeed I did, but God used a sage to take me to where I didn’t just know, but believed, and believing, began the journey of seeing more, hearing more, trusting more.

    5 minutes in Columbus, Ohio, really stunned me and changed my life forever. It was a brief conversation with Dallas about half an hour before he spoke, on the OSU campus. I was in my late fifties then, but approached him with a juvenile enthusiasm which, in retrospect, is embarrassing. I have never experienced such kindness in my life. He patiently indulged me, and then asked me the name of my son, who I had mentioned was contemplating applying to USC to study under him. Then he took a black Flair pen and wrote my son’s name in large letters…on the bright yellow folder containing his notes.

    He saw my heart, and he did what Jesus would have done.

    As a result of that, he set me free to risk, and love carelessly. My heart is full of gratitude, but also full of grieving, since the only sage I have ever met personally has passed on. Yet, I will continue to add to the 100+ hours I have sat at his feet through his video series alone, not to mention re-reading his books. My journey with Dallas and Jesus continues, and even for all the healing and blessing I have received over the years, I know there is still more. I also am grateful for Dallas and the on-going blessing he is to my friends at Ransomed Heart, especially Morgan, who has begun his apprenticeship with Jesus at a wonderfully young age. O my! The beauty of the Kingdom, moving through Dallas, and subsequently moving into and through those I love. I celebrate his life! And I praise God our paths crossed.

    Dear Willard family, may God comfort you in your loss. Thank you for being a part of his life, and a part of the blessings God poured through him to others. You will always be in my prayers.

  • Marlena Graves

    Dear Jane, John, Becky, Bill, Larissa,

    I weep over the beauty and goodness I saw in your husband, father, father-in-law, and grandfather. Along with others in our Denver Cohort in the Renovare Spiritual Formation Institute, I spent two weeks under Dallas’s teaching. As I soaked everything in at Glen Eyrie and St. Malo and as I spoke with Dallas for a good half hour (he scheduled 1/2 hour appointments for those who desired them), I thought, “I know what Jesus is like.”

    And so now I weep that our teacher is gone. I have some sense of the sadness that the disciples must’ve felt when Jesus said he’d be with them no longer because he must ascend to the Father.

    The way Dallas communicated Jesus’s truth in this time in history is amazing. And though loved by thousands, he was a servant not a celebrity. He was the kindest and most others-centered person I’ve ever met (not to mention brilliant). As so many others have noted, he made us feel like we were the only people in the world that mattered–he paid so much individual attention to us and sought our good.

    But I think what is most important is that his life and death leave me hungering and thirsting after righteousness. Because of him, I want to be more like Jesus. I want to faithfully serve in my kingdom assignments, walking in the power of God, so that others may know God. It is evident that Dallas directed glory away from himself and to Jesus. He paid attention to God and didn’t seek to promote himself. That’s how I want to be. I want to bleed Jesus, reflect Jesus, and direct others to him.

    I grieve for you. If we all wanted him around longer, how much more so you! He is seeing and enjoying and knowing reality even more clearly now. But, still.

    Know that thousands are praying for you and lifting you up. Because in many ways, and through sacrifice, you made his life possible for us. We offer our gratitude to you.

    Marlena Graves

  • Shane Styles

    Dear Jane, John, Becky, Bill, Larissa,

    Through the Renovare Institute (Atlanta) I was so blessed to sit under Dallas’s teaching in October 2011 & March 2012. Making the trek from Australia to learn under Dallas’s teaching was an experience that has changed my life and those around me forever to come. Dallas’s teaching was at a level that will take a simple mind like mine, many years to unpack, but what impressed me and left his mark on me was not his great insights, and weighty knowledge, but it was his humility and ability to talk to us in a lecture or over a meal in a way that just dripped of authenticity in Christ. A man that lived what he taught, and taught what he lived.

    I may never meet a man like Dallas again, who so modeled my savior, who engaged me to live a life that was more then I have ever lived before, to seriously pursue Christ. I will be eternally grateful for this man.

    May our glorious Father comfort you all in this time of loss, words will not express my heart felt love and prayers for you all. I like many will now share the load of Dallas’s work to see his vision continue to change lives for God.

    Take care

    Shane Styles

  • Paul Raybould

    Than you Dallas Willard for making my spiritual journey clearer and deeper.

  • Tim Overturf

    The Divine Conspiracy provided rich reading while serving as a Navy chaplain in Fallujah, Iraq in 2007. I’m thankful for Dallas Willard’s ministry which greatly influenced me.

  • Brian Forsman

    “The Divine Conspiracy” changed my life in 2000 and the writings of Dallas Willard continue to show me what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. At first I was saddened when I heard about his passing, but it was quickly replaced with waves of joy knowing that, at this very moment, seeing Jesus face to face. 1 Cor 2:9

    Brian Forsman

  • tony, bangalore, india

    Dear family and friends of Dallas,
    What a great gain the words and voice of Dallas and his confidence in the divine conspiracy of God,
    His clarity & confidence has made it easier for us to trust God!
    Thankyou. We bow in gratitude.

  • Frank Prescott

    Thank You Dallas Willard.

    For being one who communicated and expressed Christ into my life through your books and audio lectures.

    Dallas Willard and Francis Scheaffer have been, next to Christ, the two people who have influenced me the most in 36 years as a believer during this journey.

  • Lemaro Thompson

    I was a young and confused boy, tired of legalism but not aware of any other alternative. Then I read your book on the Divine Conspiracy, it was what I needed then and what i return to, when my soul is parched for truth and in need of grace. The call to discipleship, the challenge to see Jesus as the smartest person whoever lived and your interpretation of the beatitudes all changed my life and walk with Jesus. Thank you !

  • Dr. Doug Tofteland

    Dallas was a wonderful mentor, professor and Christian disciplemaker. I enjoyed learning to know him through his writings and especially through my doctor of ministry class on Spirituality at Fuller Seminary. His prayers and affirmations for me were very instrumental in encouraging me in my journey as a Pastor. His teachings and example have made a tremendous impact in my own spiritual formation. His ministry has truly been a gift of grace and hope. May Christ bring His comfort among all of us!

  • John Decker

    Dear Family and Friends of Dallas Willard,
    Only twice – in March 2002 at Wheaton, Maryland, and in October 2007 at the International Conference in Seoul – did I have a chance to see and hear Dallas Willard in person, and only on the former occasion did I get a chance to talk with him briefly and thank him for THE DIVINE CONSPIRACY. Now, as he enjoys eternity, he has been given the encyclopedic view of humanity (well known to those who have had near-death experiences) that allows him to know how much or how little each person, who encountered his writings or his in-person teachings, has contributed to the cause of Christ. Thus he now knows how little I have added, but that knowledge will never, throughout all eternity, be accompanied by any chiding or condescension – only love and understanding. And, I think, he along with his Savior intercedes for the little I have contributed to become much before my time comes to be taken home, where one of the first questions out of my mouth upon getting to that side of Jordan will be – “Can you direct me to Dallas Willard?” Danville, Pennsylvania, May 12, 2013

  • Stewart Worden

    Dallas Willard was a major mentor to me through his wonderful books and teaching. Over the last five years I have navigated through some difficult times and his writings have helped me become a better disciple of Christ and to live interactively with the Kingdom of God and helped me come through and out the other side a much better person. I am always encouraging people to read his works to help them reconnect with the true meaning of discipleship and becoming more like Christ. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the God inspired wisdom that you spent many hours pouring into your writings. Thank you to your family and friends for allowing you the space to do this and all the encouragement and sacrifice that must have been present.

  • Carol Tyson

    We all remember when we were thrown a lifeline. Dallas extended lifelines to me through his teaching and several brief conversations over the last 17 years. Like so many, I wanted to be in his presence, soaking up “the easy yoke” in which he lived, learning how to fall more in love with Jesus.
    Divine Conspiracy came shortly after a difficult time time of divorce in my life. Though raised in the church, life with God wasn’t looking anything like the abundant life Jesus offered…until I was given a copy of The Divine Conspiracy. I devoured the book, waking up in the early morning hours to read as much as I could before I left to teach each morning. As Richard Foster said in the Foreword, it is a “soul-satisfying banquet”, and my first real understanding of Kingdom Living. It reawakened a hope that there was indeed an abundant life yet to be lived.
    I sought of where Dallas was scheduled to speak around Southern Calif and showed up when I could. He came over to me once and said,”I think I should know your name. I see you often.” He sat and we talked about heaven, the role/value of work in our lives and favorite authors. I told him he replaced C.S. Lewis as my favorite. He smiled and said, “Oh no, you must keep reading Lewis!”
    I was a stranger, but his kindness made me feel like a friend.

    I convinced my Bible Support group to delve into Dallas. We chose the video series of Renovation of the Heart. It was so influential, we repeated the entire series again the next year! Laughing, we’d often hit “rewind” to copy his “gems” into our notes.

    When I moved to Northern California,I participated in small group led by a woman who had studied with Dallas through Renovare.
    We recently completed Dallas’ Hearing God videos. One of the gifts of Dallas is always leaving us wanting more of Jesus. I never wanted his teaching to end about how I could more intimately talk and listen to God.

    Attending Knowing Christ in Santa Barbara was living on the mountaintop. The balance he struck in his teaching between living an unhurried life of grace, yet taking our role as apprentice to Jesus seriously captivated me. Watching the dynamics between John Ortberg and Dallas was to witness the model of how they taught us the Trinity interacts with one another-in joy, devotion and deference to one another.
    News of his passing came across my computer screen as I was teaching. There was no stopping the tears. When a student asked if I was ok. I said,” a friend just passed away, someone I wasn’t finished learning from yet.”
    I will remember your words forever, “THe Best Gift We Can GIve God, is the person we become.” Thank you for being a lifeline to so many.

  • Greg Johnson

    I will always remember Dallas and his unselfish input into my life — and that definitely includes Jane, too. They have laid hands on me and prayed, offered counsel during some difficult periods of my life and just pure and simple friendship. I count it an incredible privilege to have even been just a tiny part of their lives. Dallas, you will be sorely missed and I hope that you’ll be rushing out to greet me when I step into that beautiful hallway that’s full of everlasting light!

  • Ron Matsuda

    I believe it has only been in the last five years or so (I just turned 71) that I discovered the writings of Dallas Willard. I have since given myself to seriously studying and reflecting on his teachings. I honestly feel today that no single person has been used by the Lord to impact my life for the Kingdom more than Dallas Willard. My understanding of life in the Kingdom and the meaning of discipleship have been forever changed. I am deeply grateful to the Lord for pointing me to Dallas’ teachings. To his dear family: my deepest sympathy, thoughts, and prayers are with you at this time.

  • Marty Mangan

    I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Willard about two years ago at the EPS conference in Berkley and then again last February at the “Knowing Christ Conference”, which was one of the great experiences of mine and my wife Diana’s lives. What a gracious man Dallas was, taking time to talk and sign two of his books for me. The last book he signed was for one of our pastors who was very ill, in the hospital, and had to cancel his trip to the February conference. As ill as Dallas was at the conference, he took the time to write a personal word of encouragement which our pastor was overjoyed to receive.
    I loved hearing about Dallas’ last words; how fitting of this great man of God. “Thank you” is the title of one my favorite Christian songs that I sing. Part of the lyrics of the song is what Dallas just might experience in Heaven.
    One by one they came
    Far as the eye could see.
    Each life somehow touched
    By your generosity.
    Little things that you had done,
    Sacrifices made,
    Unnoticed on the earth
    In heaven, now proclaimed.
    And I know up in heaven
    You’re not supposed to cry
    But I am almost sure
    There were tears in your eyes.
    As Jesus took your hand
    And you stood before the Lord.
    He said, “My child, look around you.
    Great is your reward.”
    Thank you (Dallas), for giving to the Lord. (And to us)
    I am a life that was changed.
    Thank you for giving to the Lord.
    I am so glad you gave.
    I sing “Thank You” on Mother’s Day at my church in honor of our mothers, but I sang it thinking of Dr. Dallas Willard and our next meeting. Thank you Dallas.
    In deepest sympathy,
    Marty Mangan

  • Duane Young

    I had the great privilege of meeting Dallas twice. I remember each time thinking what large and warm hands he had—as welcoming as his sweet, gentle spirit. But it was his mind that gripped and held me from the moment as a new believer I began to read The Spirit of the Disciplines when it first came out, and then after that everything else I could lay hold of that he wrote or spoke. He was the purest teacher I ever encountered. I thank God for Dallas, his life, his witness, his spirit and his teaching. I still look regularly for the publication of The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge, and pray it will yet be published. I have a long list of people I want to give it to.

  • Sean-Andrew V. Martin

    All my love and prayers go out to Jane, John, Becky, Bill, and Larissa during this heart-breaking time. I know how awful I am feeling as a student of Dallas’ from USC, and I can’t imagine how much sadness and grief all of you are experiencing as family members.

    I have been without Dallas as my shepherd the last two semesters at USC, and it has been more than difficult. There has been a void in my life, because Dallas not only taught me knowledge of the Kingdom of God, but also brought multiple experiences of manifestations of the Kingdom through his words, prayers, and eyes. Dallas created events by being an instrument of God’s grace that has deeply impacted and radically changed me forever. I am not comfortable going into detail of all the Spirit filled experiences with Dallas, but lets just say I was a regular in his office hours at USC because I would experience the Kingdom of God at hand with the Holy Spirit filling his office.

    I write this knowing that I am one of most blessed Christians on the face of the earth, and as I graduate this Friday from USC, I am asking the question: “Why me God?” Why has God blessed me with a personal relationship with such a giant like Dallas? Why has God allowed me the experience of having Dallas grasp my hands with his big hands and will blessings into my life? I don’t know why, other than I am certain that I would not have survived my studies at USC without his professorship, mentorship, and friendship. Dallas became the Christian father that I always wanted, someone I could talk with and ask anything. Dallas was the Christian grandfather I always needed, someone who loved and encouraged me. We talked about everything, ranging from philosophy, the gospel message, religious studies, spiritual disciplines, girls (especially the difference between love and desire), sports, work, ministry, reading, church, and fun stuff in his office – like his picture of John Wooden and him.

    I had the privilege of taking four philosophy classes with him, and maximized his office hours weekly. I would follow him everywhere on campus when he would speak at the various Christian ministries. I did so for good reason too. My pastor of my home church described him as a modern day C.S. Lewis before starting school at USC, and I decided to spend the next four years of my life with Dallas to find out. My pastor was correct and my time with Dallas has become the highlight of my life thus far. I want everyone to know that Dallas had an incredibly gifted intellect, but his heart and love for people was even greater. And for those who have been impacted by his books and have never met Dallas, it might be hard to imagine that his heart was so much greater than his mind – but it was. Dallas’ heart was so special, that he became someone in my walk that I pray that God will change and transform my heart into something like Dallas’.

    Dallas would always seem like he had all the time in the world for me, never rushed or hurried. Dallas had kind words of encouragement and loved on me when I needed it the most. I am thankful I got to thank Dallas and say goodbye to him in Claremont at the Veritas forum back in February. I am heart broken since Dallas won’t be at USC’s graduation this Friday, because I waned nothing more than to give him a big hug and take a picture with him in my cap and gown. I would not have graduated without him! Fight On!!

    Miss you Dallas and can’t wait to have more chats with you in the ultimate kingdom! Thanks for making me a Disciple of THE WAY!!

  • derick

    never meet him. but was so important in my life.i missed him. see u on the other side of the Kingdom Dallas.

  • Becky Ferguson

    Having only recently discovered the rich vein of Truth contained in Dr. Willard’s work, I am saddened to hear of his passing. His written and spoken words have built my faith and understanding of The Eternal. May his life’s work and passion remain available to those of us hungry to travel forward in faith.

  • Hank Graeser

    The news I heard Thursday, May 9, explained a deep sorrow I felt all the day before. As I had been taught (primarily by Dallas) I sought solitude and silence to listen, but no explanation was given. But the next day, it was all clear. Although I had met Dallas only once, we were mysteriously and wonderfully bound together in the fellowship of Christ, the communion of those living in His kingdom.
    On the once occasion I had a few moments to talk with him, he unhurriedly greeted me, the next to last in what had been a long line after he spoke at Truro Church in Fairfax, VA in the early 2000′s. I began by thanking him; he interrupted to ask me my name. After introduction, I poured out the story of how “The Divine Conspiracy” had been God’s deep comfort to me after the loss of my son to cancer. His characteristically wise response was a story. He told of a man he met in South Africa who had watched his son be murdered, and the profound transformation, hope and light that was on that man’s face and in his life as he realized the gospel of the kingdom. Twelve or so years later, on May 9, as I reflected on this meeting, the message of Dallas’ story burst out into my consciousness. Oh! … Dallas was reminding me … I have been offered profound transformation, hope and light in the same gospel! It was a perfect example of those “time release capsules” Dallas spoke about in Jesus’ teaching. I am so grateful for his life and teaching. Thank you.
    My wife and I pray heartfully for Jane, especially, and the family. Grace and peace to you, in our gracious King.

  • Dale White

    My first real encounter with Dallas Willard was during a visit to a friend’s home shortly after my wife of almost 42 years had died from cancer. My friend was a relative of Dallas, and although I had heard of Dallas Willard prior to this visit I didn’t know that he was my friend’s relative. My friend asked if I would mind watching a video. As it turned out it was a video from Dallas’ teaching on Renovation of the Heart. As Dallas talked in that video about becoming a disciple of Jesus and about the life of the easy yoke the thought came to my mind “I can do that!” From that moment on I was hooked. Since then I have read all of his books and listened to many of his talks.
    About a year after that visit with my friend I was invited back to my friend’s home to meet Dallas in person. I got to spend several hours with him one on one. I will always treasure that time. I don’t remember much of what I said to Dallas or what he said to me but I will never forget the feelings that I had. Since then I have told many people that “I have never been listened to like that”. Everyone else seems to always be in a hurry, checking their watch, etc. But Dallas told me several times that he had as much time as I needed. Wow! Incredible! A man who speaks all over the world, who had a full time job at the university, writer of books, who was there to visit his family, and he has as much time as I needed. I will always be indebted to him for that demonstration of generosity.
    And more than that – in his teaching he helped me learn how to walk with and talk with Jesus in every aspect of my life: whether I am studying the Bible, mowing the lawn, fixing a leaky faucet, or whatever.
    My heart aches because we have lost Dallas’ presence in our lives. My heart also aches for his loving family. But we must go on. And Dallas left us lots of help in his writings and teachings that are recorded. I am grateful to God for sending Dallas my way, and I am grateful to my friend for introducing me to Dallas and his teaching.

  • Darrell Frank Smith

    Our hearts burned within us while he talked to us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us.

  • Samuel Newby

    I first met Dallas in 2002 when he was speaking at a church in Kansas City. I walked down to the front after his lecture and told him what a blessing he was to the church and thanked him for all he did for us. He kindly put his hand on my forehead and said thank you for all you (a then 21 year old kid) did for the church. I was speechless and felt the presence of God wash over my body.
    I had already a few of his books but consumed everything he put out from that time forward and was there for the Shepherd’s house banquet for him at the La Canada Flintridge Country Club this past June where so many paid tribute to him and his life. I don’t think many there would have thought a year later neither he, nor the events host Frank Pastore would be alive. “We are not promised tomorrow… Life is a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes,” as one of Jesus’ brothers said.
    When church history is written in a hundred or two hundred years, and the 21st century church is addressed, the name Dallas Willard will be on those pages as a synthesizing and revolutionizing voice. Though quiet, though graceful, he carried the very force of heaven with him. And those that were fortunate enough to interact with him, even very little (as is my case)know that he was the real deal, bringing the life of heaven to earth. What treasure in earthen vessels.
    Farewell Dallas! ‘The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight’
    Sleep with the angels, rise with the saints ~

  • Berg H. USC Student 2007

    Dallas was a beacon of light in the USC Philosophy Department, one of the few who were doing work that was relevant and important. The other faculty were good people but mistakenly thought that what they were doing was worthwhile, but most of the time it wasn’t. A lot of their research ended in a dead end, or was just wishful thinking or inspired by current fashion. A generation of students recognized that Dallas was a beacon and are indebted to him for his dedication to help them learn and think about large questions.

  • Braydon Cahill

    My last meeting with Dallas was at a lecture he gave a year or so ago at a church in Southern CA. After the lecture he greeted all who wished to talk with him. When it was my turn I told him that apart from the Lord Jesus that he was the greatest example of life with Christ that I had. I thanked him for mentoring me through his writings and lectures through the years. I asked him “would it be appropriate for me to give you a hug?” Like a teddy bear…an older, loving, gentle voiced teddy bear he said with a big smile “a hug…? it would be appropriate for you to give me a kiss!” I told him a hug would suffice. I will always remember that moment. If Christ himself were here to give me a hug I have to imagine that it would feel as warm, as accepting and as loving. Dallas shared in and experienced the love of Christ and we all experienced that and know it’s true.

  • Kevin Koberg

    Dallas, the days since your passing have been ones mixed with great grief and great joy. Great grief because we’re temporarily deprived of your presence, your warmth, your smile, your encouragement, your unhurried pace, your love, your walk with Jesus – for a little while. But also great joy in knowing like Bonhoeffer, you “are now more alive than ever before” and because of your work with Jesus, countless beachheads for the kingdom of the heavens and the “with God life” have been established and will be established in the years to come. Like the great reformers before you, you’ve helped clarify, reposition and invitingly put on public record the Gospel of Jesus for countless people and generations to come. Amazing grace indeed.

    On a personal note, thank you, thank you, thank you. You helped change my life from the inside out by helping me to hear Jesus’ gospel of the kingdom, and encouraging me to reach out to him in trust. He responded as you assured he would, he showed up! Since then, he’s continued to infuse his eternal kind of life into me by grace as I provide the needed effort to learn and open myself up to him – again, just as you assured he would.

    Thank you my dear mentor, friend and fellow apprentice of Christ. You are a blessing! May we bless you by carrying on your work empowered by Jesus – savior, teacher, Lord and friend.

  • Erik Encarnacion

    Dallas was kind and encouraging. I was glad to have been his student. We will miss him very much.

  • Stephen Redden

    I first “met” Dallas a little over ten years ago through his writing. “Spirit of the Disciplines” was my introduction to the man who would so profoundly shape my thinking about my life from Christ from that point forward. I read many of Dallas’s books and had the opportunity to hear him teach both at conferences and on video through the years. Somewhere in that process he became a mentor to me – perhaps the person who influenced my life with God more than anyone I have encountered outside of Christ and his apostles.

    Then in 2010 I had the opportunity to meet Dallas while at a conference. It was a small gathering of friends from the Ecclesia Church Network, and we all had many opportunities to connect with Dallas over our days together. One morning I came down to breakfast to find Dallas eating alone. I worked up the nerve to ask if I could join him, and of course he graciously said yes. We spent the next hour together talking about a variety of subjects. Meeting someone you have grown to know and admire from a distance is an anxious moment. Too often the private image does not match up with the public image portrayed on stage or in books. In Dallas’s case it was the opposite. He was more gracious, more kind, more generous, and more knowledgeable than I could have ever hoped. I walked away from that breakfast thinking, “I want to know and walk with Christ as a part of his kingdom the way that he does.”

    At this moment my feelings are so mixed. I know that Dallas is experiencing face to face what he pointed all of us toward during his time with us. But I feel as though there is something missing in the world now that he is gone. I did not know him well, but I somehow took comfort in just knowing that there was a man like Dallas in the world. I grieve his loss and look forward to the coming day when perhaps we may share many more breakfasts together.

    To the Willard family, I pray that our God, the Lord who comforts the brokenhearted, will assuage the grief and loss that you feel. I hope knowing how Dallas touched the lives of so many will comfort you during this time of mourning. Know that there are many who you will never meet who grieve with you over his loss. But thanks be to our Lord and Savior, we all grieve with hope.

    Stephen Redden
    Pastor, New Denver Church
    Denver, CO

  • Ken Lumley

    In 1998 I was failing at planting a church in Denver, Colorado… the failure was finalized 1999. I had read Dr. Willard’s Disciplines book in those days, but that was it. In fact, there wasn’t much else in print from him at that time. I was at a conference when the speaker made an off handed comment about DC being in print and “if the rest of the book is like the introduction, this could be a life changing book.” I went and got it… read it… and, to this day, it is the most treasured extra Biblical book in my library. Should a fire strike the church I serve, I have one Bible and my copy of DC — brimming with my notes and tear stains — that I will grab on the way to safety.

    A few years after reading it, I brought it to a conference where Dr. Willard spoke. He signed it, “In the fellowship of the Divine Conspiracy, Dallas” with the tag of Isaiah 64.4.

    Like everyone in “The Fellowship”, I’ve lost a mentor, disciple-maker, pastor, prophet, sage, evangelist, and friend. And, tho the only time we met was when he signed my lonely but tattered copy of the book that God used to saved my faith and life in Jesus and my hunger for His Word, I’ve been in a season of sadness this week beyond grateful for His work and words and life and ministry in my life.

    Forever changed, Ken Lumley, Osage Beach, MO

  • jane albright

    i am a division 1 basketball coach….and i got connect to dallas and his work thru one of his students/friends, james bryan smith, when i took jim’s apprenticeship class in wichita…what i learned from him changed my life….i was honored to visit with dallas and jane and often shared meals together as i wrote down about everything he said….a lot of it, he related to my topic of interest, kingdom coaching….a couple of years ago during my season i was in southern california and i met dallas and jane for breakfast…although he rarely asked if my teams won or lost, he asked me that morning how we had done the night before….i started kind of whining about losing again, how we couldn’t finish the game off, how we were right there, but……he smiled really really big and said, “WONDERFUL!!! HOW WONDERFUL JANE!!!!” i had my pen ready to write down everything he said, but this, i didn’t quite get….confused i asked him to elaborate on his enthusiasm…..and he did…..”It is wonderful that you are in a position that you get to teach those young women that even tho they lost a game, they are still winners…..In a culture that seems to value winning and only winning, you get to be the one who can teach them the real meaning of sports……” my attitude instantly changed….and so did i….after telling my coaching friends this great story, some of them would text me after we lose….and simply say WONDERFUL….and it is…
    thanks dallas….i will continue to read and reread your books, and study the King, who you always pointed to….yes, he told me once he was only the nozzle on the hose and it was the water that i really liked…..all of us can’t wait to see you again….we will work hard to put into practice all the wisdom you taught…..

  • Cindy Ketner

    As I read the responses to the memorial guest book I’m amazed at the common threads running through revealing the impact and inroads Dallas Willard has made in our lives. I am a home school teacher and walked into a bookstore looking for something to read. Little did I know I had walked out with a treasure called The Divine Conspiracy. After 30 years of valiant attempts to walk with Christ I found out that I had little respect for this one I was “Following”. Now after almost 7 years of reading, re-reading and listening to Dallas I often pause while reading so I can reflect on this amazing Jesus and his amazing Kingdom.

    Thanks be to God,

    Cindy Ketner

  • Terence Harwick

    Dallas, thank you for teaching me early that “life” is something of depth and infinite richness now that begins in ever-present possibilities for abundance rather than merely something reserved for the masquerading “religious” “later on.”

  • Mark Scandrette

    I’ve spent the last week reflecting on the life of one of my most important influences, Dallas Willard, who passed away on May 8th. The morning he died, I awoke early with a sense that he was gone, and later discovered that my good friend, Gary Black, had been with him in his final breaths.

    I became familiar with Willard’s work in kingdom theology and spiritual formation in 1998 during a dramatic transition in my life. Willard’s broader and more cosmic understanding of Jesus Christ and his message helped me adjust my lens on faith to the pluralist context of San Francisco. In Divine Conspiracy I discovered language for what I long thought true about the present availability of the divine life. His earlier book, Spirit of the Disciplines, became something of a primer for the journey of integration I’ve sought to experience and share with others.

    As a person, Dallas became an important part of the early development of ReIMAGINE. Our team participated in forums and intensives he taught in Southern California. Because of my cofounder Dieter Zander’s connections, Dallas spent time with our little group in San Francisco on several occasions.

    In person, Dallas was his message: utterly calm, centered, humble, present, quietly engaging and profoundly wise. Because of this I tended to refer to him as “the buddha like one.” As a young man of action, urgency, ego and emotion I felt like a bull in a china shop whenever I was around him. At a large conference I helped organize, I tried to convince Dallas to wear a court jester’s hat onstage. “We are going for a holy fools sort of thing,” I explained. He declined by saying, “I’m still working on the holy part.” I wanted strategy, tactics, drama and demonstrable evidence and was often frustrated by Willard’s deceptively simple responses to my agitated questions. Gradually I’ve come to understand that Willard’s radical calm and modesty came from his confidence in the absolute goodness of God expressed in this moment.

    As a young man I asked Willard how a community might experience the reality of God’s kingdom. His reply became the mandate of our work over the past 12 years, “a group of people should simply look at what Jesus said and did and try to do those things.” We eventually designed a years worth of curriculum, exercises and Learning Labs based on this premise, informed by his understanding of the dynamics of spiritual formation. In retrospect, I think I’ve put more energy into the action or method, without fully realizing the inward journey required for substantive change — the daily, moment by moment surrender to the love that is making all things new.

    I understand that Willard’s theological work is largely ignored in academic circles. Though a trained philosopher, his theological writings speak more to the soul than the scholarly mind. Despite his sophistications, and though many find his writing dense, precise and difficult, he wrote and taught with the heart of a pastor. In some of his writing and teaching I detect a cultural myopathy that at times verges on antagonism towards contemporary society and culture. I am challenged by the semi cloistered and deeply private life he lived, which I believe funded his considerable and at times prophetic contributions. At times I’ve been critical of what I considered to be Willard’s “quietist” approach, though I’ve come to understand that his lack of overt social justice rhetoric came from a thorough commitment to secrecy. I am challenged not to shout about every small act of compassion I perform. I have friends who wrestle with gender identity and sexuality who interpreted his responses to their earnest questions as conventional and lacking nuance. Yet who of us is not limited in our perspective by our age, milieu and life experiences?

    At times I’ve resisted formal association with “the Willard school” because so many of his most zealous “fans,” in my estimation, grasp for knowledge of his work without seeking or possessing his kind of knowing– a wisdom way of being that came from silence, solitude and quiet surrender. These are not ideas to be understood as much as realities to experience.

    For me Willard serves as a bridge between the simple “biblical” faith of my upbringing, the wisdom tradition of the mystics and the challenges and opportunities of new consciousness emerging in the 21st century. I am deeply indebted to the strength of his ideas and the example of his life.

  • Carol Roberts

    Though we have never met in person, I feel a special kinship with Dallas through the Spirit of the Lord. In this world I have known him only through his books and videos on YouTube, and I look forward with joy to meeting him “for real” in the heavenly kingdom. May the Lord comfort the loved ones who so unselfishly shared Dallas with the world. And a special thanks to Our Great God who chose to fill a meek and humble vessel with His eternal treasures.

  • Jules Birt

    When I read Dallas I get Jesus heart burn.

    Badly, and repeatedly!

  • Andrés Fierro

    Su obra “Renueva tu corazón: se como Cristo” impacto altamente mi vida, le doy gracias al señor por haber cruzado en mi camino sus palabras tan llenas de sabiduría, con una espiritualidad tan sublime que llega al nervio más profundo del corazón humano, como solo algunos bendícenos por el señor han podido lograr. Un maestro al que nunca conocí en persona, pero sin duda que me dio mucho sin yo darle nada. ¡Como quisiera que sus libros se estudiaran en las iglesias de mi país! ¡Como quisiera que alcanzáramos un poco de su gracia!

    Gracias profesor…

  • Dr. Lou Angone

    The first time I met Dr. Willard was when he taught my Spiritual Disciplines class at Fuller Seminary. When he entered the classroom, I experienced something unusual that I had never experienced before or since, the spiritual climate of the room shifted! I literally turned my head to the doorway to see who or what had just entered. He literally carried in such a weighty presence of the Spirit of God that it was palpable. For the next two weeks, I came to realize that Dr. Willard had a relationship with the living God that I had only read about in the spiritual classics ; he was amazing and I wanted what he had. Over the course of the following year as I got to know him, he encouraged me to lose my mind and find my heart, and that I did and I have never been the same. I will miss him greatly! When Dr. Willard would pray after each of our classes, he would always end his prayer with a hearty “WHOOPEE”. I can imagine, on May 8th, when he stood before the one he loved the most, they made eye contact, and the Ancient of Days looked at his servant, smiled and said “WHOOPEE, WELCOME HOME!”

  • Michelle Carter

    I grew up in an impoverished rural community not too far from the birthplace of Dallas. His story is one of such personal inspiration to me. I am grateful that his words will live on – there are so many more he will teach of the Kingdom of God. He has forever touched my soul.

    Michelle Carter

  • Mike M

    I thank the Lord for Dallas Willard. I’m reading and re-reading his, RENOVATION OF THE HEART, and much like the Scriptures, every time I read it, God has something new for me to discover about Himself and His Kingdom.

  • Sam Sellars

    I met Dallas Willard at the age of 13 when my parents, Doc and Letha Sellars, took the family to Dallas and Jane’s home for dinner. At the time, I was quite obsessed with the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. The only thing that impressed me about him at the time was that he was completely unaware of the absurd accusations of some fundamentalists would level against the game. I guess all the books in his house struck me too. I think I told my dad, “He has more books than you!” I find my values and focus as a young teen to be funny now. Much later, I learned how deep a thinker Dallas is. He could show absurd, flashy doctrines and religious attitudes to be what exactly what they are.

    Many years later, I met Dallas in his office at USC again while I was student at Azusa Pacific University. I became very interested in philosophy as an undergraduate and came to ask about some philosophical and theological issues I was struggling with. I still remember the meeting. Firstly, I recall the feeling of warmth and his care for me the moment I shook his hand. I will never forget it. He helped me with some of my struggles that very day. His insights always seemed so simple, yet true, when he spoke. Thankfully, I had many other discussions and meetings with Dallas in the following years. He was always kind, but not always nice. If he had a firm word to share with me, he would share it without hesitation. Now that I think about it, I have not forgotten any significant word he said to me! I could tell some other stories that forever solidify for me that God is real. If I did, this would go on far too long. I like how Dr. Angone shared about how Dallas brought the very presence of God with him. That is exactly what I sensed on every occasion I was open to it.

    To confess, I have largely not moved past simply treating Dallas as a religious celebrity in my life. I have used his teachings as religious ammo in occasional conflicts with those who hold a different view. This is obviously not a mature attitude or healthy approach to life in general. It certainly does not honor Dallas. My prayer is for myself and others, “Lord, Draw us to You! Help us to follow Dallas as he followed Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord for Dallas Willard! Dallas, thank you for making Jesus Christ the Lord of your life and being a shining example of true devotion to Him. You are fully redeemed.”

    My love to Jane, John and the Heatleys!

    To John Willard, Bill, Becky, and Larissa: I know we have never met, but I hope we do someday.

    Sam Sellars

  • Dr Andrew Ball

    In 2005 I spent 2 weeks with you at Sierra Madre in a Spirituality and Ministry Retreat. It was one of the most formative times of my life. Thank you for all you have given and done for the Kingdom.
    Andrew Ball

  • Jason Barmer

    I picked up Dallas Willard’s book, The Divine Conspiracy, in seminary at a time when I was beginning to wonder if the church had anything to say that would engage my intellect beyond cliches and overdone figures of speech. I felt that I was living in a bubble where asking questions about the way we said things was almost considered off-limits.

    Then I started hearing the heart of a teacher’s in Willard’s words. I know there are plenty of good Christian scholars out there who speak intelligently about our faith, but Willard crossed over into writing in a way that engaged my intellect, but also avoided the tendency to loose the true-to-life implications in the midst of high-level discussion. I’ve always thought of his writing as not so heady that it was impractical, but also not so practical that it was shallow. I was immediately drawn to his unique way of saying things. Christianity Today reported that his comments after hearing of his cancer diagnosis was that “I think that, when I die, it might be some time until I know it.” Who says things like that? Only Willard.

    His accessible, yet challenging intelligence paired with his passion for showing us eternity, reminded me that Christianity had both intellectual depth and real humanity. Another way to say it is that I was able to see the mind of our faith, but also the flesh and blood of our faith.

    You don’t have to read much of Dallas Willard to see that he knew how to translate his astute observations into an accessible writing style. But it was never so pared down that I was bored with it; he knew how to raise the bar at just the right time so that the reader would keep reaching to understand. Also, he had a way of saying things that woke me up to old concepts by giving them new language. This made his writings irresistibly appealing to me.

    The Church will miss him, and we continue to need a voice such as his.

    Peace to his family. Peace of Christ.

  • Andrew Ranucci

    Thankyou Dallas for opening the door to truly understanding the reality of the Kingdom of God. Those two weeks I spent with you in 2007 sent me on a journey and a quest for living each day in the reality of the Kingdom. I am forever changed by your writings and speaking and will forever pursue the easy yoke of living in the Kingdom. Andrew Ranucci

  • José Medina

    Doy gracias a Dios por la vida de este gran hombre que supo hacer la diferencia y mostrarnos que sí se puede caminar para ser como Jesús. De su obra “Renueva tu Corazón” he aprendido la importancia de vivir como Cristo para ser como Cristo, un proceso de toda la vida, pero que debemos dar paso a paso, momento a momento. De su obra “la Gran Omisión” aprendí la importancia que tiene el ser verdaderos discípulos de Cristo para dar prioridad a hacer de otros discípulos de Cristo. Esto por sólo mencionar dos aprendizajes, pues si mencionara todos no tendría espacio para expresarlo. Dar pasos para ser como Cristo, recibiendo una transformación en el corazón y que se manifieste en la vida diaria, es posible hoy.

    Gracias Dios por habernos regalado a un hombre conforme a tu corazón, el Dr. Dallas Willard.

  • dasteinhart

    I first came across Dallas Willard when I heard a radio interview with him on WMBI in Chicago in 1989. I quickly went out and bought The Spirit of the Disciplines. In 1990 we had the privilege of having him speak at our little church in Forest Park, IL. What a great blessing. My wife and I took him out to lunch and then to our home so he could “rest”. I don’t know how much rest he received because I had so many questions to ask him.
    Over the years I was able to have a few conversations with him. His books and his wisdom have shaped much of my life with Christ. Every time I reread one of his books I am struck anew at his insights into the Christian life. Dallas was such a humble and gracious servant of the Lord. I thank my God upon every remembrance of him.

  • Marco Andrade V.

    Dallas Willard ha sido de profunda inspiración para mi. Su vida y su mensaje reflejó el corazón ardiente de un apasionado discípulo de Jesús. Su interés y preocupación constante por inspirar a otros a seguir a Jesús de manera comprometida y completa es un valiosísimo legado que permanecerá eternamente. Agradezco profundamente a Dios por la vida del Dr. Willard y le pido que llene de paz y consuelo a todos sus seres queridos que todavía permanecen en esta tierra. Esto no es un “adiós”, es solamente un “hasta luego”. Estaremos juntos nuevamente…

    Con profunda gratitud,

    Marco Andrade V.
    Quito – Ecuador – América del Sur

  • Jeanette Hui

    Towards the end of 1998 I stumbled into a Dallas Willard Seminar as an audit DMin student from Fuller. Newly arrived from Singapore I had not heard of Dallas Willard, but as I sat listening, my heart hungrily responded. I exclaimed, ‘this man knows God.He is teaching from his heart, not from his notes.” I was resolute to take this seminar again, this time for credit. That was how I ended up attending his Seminar twice. I was blessed by interacting with him personally in and out of class, by his books and articles–what I truly found exceptional and inspirational for myself, is that the writings are an extension of the man himself. There is no dichotomy between his teaching/explanations and his life. I did feel that I was looking into the face of God when I sat at his feet. I was so blessed that I told the DMin head at Fuller, that if this was the only course I did I was fully satisfied.

    Today I teach classes on Christian Spirituality, and one of my textbooks is ‘The Renovation of the Heart.’ Personally the book that helped me most is ‘The Spirit of the Disciplines.’

    Of course, I was saddened by the news of Dallas’ homecall on May 8, and will mourn his passing… but it is really my selfish loss of knowing I won’t have the privilege of hearing him in person again.

    I am very, very thankful for all that Dallas has tried to show us, teach us and lead us to the path of training to follow Jesus. My heartfelt condolences to Jane especially, to John, Becky, her husband and daughter, who so generously shared him with us. May God’s comfort fill your hearts.

  • Adam Luckow

    A few years ago I had the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with Dallas Willard in a hallway at a conference in Berkeley, CA. I asked him what advice he could offer me, being that I am young man in ministry. He replied, “Stop trying so hard to make ministry work. All YOU need to do is put the words of Jesus into practice.” That conversation has changed my life and my ministry. I have found life in the Kingdom. Thank you Dallas.


  • Deirdre LaNoue

    I had the privilege of being in the first cohort of the Renovare Spiritual Formation Institute. I knew all the faculty would be good but I applied because of Dallas Willard. His writings had totally messed with my mind! My paradigm about life in the Kingdom has shifted in significant ways. I could not believe the gracious gift of God to be able to meet Dallas and talk with him. I had to stay on my tiptoes intellectually in his teaching sessions which I loved, but his life, his person taught me even more. I just kept thinking, “I want to be like that when I grow up!” And I was 47 at the time! Of course, what I really want is to be more like Jesus. But Dallas gave me tangible hope that this was possible. Dallas helped me know and love God. I could only wish that someone would say that of me some day.

    He walked up and sat down by me at breakfast one morning with a smile and a twinkle in his eye, and he said, “There’s going to be peanut butter in heaven! Do you want to know how I know?” Of course, I said I wanted to know. And he laughingly said, “Because God is GOOD!” I wonder how many peanut butter sandwiches Dallas has had since Wednesday.

  • Sajo Thomas

    I cannot thank God enough for the good work Dallas has done through God. Dallas’ life and works have resulted in the glorification of our Father in heaven; in my life, surely. Thank You dear Lord for your student Dallas!
    Sajo Thomas
    Andaman & Nicobar Islands

  • Jo Dwan

    I am so thankful for you . Your bible teachings and books have transformed my life. The Divine Conspiracy is the most profound work I have read. Thank you from grateful sister in New Zealand.

  • Tania Watson

    Though we did not meet in this life, your voice and words have so often been my companion thanks to audio books and messages online. I am so grateful for the body of work left here with us so that many, like me, can continue to grow into the fullness that is Christ.

  • John Williston

    I was privileged to be a grad student at USC from 1998 – 2003 and blessed with Dallas’ time and attention as my adviser and dissertation committee chair. Even then I didn’t get as much time with him as I would have liked, but I’m sure that’s true for many because he was without any doubt the best and wisest man I have ever met face to face.

    The thing that I will always cherish, and pointlessly covet for my own, is his gift for saying such simple yet incredibly profound things, which would inevitably turn my understanding of a thing completely on its head. To borrow his own favored term, Dallas had a gift for seeing clearly without the “blurs” that mar so much modern thought.

    For example, I am struck now by the memory of him once saying that God’s plan was to gather unto Himself as many as possible, all who could in any way “tolerate” the kingdom of Heaven. What a lovely shift in perspective that was for me. Thank you, Dallas, for all that you gave while you were here. I will miss you, dear brother, but I will see you again.

    Now get busy and finish that book on the loss of moral knowledge before I get there. You didn’t complete it before you left, and I simply cannot tolerate not reading it!

  • Ivan Hom

    Dallas Willard is my minister, and it has been a wonderful work in progress to integrate his teaching into my life. Blessings to his family.

    Ivan Hom

  • Michael Eldredge

    I will be forever grateful to God for leading me to the writing and teaching of Dallas. It was over 30 years ago that I started to become serious in my faith journey and discovered Richard Foster and, subsequently, Dallas. He has had profound influence on my spiritual growth. I tend to read the spiritual classics because they have stood the test of time and I have no doubt that 200, 300, 400 years from now they will be reading Dallas Willard. Though I never got to meet him, I felt close to him through his devotion to God and to helping people like me find and know Christ in a real way. I will miss his presence deeply.

  • Gayne Anacker

    God has favored us with many, many outstanding Christian philosophers. But of all these excellent men and women, Dallas was preeminent in vision and heart. I owe more than I can say to his mentorship in the world of ideas. My prayers are with Jane and the family as they contend with this massive loss in thier lives. There will come a day for them, and for all of us, however, when we thank God for having shown us all a little bit of himself through the love, gentleness, grace, and kindness of this great man.

  • Ron Criss

    Eternal memory. Eternal memory. Grant to your servant, O Lord, blessed repose and eternal memory.

  • Martha Hendrickson

    I am grieving over Dallas’ death, yet rejoicing for his glorious entrance into the light of God’s presence. Struck down, but not destroyed.

    How I was hoping and praying that with the power of many asking, that Dallas would be another Hezekiah with 15 more years of life with his dear family. We, his larger family of Christ, needed his further meditations and teaching and books.

    To you, his family: A heartfelt thank you to you, Jane, in encouraging Dallas to write and share his wisdom. Blessings, Jane, John, Becky, Bill and Laurisa for cheering him on and for all the hours he was away from you. Thank you for sharing him with us and the larger body of Christ.

    Dallas modeled the power of asking for me:

    I was a new student starting the Denver Renovare Institute, and recently thrust into the whirlwind tornado of breast cancer and treatments, cap covering my bald head. Along with my husband, we approached Dallas after one of his first lectures. We were wondering could this power of asking really be true for us? Dallas was sincere, warm, and welcoming. . . “yes, of course” and grabbing my hands he asked if he could pray for me. “Father, this is your DEAR CHILD”. . . repeated again with such tender emotion and rising concern, though he had just met me. He went on to pray for my cells to be corrected in whatever way that was needed, for healing and restoration, and for me to somehow know if the healing had taken place.

    So what is it that drew me to this man. . .

    Sincere, warm, welcoming, approachable impartial, open and non-defensive.

    Teaching in the most startling profound, authoritative way yet simple, understandable and with homespun stories and humor

    Paradigm shift of the Kingdom being open and available NOW

    That the central mission of the church is to make disciples/apprentices of Christ

    Giving HOPE to those who have long been struggling or discouraged

    Depending on, obeying and listening to the Father in an interactive conversation

    Giving ENCOURAGEMENT that obeying what Jesus taught and modeled was really POSSIBLE!

    Why I am so drawn to this man. . . JESUS in Dallas, and Dallas in Jesus. More than any other human I have ever met, Dallas helped me see and experience the reality of Jesus here and now. GLORY!

    “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” 2 Corithians 3:17-18

    Martha Hendrickson
    Denver Renovaré Institute Cohort

  • Pastor Brian Brock

    Dear Willard Family,
    I am very sorry for your loss. I feel the pain of his passing, but not nearly the level of yours. He was and will continue to be an inspiration to me. I will wrestle with my own spiritual disciplines as God reforms my character and life because I truly long to be a good apprentice of Jesus Christ. Mr. Willard through his writings will still to be a strong mentor of mine in that longing and journey. God bless you all and comfort you until we join him with Him.
    Laurens, SC

  • Jim Strysko

    Other than Jesus, no one person has done more to shape and encourage my whole life toward Christ than Dallas Willard. From 2000 when I picked up The Divine Conspiracy I have, as Dallas would say, digested his work. I will never forget his warm and approachable manner when he quietly walked up to me at the Methodist church in Pretoria RSA in August 2010 and asked, “Are you getting anything out of it?” I was reading the UK version of Knowing Christ Today. We talked like old friends. When he saw my name tag he recognized me as a guy who had emailed him. What a considerate and thoughtful man. I would distribute his book to many national government officials in Zimbabwe. We would include the four huge questions and countless other thoughts from Dallas, woven into Shona and Ndebele and of course English literature distributed to thousands of rural folk in Zimbabwe. Through tears now I say, Lord, thank you for this dear man. Bless his precious family. We rejoice by faith in his reunion with You and with Mom, Mamie.

  • Kyle Snow

    I had always hoped to meet Dallas in person one day. And I imagined that, if I did, I would hug him and tell him how thankful I was to God for his life and work. I still imagine that it may happen someday, when all the followers of Christ from every age are joined together in the fullness of The Kingdom of the Heavens.

    Thank you Heavenly Farther for the life and work of Dallas Willard. Because of it, I desire so much to live the life that Jesus would live if he were I.

    My sincere condolences to Jane and family.

    Kyle Snow
    Columbus, Ohio

  • Nancy Lewis

    I interviewed Dallas Willard when I was a 25-year-old editor for a Christian counseling publication. We met in the lobby of his hotel. He was so generous with his time in answering my questions, and often would ask me for my thoughts on the question I had asked him. I wasn’t sure why the thoughts of a kid like me would be of interest to him, but he chose to be interested. I had met many famous Christians in my work with the publication, but I never experienced anyone with Dr. Willard’s thoughtfulness, humility, and kindness. Our interaction was so remarkable that it drew a young man to eavesdrop on the conversation. After Dr. Willard left the interview, the young man engaged me in further conversation about what he’d heard us talk about, and I was able to share the gospel with him. I don’t know what ever happened to that young man, but he is one of many that Dr. Willard influenced for Christ without knowing it. His books are some of my favorites, and I read them with the knowledge that the man who wrote them also LIVED them. I am so sad that there will be no more books for us, but so happy to know that he is with the Lord in glory.

  • Kristi Gaultiere

    I thank God for Dallas and the way God used him to challenge my wrong ideas about God, enlarge my view and experience of God’s goodness, love, presence and come to see Jesus as the most brilliant man who ever lived and the wonderful opportunity He gives me to organize my whole life around following Him as His apprentice in the Kingdom of God here now.

  • Ray Cowan

    The first time I heard about Dallas Willard was at a Veritas Forum at Stanford University in 1997, I believe. Soon after that I read The Divine Conspiracy and realized that Dallas and his take on living Christianly was remarkable and compelling. I met Dallas a number of times–briefly–at later Veritas Forums at Stanford, at the InterVarsity Grad/Faculty meeting in Chicago on New Year’s Eve 1998/1999, at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, and a few other times. I’ve listened to many talks and videos of Dallas about the Kingdom life: living cooperatively with God, and read a lot of his articles and all of his books. His influence on me has been profound. Two of my favorite talks are “The Fine Texture of Life in the Kingdom of the Heavens” and “Kingdoms in Cooperation.”

    Three occasions capture Dallas’ character for me. At a Veritas Forum at Stanford in autumn 1999, I remember the organizers announcing that the evening’s schedule had had to be re-arranged to accommodate Dallas’ schedule. “Dallas will be the second speaker tonight, instead of the first,” we were told, “and he will have to leave immediately after he finishes his talk and will not be able to answer questions. His older brother died today and Dallas has to fly home.” Of course, it would have been completely understandable to have cancelled his talk–but he came anyway and gave a fine talk as though nothing out of the ordinary was happening. And the students and others got to hear about Christ and the Kingdom.

    The second instance was again at talk by Dallas at Stanford a few years later. He had spoken on reasons why he believes that God exists (which included dependency of events, awareness of consciousness, the occurrence of great events and great people, sense perceptions of beauty, and a sense of co-working with God). Afterward about 20 of us went up to talk in person. After waiting my turn, I got to ask Dallas my question, which I no longer remember. What I do remember is that Dallas’ entire
    person seemed focused on me, as if he and I were the only persons in the room, as if he had all the time in the world to talk to me, as if there weren’t a dozen people still waiting their turn. I felt more cared for and accepted in that moment than I have most any other time.

    The last instance was just a couple of years ago. I ran across a blog entry–don’t remember which blog–where the writer had begun to perceive the scope and depth of Dallas’ teaching on, and example of, living cooperatively with God. He said, “When it comes to Christian living, Dallas Willard is the real deal.” That’s been my experience too. Thank you, Dallas Willard and family.

  • Colin Dennis

    “Anything good”, Dallas said in reply to my question, “What do you usually pray for?” That was releasing for me. I had the privilege of doing a two-week intensive with him in Sydney, Australia in 2009. Although I knew him only for that brief period, no one else has impacted my life as Dallas has. I still listen to those lectures to refresh my soul and grow in my understanding of what “spiritual ministry” is.

  • Joyce Plumb

    In 2006, I had two back surgeries and spent several weeks in recovery, not able to do much except read. I ran across an article about Dallas in Christianity Today. The article carried a response from one of Dallas’ philosophy students when he was asked why he kept coming back to take more classes from Dr Willard. “For two reasons,” the students said. “Because of his knowledge and because of his kindness.” This simple and honest declaration touched me deeply and I asked my husband to purchase The Divine Conspiracy for me. For the next several days, I lay in bed and read and read, pausing to hold the book to my chest and cry, “Can it be true?! Is this how it really is?!!” I then proceeded to read all of Dallas’ books that he had written up to that point and began practicing two hours of solitude and silence each week on my day off from work. I have been through “Renovation of the Heart” about 6 times, 3 times with the leadership team of a women’s group that I began many years ago. John Ortberg says, “There is no one like Dallas.” I agree. But Dallas Willard has been God’s means of opening my eyes to [begin] to see “There is NO ONE like Jesus.” Yet, he invites me to walk with him, learn from him, find rest for my soul, and to become like him in his character. Even me. He invites even me. Thank you, thank you, Father, for Dallas Willard, for Jane Willard, and for their family. Thank you for the Emmanuel presence of Jesus.

  • Michael Anderson

    C. S. Lewis said it, but Dallas Willard for one lived it. “Now the whole offer which Christianity makes is this: that we can, if we let God have His way, come to share in the life of Christ…Christ is the Son of God…We shall love the Father as He does and the Holy Ghost will arise in us. He came to this world and became a man in order to spread to other men the kind of life He has – by what I call “good infection.” Every Christian is to become a little Christ. The whole purpose of becoming a Christian is simply nothing else.” –
    Thank you Jesus for giving us your servant Dallas that we might see you more clearly in and through him.

  • Randy Reese

    Like so many have said above, my life and ministry have been impacted by Dallas Willard…as some have described as “the real deal!” I had hoped to meet him in person, and look forward to a good long cup of coffee in Heaven some day. It is great to know that it really is possible to finish this race well…now to imitate a saint that has gone on before the rest of us. Peace to his family, friends, colleagues and students.

    Randy Reese

  • Brendan Sweetman

    Farewell to Dallas

    Dallas Willard is one of the truly wise men I have known. He had a remarkable influence on my whole approach to my work in philosophy. Without the benefit of his expertise, guidance, inspiration and knowledge in my early career, I don’t know where I would be. Later on, he discussed his ideas with me, used some of my ideas in his talks, wrote letters for me and also endorsed my books. This was all in keeping with his collaborative and generous spirit.

    It is fascinating to read around the internet this week all of the tributes to him from far and wide, the vast majority of which come from people who have not met him, but who know him through his books. The Willard family should take great comfort in that. It is also very noteworthy that people liked him not just for his books and ideas, but also for his character and moral center. I think this is quite a rare thing among scholars.

    I remember fondly our days at USC, where I worked on my Ph.D. with him. He was down to earth and full of humor, had a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight, and was passionately committed to philosophy as something that really mattered. He was among the best philosophy teachers I have known, and many times in class I was afraid to look at my watch in case I would find the class was almost over! He was also always available to talk. We had lunch with him many times to discuss topics from our work. He loved hamburgers and strawberry milk shakes and a good laugh! So we often told jokes amid our serious discussions! Once before a talk, I and my great friend and fellow student of Dallas’s, Doug Geivett, presented him with four hats, inscribed with the names of some of his favorite philosophers: (Edmund) “Husserl”, (Thomas) “Reid”, (G.E.) “Moore”. The fourth hat was inscribed with the name of our favorite philosopher: “Willard”! He was taken aback, but it was obvious that he was very pleased.

    So farewell to Husserl, phenomenology, Christian Philosophy, realism, logical rigor, the objectivity of knowledge and value, philosophical discussions, hamburgers and laughter!; —and, of course, “the spirit of the disciplines,” which was manifested nowhere more than in his compassionate and dedicated approach to both his undergraduate and graduate students. As a colleague said to me this week: “Dallas was one who really made a difference.” RIP.

    Dr Brendan Sweetman,
    Professor of Philosophy,
    Rockhurst University,
    Kansas City, Missouri.
    May 14th, 2013.

  • Brian Reese

    At a critical juncture of my life when I was at a horrible crossroads, having decided giving up was preferable to going ahead, Dallas literally saved my life. He taught me about life before death. That the gospel was about putting my confidence in Jesus who would teach me how to live a life that would stand up in the ages to come. In doing so I would become a part of the greatest prize of creation, the People of God. Because of Dallas I did go on and now have the privilege of communicating the life changing good news of Jesus and lifting Him up as He really, really is to a small, poor mountain community and proclaiming to them, The Kingdom of Heaven is Open and anyone is welcome in. Thank you Willard family for sharing this wonderfully gifted and unique person with so many of us. Like Lewis before him, he was a prophet.

  • Sherwood Lingenfelter

    Dallas served on the Board of Trustees of Biola University during 6 of the years that I served as Provost. I have deep gratitude for his contributions to the deliberations of that Board, bringing deep spiritual and academic wisdom, and interpreting for business board members the workings of a university. In 1997-8 I experienced the greatest leadership challenge of my academic career, and I did not lead the Biola community through that crisis well. Near the end of the crisis, Dallas sent me a copy of his new book, The Divine Conspiracy. I wept as I read the book, finding light for so many of my blunders, and insights for spiritual living and leadership that I have treasured ever since. “Ask, seek and knock” has become a core value and practice for me in my family and work relations. I have recommended the chapter “A Community of Prayerful Love,” to hundreds of people. I thank God for Dallas Willard, and for this profound work that has shaped my life since my first reading. My wife, Judith, and I had reread this book in our devotional time this spring as part of our daily reflections on the gospel of Matthew. To the family, his legacy will live in us, in our children, and in hundreds of students with whom I have shared these truths since. And we look forward to joining him in the great cloud of witnesses gathered in paradise with the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • daMoose

    No matter what worldly “bondage” we experience, we can be truly free in God.

    The yoke of oppression can be traded for the easy yoke of Christ in whom we are set free. For when your spirit, your heart, is free, you are free indeed!

    He came “to fulfill the law and the prophets”, but in a divine way that ushered in the Kingdom of God. Don’t just “punch your ticket for heaven”, start living with God today!

    Dallas Willard knew and taught this truth above all else. Death is not to be feared, or even noticed for that matter, when you’re already living in the Kingdom.

    }:-) da grateful Moose

  • Eric Kuo

    I feel extremely privileged to have known Professor Willard in my time as an undergraduate at USC. The best teacher I have had and probably ever will have, his insight into ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology drastically changed how I approached the world and living during my formative years. The personal attention, guidance, and care he gave to his students was unsurpassed, and the meetings we had during his office hours in his office are some of the fondest memories I have from my time as an undergraduate. When I think if him walking into the classroom proudly wearing his “Husserl” and “GE Moore” caps, I cannot help but smile. He will be forever in my memory.

    Eric Kuo
    MD Candidate, Yale School of Medicine Class of 2014

  • Tisha Gillespie

    Like so many have said already, Dallas’ books, words and thoughts have impacted my life deeply. Time and time again, I find myself quoting Dallas. That doesn’t count all the ideas I’ve absorbed but have forgotten came from him (from God via Dallas, really).

    But the greater impact has been this: I am better able to believe God is fond of me after seeing Dallas interact with other people and after interacting with Dallas myself. When I look at the memorial photos of Dallas, what I see is God’s gentle fondness shining through.

  • GM

    I got my copy of Spirit of the Disciplines over ten years ago from a brother of a Roman Catholic priest who had died. The book is well worn and marked and I thought it interesting that a Roman Catholic priest would be reading something by Dallas Willard.

    Willard through his writing introduced me to Edmund Husserl and St Teresa Benedicta (Edith Stein) both Jewish converts to Roman Catholicism. This began my journey back home to the Roman Catholic Church. God works in mysterious ways and Willard was instrumental in helping me navigate the waters of spiritual formation and discipleship. Ultimately God brought me back to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass where we can eat the Flesh of the Son of God and drink His Blood that we might have life in us.

    My heart aches along with all who have been touched by Christ through Dallas Willard. Dallas, thank you for loving Jesus. Thank you for helping all of us find our way to Christ in this dark world. Thank you for helping me and my family find our way back home to the Catholic Church. May Catholics worldwide remember Dallas Willard and his family at Mass. +++

    Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine,
    et lux perpetua luceat eis.
    Te decet hymnus, Deus, in Sion,
    et tibi redetur votum in Ierusalem.
    Exaudi orationem meam,
    ad te omnis caro veniet.
    Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine,
    et lux perpetua luceat eis.

    Rest eternal grant them, O Lord;
    and let light perpetual shine upon them.
    A hymn befits Thee, O God, in Zion;
    and to Thee shall be paid a vow in Jerusalem.
    Hear my prayer,
    to Thee all flesh shall come.
    Rest eternal grant them, O Lord;
    and let light perpetual shine upon them.

  • Hyeseung Jeong

    Dear Prof. Willard, in my doing a PhD, you have been the only source of my strength to fight against God-denying philosophies, paradigms, theories and notions. Thank you for your intellectual mentoring.

  • Jonathan Deundian

    Thank you, Dallas, for everything you’ve done and will continue to do in Heaven, and with the communion of the saints. Love you

  • Mark Ratley

    I met the love, compassion and hunger for us from One True Living God in your book, Hearing God.
    I read and share the devotional of the same title daily; sharing the Gift with family and friends.
    To you and all you care about I say: THANK YOU

    Mark Ratley
    Shreveport, Louisiana

  • Don Bennett

    Several years ago, I came across the writings of Dallas Willard and was helped significantly in understanding how to live in a Christlike manner by them. Then, I had the privilege of hearing Dallas teach in The Renovaré Institute of Christian Spiritual Formation. I am grateful for the contribution that Dallas has made to our understanding of Christian spirituality and especially for helping me to know how to better follow Christ.



  • Richard Wright

    Our sincere love to the Willard family from those who knew and were influenced by Him here in West Plains, Mo. On the day I heard he went to be with Jesus I was reading his book The Great Omission, one of my favorites. I was able to take a walk with him a few years ago when he was visiting Bertha and discuss one of my passions, spiritual formation. His thoughts have had a lasting effect upon my life. I am very grateful. May we all “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 3:18)
    “Until Christ is formed in you.” Gal. 4:19

    God’s peace be with you all,

    Richard Wright

  • Tom Green

    Thank you for the profound influence you have had and continue to have in my life.

    Tom Green
    Sachse, Texas

  • Roger Fredrikson

    More than twenty years ago I received the pre-publication manuscript of “What Jesus Knew: Our God-Bathed World,” the third chapter in Dallas Willard’s THE DIVINE CONSPIRACY. As I read it, at times I found myself literally shouting, catching anew the vastness and wonder of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is among us now and yet to be fulfilled. I went on to discover in that book, and later in RENOVATION OF THE HEART and other writings by Dallas, the depth and living power of his writing, which in many ways changed my life. Then I met Dallas and could sense in the Spirit how his life was “hidden with Christ in God.” Ever since, I have thanked God for his influence in my life.

    I have seen too the wonderful love affair between Dallas and Jane, and look forward to the time when God’s amazing family will be gathered around the throne to celebrate the fulfillment of the Kingdom as we join in the Reign of Christ forever.

  • Daniel Burks

    On furlough from Ukriane I read both The Divine Conspiracy and Renovation of the Heart. These recast my vision of Kingdom living, and we started a study group back in Ukraine when we returned. Over the years these and other writings have been more helpful than words can really describe. Thank you so much.

  • Zeke Swift

    I’ve had a number of people over the years who have had significant influence on my walk, but none comes close to Dallas’ enabling of me to “see the kingdom,” to understand what is meant by becoming a disciple/apprentice of Jesus, and to pass that on with clarity to others. My Following the Master and Thy Kingdom Come studies, the Apprehend–>Admire–>Emulate–>Be Transformed discipleship model, the Apprentice–>Vessel–>Vector how-the-kingdom-comes model were all seeded from things Dallas illuminated or elucidated for me. My conclusion from my few meetings with him: he was as he appeared; worth imitating him as he imitated Christ. I’m sure there are no mistakes on timing, though. God must have fulfilled his purpose for Dallas (Psalm 138:8); Dallas must have competed his training for reigning.

  • Dan Schroth

    In Oct.2012, I created a list of people that have influenced me greatly and are still living. Then I prayed that God would direct me to the person on that list that I must go and be taught by. Resoundingly clear I knew that God said Dallas Willard. As I tracked where he would be speaking I encountered the Knowing Christ Conference. The opportunity to be in Santa Barbara was a providential gift from our LORD. I remain immensely thankful for God’s gift, once again, given through a person.
    The LORD bless you,
    Edmonton, Canada

  • Ethel Young-Forbes

    I had never read anything by Dallas Willard–I am ashamed to say–until I recently discovered RENOVATION OF THE HEART in a Salvation Army Thrift Store. I was blown away–I had never read anything like it. Now I want to read everything that he ever published. I was saddened when my pastor told me that he had passed away. His life and legacy will live on. Ethel Young-Forbes

  • Troy Johnson

    Dear Dallas,

    When I received news of your passing, my heart rejoiced for you because I knew that you were meeting face-to-face with the One whom you loved most. At the same time, my heart broke for your family, your friends, and for those like me who grew to admire and love you through your ministry. I never met you or even saw you in person, but you have been and will continue to be a spiritual mentor to me through your writings, recorded talks, and example. Whenever I quote you in a sermon, or talk about you with my family, I tell these persons that you were one of the greatest Christians of our lifetime. Thank you for giving of yourself. You made a lasting impact upon my life.

    Troy Johnson
    Chapel Hill, NC

  • Gerry Hesse

    Thank you for touching my life through your books and the example of a Christian life well lived. And thank you Jane for sharing him with the rest of us. Gerry Hesse

  • Helen Edwards

    Dear Jane and family, May 15, 2013

    My prayers and love go out to each of you as you process and grieve the loss of Dallas. He has so many roles in your lives… companion, husband, father, grandfather, friend, teacher, guide, co-laborer and more. Dallas was also a rabbi to many and was loved by many, many people and I am among them.

    The qualities about Dallas that impacted my life made a profound and eternal difference in my life; countless others I am sure have told you the same. With gratefulness to Dallas, to God and to you, I write this letter to you.

    My experiences of personal encounters with Dallas took place in the last decade of his life, even though I became aware, in the late 1990’s, of his writing and his lectures in churches when his book The Divine Conspiracy was published. Someone recently wrote that as a child Dallas’ favorite word was “why?” It was mine, as well, which may have helped me connect eagerly to his style of writing and asking questions, seeking answers and his admission of the mystery of God and the realities of not knowing. With relish I read and reread this book. For the first time, in my life, I discovered so many “answers” to so many of the questions I had about Jesus, scripture, and life. This book also gave me a bigger picture of God and a bigger picture of my life, as well. Even though I had been a Christian for twenty years, a thirst was triggered in me to discover and experience more of God and the life WITH him in the Kingdom that was being offered to me. Since I’d found spiritual food and water from Dallas’ writing, I began to look for more from this author/thinker/teacher. This lead me to countless hours of listening to older recordings and anything I could find and eventually to reading all his other books and many articles published for non-academic audiences.

    That first written encounter with Dallas’ through his writing was the beginning of a continual and ongoing major spiritual transformation into Christlikeness for me. In the past decade I sought opportunities to hear Dallas speak in person; to sit under his teaching at Renovare conferences, in academic arenas and classes in my masters program and eventually through the Renovare Institute. This is where my friendship with Bill began; I was blessed to be in the same “inaugural” Renovare Institute cohort with him as we sat under Dallas’ teaching and experienced community in a delightfully rich way with our entire cohort.

    Admittedly, I was in awe of Dallas. Obviously I was in awe of his amazing intellect, but even more so, when I “met” him. From my first encounter with him I was awed by his manner and character. Most profoundly I remember Dallas’ kindness and grace. I was amazed at his consistently unhurried and available nature, even once as we talked when he was heading to catch a flight. I marveled at his patience and gentleness with everyone. His being reflected such a peaceful, joyful and hopeful quality. He was faithful and full of faith, humor and wit. He was a prayer-full man. Surprising to me, he always seemed to remember me – whether it was 3 months, 6 months or a year between conversations. Four years ago Dallas offered a commitment to pray for Helen Elise, my granddaughter, and every time we talked after that he would mention her first and ask about her. Other qualities that made him remarkable were his wisdom and discernment, his accessibility and availability and his boldness with gentleness when he taught or discussed with students or shared a meal.

    Most profoundly impactful to me was Dallas’ ability to give love – even in the space of a millisecond with him; he could make me feel known, accepted and loved. Grief is a function of love and it is processing loss. Those of us, like myself, on the periphery of his life are processing his loss, for obviously different reasons and ways than you, his close loved ones, are and will process your loss. I think I’ve selfishly cried more over losing the experience of being loved by him than any of the other losses that his passing brings to me.

    Dallas’ teaching and who he was is the legacy he leaves me; he practiced, lived and was what he preached. I learned so much from him, the dignity of me, as an individual, the value of me as an individual person, intrinsically. I matter to God, and in some supernatural way, Dallas made me feel that I mattered to him. Dallas seemed to do this for everyone he encountered. He was not a respecter of persons (accomplishments, bank account, influence…) he was a lover of persons…like Jesus. Not being a “feelings” oriented individual, this is strange for me to explain, but I’ve never felt so deeply loved by a “stranger” – or for that matter, by anyone… as I felt from Dallas. In some unexplainable way, (he’d be able to explain it though) I felt God’s love for me through the encounters and experiences with Dallas, as well as his teaching.

    I thank God for Dallas. I thank Dallas for Dallas, for pursuing the vision Jesus gives us of life with him in the Kingdom of God and for who he became because of it. I thank you, his family, for sharing him with “us.” Thank you for encouraging Dallas to write and speak and spend time with others, I know it “cost” you, and so in this way, together, you’ve invested in the life and lives of the Kingdom of God. I am one of them and I am so grateful. Thank YOU!

    Today I read this passage from John 4 in The Message. It reminded me of Dallas, what he taught and how he lived his life.
    “It’s who you are and the way you live that count before God. Your worship must engage your spirit in the pursuit of truth. That’s the kind of people the Father is out looking for: those who are simply and honestly themselves before him in their worship. God is sheer being itself—Spirit. Those who worship him must do it out of their very being, their spirits, their true selves, in adoration.” Dallas did and does.

    Gratefully, with my love and continued prayers for each of you,
    Helen Edwards

  • Rick Hesse

    Dallas: Thank you for your love for Jesus, your family (and their love for you), which has truly touched my life and a testimony of the harmony of the Kingdom Life that all believers will enjoy forever. Thank God for your life here on earth and I look forward to when we meet again.

    I arrived at USC as a professor in the business school in 1967, two years after Dallas came to USC, and for five years we were both on the Faculty Senate, where I got to know him. Dallas was the calming, wise influence in so many deliberations, listening intently in the back of the Faculty dining room, and only speaking at the end of long, heated debates. I remember he would start out by saying: “It seems to me ….” and then give a concise summary of the discussion and presenting a resolution of some difficult issue, in a very measured tone, which was holy oil holy on troubled waters. He neither lectured nor pontificated, but was more like a friend coming along side to help and earned the deep respect of his colleagues.

    Dallas was a true “tent maker” in the sense of the Apostle Paul, with a profession and also a dedicated layperson. This is a view that many who have only read his Christian books have not had the privilege of seeing. He took his role as professor and department chair with all the forthrightness and integrity that a Christian should, being in the world but not of the world. I once was asking a student once why he was so agitated, and he said he was in Dr. Willard’s philosophy class that day and the student was trying to argue that there is no God, and Dallas had gently lead him through the twists and turns of the student’s reasoning to see that his reasoning was not logical. With a mixture of frustration, joy and admiration he admitted that he now saw the light as he came “kicking & screaming into the kingdom.” Dallas was often that “small, still voice” at the university, whether with students, faculty colleagues or staff, which was the glue that was a corrective to the way of the world. He truly was the “salt of the earth.” I will always fondly remember our walks in the rose garden after lunch across from USC, sharing our thoughts about God and His kingdom and the struggles we encounter in this world.

    His scholarship in the field of philosophy was prodigious, and much like C.S. Lewis, he had another “life” that most Christians don’t know about. But it was his integrity and faithfulness to his profession that allowed God to use him so brilliantly in his speaking and Christian writings. From 1973-1981 when I was at San Diego State, I would bring Dallas down to Skyline Wesleyan church to be a retreat speaker on weekends or for a week during the summer for Bible lectures and many of us kept asking him if he was writing any of this down. He would simply open up his well-worn Bible, no notes, and seemingly, without effort, start talking for two hours at a time, with many of us writing furiously in our notebooks.

    My wife Gerry & I feel so blessed to have known Dallas and Jane over the years and to have read and reread his books, hearing his soft voice as we read. On my retirement cruise to Hawaii this February, I brought a new copy of Dallas’ Hearing God to read, and was two-thirds through, underlining and meditating about listening to God’s voice. My wife and I were enjoying coffee on board when a young steward from Columbia asked if I was reading about God, and lamented that there were no books on board about God besides his Bible to read. He had just shared that his mother had been praying for his salvation and she was ecstatic that he had become a Christian but that he should be reading good Christian material. Then Gerry gently said to me: “give him the book!” I stubbornly realized that God was speaking to me (as Dallas was explaining in the book) through providential circumstances, the book, my wife and my thick skull. I sheepishly surrendered my copy to this young man, realizing again that hearing God truly has many complexities.

    Rick Hesse
    Professor Emeritus
    Pepperdine University

  • mick

    Dallas reintroduced me to Jesus in 1999 thru the Divine Conspiracy. I am so grateful for his writings and the unique lens in which the spirit of Christ shined through him. It was not just the complex simplicity that I loved to unpack in what he had to say about the kingdom of God but the presence of Christ himself which was so alluring to him that was so infectious in his writing and in his person. I am grateful for his example. A brilliantly flawed and imperfect man like the rest of us but one who openly longed and taught for it to be more about Jesus and his kingdom than about himself.

  • David Gross

    Dallas, I never met you in person, but you ministered to me through your books and through recordings. Your devotion to God and to your students (including me) shines through. Thank you for bringing us knowledge and for bringing it to us permeated with love.

    Thank you for giving me vision for a life lived like Jesus, for helping me truly intend to live His way, and for coaching me in the means to do so.

    Thank you for opening the scriptures to me. When I think of you, I think of Psalm 1 and 23, our Lord’s prayer, the Great Commission, John 14 and 17, Colossians 3, and II Peter 1. These passages are now shining passages for me, and the knowledge that you have given is helping me with each new reading of the scriptures. Thank you for helping me know that I need a praying life and a thankful life.

    Thank you

  • Kevin Mischler

    Thank you Dallas for allowing the Spirit to work through you to touch me and so many others. I listen to your talks over and over and never tire of them. I pray your legacy will continue to live through each person you have touched for the glory of God.

  • Roberta Mosier-Peterson

    I rejoice that God created, formed, and transformed Dallas. I’m almost rendered speechless as I think about how words might bear witness to how much God has done in my life as a result of Dallas. Thanks, thanks, thanks, for living in partnership with God to such an extent that everywhere you went and whatever you spoke, God was glorified. Ultimately, you didn’t care if a person walked away from an encounter with you saying, “oh my how brilliant Dallas Willard is!” You were most content, rather, if the person walked away saying, “oh my, how good and gracious is our God!”

    My prayers are with you, Jane, John, Becky, Bill and Larissa. May the Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord’s face shine upon you and give you His peace.
    Roberta Mosier-Peterson

  • Frank Erb

    I will always be grateful for Dallas. In one critical season of my life, God used his writings to reaffirm and inform many transformational thoughts I was discovering from the word and the Spirit. I cracked his “Renovation of the Heart” one night while settling into bed many years ago and ended up staying awake all night, excitedly reading almost the entire book and highlighting entire pages in yellow. I have referred to that book and many of his other resources often since then. Thank you Dallas for letting the Spirit of God use you to help me. I will continue to think of you as I teach others the ways of Jesus.

  • Willem Lategan

    We had the opportunity to attend a retreat that Dallas lead during a visit in South Africa. Dallas signed our Knowing Christ Today book with the fitting words “Eternal Living – John 17:3″. We had this book returned to us yesterday, after we borrowed it to a good friend – and took great comfort from these words. We also read Dallas’ Epilogue to James Bryan Smith’s Room of Marvels to gain a fresh perspective on the glorious transition Dallas made on May the 8th. I (Willem) find myself in what Dallas describes as Life II, and read an interview (translated into Afrikaans) that Dallas had with Bob Bofurd a few year ago, where Dallas painted a picture of Life III, which he entered before us. What a joy to look forward to share with such a remarkable person – Eternal living in the kingdom of our good God!

  • Fabrice Pataut


    Fabrice Pataut

    I first met Dallas Willard in mid-August 1982. I had just been accepted in the Ph.D. program of the School of Philosophy at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Dallas had played an important role in that decision. I was offered a position as a Teaching Assistant and was expected to begin both studying and organizing discussion sessions for undergraduates in the Fall. I flew in from Paris. Dallas came to pick me up at LAX, introduced me to the professors of the department, to Ross Scimeca, the head librarian of the Hoose library, and to the administrative staff.
    When I left after graduation many years later, we remained in touch. We did so for fifteen years. I went back to France and we never stopped communicating. We called each other, read each other’s articles, wrote letters and e-mails.
    Dallas was an outstanding teacher. I remember him teaching a seminar in metaphysics on the theory of substance. A large portion of it was devoted to a critique of George Bealer’s 1982 book Quality and Concept. I also remember him teaching Husserl’s Logical Investigations. Dallas was by then a Husserl scholar of international standing. I think it is fair to say that his conception of philosophy was of a conceptual and argumentative discipline with a historical dimension. I do not think of Dallas as a Christian philosopher, more as a Christian and a philosopher. He will be greatly missed by his students and the philosophical community at large.
    Today, a few hours ahead of the memorial service to be held for him at Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California, I think of his wife Jane, whom I met twice during my long stay in Los Angeles. I think of her grief, and I wish to offer her my sincerest condolences. I think of Dallas as a dear friend, as a person who was remarkably warm, generous and receptive. I remember the kindness of his smile as we took strolls around the peristyle in Mudd Hall, talking either idly or serioulsy. It didn’t matter. He was never at a loss for witty words of solace. Requiescat in pace.

    Paris, 25th May, 2013

    • Jim and Laura Hurlburt

      Beautiful Fabrice…thank you.

  • Scott Hilborn

    Dear Dallas,

    God knows how much He used you to form me into the man I am today. Thank you for teaching me how to live the “with God” life.

    Enjoy your blessedness!

    Yours in Jesus,

  • Natasha Duquette

    Dallas Willard influenced the way I teach with a simple yet profound statement: “As Christian educators, our duty is to show students reality” (Interview with Steve Porter, Biola University Fall Faculty Conference, August 2011). That one sentence was very encouraging to me and has stayed with me in every moment of my teaching. Many staff and faculty in the Biola University community are mourning the loss of Dallas Willard. A photo memorial to him has been resting at the foot of the cross in the Talbot seminary prayer chapel. On a more personal note, this past Fall I was very ill, and listening to an MP3 version of the book “Hearing God” got me through the worst of my pain. Dallas’s words were like balm to my soul (and body) as I felt powerless to change my situation. They helped me stay connected to God and sustained my hope. Earlier in 2012, while drafting a chapter for a forthcoming book on “The Prospects and Perils of Christian Scholarship in the Twenty-First Century”, I had cited Dallas’s reflection on “the possibilities of a life of free-hearted collaboration with Jesus and his friends in the kingdom of the heavens” (“Hearing God,” page 12) as a model for Spirit-filled academic community. His writing in “Hearing God” is so eloquent and persuasive, but it later took on even deeper meaning when I found myself turning to his words for consolation in a time of suffering. I will add an extra footnote at the beginning of my chapter, dedicating it to his memory.

  • Sheldon Mann

    They say that a classic literary work is established by those who return to its pages time and time again. Dallas is someone who we will continue to return to time and time again.

  • John Kasten

    “Thank you” is a great way to mark the transition in a great life. I am thankful beyond words for Dallas and for what his influence will be accomplishing for decades to come. I will never regret the decision to apply to participate in the Renovare Institute in 2010. I am so thankful that I heeded the Lord’s prompting not to wait. Every bit of the time, expense, transcontinental travel and inconvenience was worth having the privilege to bask in his teaching and his lovely presence. God gives each of us the grace to follow in Dallas’s footsteps to some degree, and I aspire to be something like the kind of grandfather he was. What a joy to know that we will all be reunited! “Thank you” to all of you.

    John Kasten
    Renovare Institute Class of ’12

  • Barry Cull

    Thank you, Willard and Heatley family and friends, for sharing Dallas with us. But more, for sharing the heart and mind of Jesus.

  • Nancy Kane

    I have used Dallas’ book Renovation of the Heart every semester in my Spiritual Transformation class at Moody Bible Institute. Dallas’ writing leads students to a clear picture of what following radically after Jesus means. His depth of understanding of the human heart, the nature of evil and what living in the kingdom means on a day to day basis has touched myself and many students. More than anything I am touched by Dallas’ heart and humility. Truly he was a man whose heart beat with Jesus’. He will be greatly missed.

  • Zachary Cochran

    Thank you, Dr. Willard.

    Dr. Willard was an insightful philosopher and theologian.

    Dr. Willard inspired the spiritual disciplines movement, popularized by Richard Foster, which has profoundly shaped my walk with Christ upon reading Celebration of Discipline. I later went on to read and appreciate Dr. Willard’s book: Spirit of the Disciplines.

    The one time I met Dr. Willard in person, in April 2012, was when he visited New York City, and I was thrilled to meet such a humble, living legend.

    I am greatly saddened to hear of Dr. Willard’s passing and extend my deepest condolences to Bill and Becky Heatley and their whole family.

    At the same time, I remember that Dr. Willard has entered into the joy of his Master and has finished the race that he ran as a “well done, good and faithful servant.” See you up there, Dallas.


    Zachary Cochran
    Alumnus of The King’s College
    Co-laborer with Christ

  • Jean Duncan

    Dallas Willard changed my life. My husband and I attended the Fuller Seminary course in 2000 and it changed everything for us.
    I still hear “whispers” daily and they are Dallas saying “is God really LIKE that?” “try it; experiment” “see what gives you life”…..”if you hear shame or blame it’s definitely NOT Jesus speaking to you…….”
    And during the course, when Dallas really disagreed with an author, I heard Dallas acknowledge the person and say “he’s a better man than his ideas here……”
    Dallas made me long to know, experience, feel and walk with Jesus in deeper ways. When I left the course and the time of being with Dallas, all I could think was I want to do what he was doing in order to know God like He so obviously knew Him…..the life of Dallas Willard was an invitation to know God and be known in an intimate way. I am so deeply grateful for Dallas Willard and all that he contributed, wrote, believed and stood for in life.

  • Joyce Hinton

    All the years of listening, questioning, studying, and praying took on new meaning and a clearer direction after reading Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspriacy. Christ living in us – how simple it sounds, how eloquently Dr Willard explains His purpose for us. Thank you for living your discipleship with Him for us.

  • Mark Awadalla

    Dr. Willard’s work is bearing fruit, even all the way here in Egypt. I thank God for speaking to me through Dr. Willard’s books and videos. Even though we never met in person I feel that I have lost a great friend. Thank you for opening my eyes to the reality the Kingdom.

  • Richard Bates

    It is remarkable the way and to what effect Dallas has shaped my trajectory in the life of Christ. Hearing him speak in person this past March at the Renovare Institute I also witnessed the his supreme devotion to Jesus and his Kingdom via the love expressed by his wife, and those who have personally known him for many years. I can only say thank you.

  • jimmy meeks

    I was driving along one day with minister Peter Lord when I asked him what he had been reading lately. He replied that he doesn’t read anything anymore “except the Bible and The Divine Conspiracy.” Soon, I got me a copy of The Divine Conspiracy and consumed it repeatedly. Over the next few years I read it – and Willard’s others – over and over (the cover fell off of DC). One day I learned that Dallas Willard was speaking at a church in Houston (I live in Ft Worth). I made my way there and listened to him. On that Sunday night, he had a book signing after the service. Dozens of people lined up to have him sign their book. I had no book for him to sign; I just wanted to meet him. When I finally came face to face with him, he asked me where my book was. “Sir,” I told him, “I have read and pretty much memorized everything you have ever read. I don’t need you to sign any of them. I just want you to lay hands on me and pray for me; I have sins I cannot rid myself of.” I tell you… Dr Willard responded to me as if I were HIS son! He embraced me, loved on me, even insisted on knowing what sin I was struggling with! I will never forget the way he responded to me….

  • Adam Stowell

    I was mentored by one of Dallas’ students. It so happened that we walked a difficult road together at nearly the same time, though he being much older than myself. In a way, he is like my father, and in many senses of the term. So, today I feel as if I have lost my grandfather, even though we met only once. That meeting was one of the rare instances in life when I truly felt that everything would be alright. It was not in his words, but in his presence.

    He has made a divine impression on me, as have his “offspring”. I am honored to be part of that lineage. There are few things, if any, I could be more proud of.

    God’s blessings on his family. May his “children” continue in the work they are called to.

  • Patrick Watters

    An “Imitation of Christ” -
    Incredible intellect, grace-filled and loving humility. A beautiful imitation of Christ. Thank you Dallas Willard.
    I wish I could be as much, but if I had the choice, I would opt for his humility.

  • Victoria

    I was sitting in the front area of the retreat center, talking with a friend, when Dr. Willard walked in. His unhurried gait and invitational smile urged me to spontaneously jump up and offer him a hug. He gladly accepted. As we embraced I thought about how I didn’t really know this man. After all, we had never had a one-on-one conversation. Yet his writings and teachings had left us forever connected. Even more, his loving and generous ways, even if from a distance, had left me filled with joy and inspired to become a better person myself. The experiential knowledge of life in the Kingdom of God that he shared with us forever changed my life as it flowed out of his heart, soul, mind and his strength. Thank you Jesus for the life of Dallas Willard.

  • Arnie Swiegers

    Thank you – indeed! I will forever be grateful for the life that the teaching and understanding of Dallas Willard brings to my journey.

  • Ricardo Seguin Guise

    I had the privilege of having Dr. Willard as my teacher and mentor at USC. Ever since, I always think of how lucky I was to encounter this generous, curious and gentle soul, who gave me so much of his time in his cramped office, where we would spend hours and hours talking about…everything. Dallas Willard was the kind of teacher I wish my children (or any child) would be so lucky to have — at least once in their lifetime. Although I am not particularly religious and have never read any of his books or lectures on Christianity, Dr. Willard’s impact on my development as a young man and as a philosophy student will remain with me for the rest of my life. My final class with him was a graduate metaphysics course, which I took with some eight other students sitting around a big rectangular dark wood table next to a fireplace. It was an amazing, thrilling experience to be there and debate such basic questions about existence, and to listen to Dr. Willard as he patiently guided us. Before the final exam, he told us we would be taking it at the library without supervision, and I asked him: “but Dr. Willard, the library has all the books we need to get the correct answers”, and he replied, “Ricardo, if you were to refer to those books because I am not there to check on you, I would have failed teaching you anything at all during all those years”. To his family, may I just say that he was a father, teacher and role model all in one.

  • Curt Squirt Willard

    Dear Uncle Dallas, I want to thank you and Aunt Jane and my cousins, all the Willard’s and Heatley’s that have prayed for years that my brother Dave and I may come to know and follow Jesus. As I try to read a little each day, (whether the bible (ESV) or one of your books, it is you, that is in the background of my mind, watching me, encouraging me to learn more and to walk upright, and to be a blessing. I have read many of the guestbook notes from those that adore you and love you. Your lifetime of work has helped so many, I can only hope to bless a fraction of those whom you have touched. I wish you could have met my New Pastor, he (like you) is truly amazing, patient and full of grace, and I thank God for putting him into my life. I love you and I will miss you. I will see you in Heaven, Your little buddy from Omaha Nebraska Curt Squirt.

  • Ariel Y. Babikian

    What does a man know about design unless he has witnessed a glimpse of God’s revelation in His design of life “Here on earth as it is in heaven?” Dallas and Jane, you have and continue to usher me to God’s throne daily where I learn the true meaning of Divine design. I will continue to live out my oath to you that I will pass everything you have taught me to those whom God entrusts me with. Your architect and fish way downstream. Ariel

  • James Howlett

    My faith didnt make sense until I beagn reading Dallas’ works. I never look back now.
    My condolences to Jane and the family. Dallas showed me who Jesus really is! Thank you

  • Corne Hurter

    When I think of Prof Willard, I see the vivid image of David kneeling at a brooke. On his knees and in dialogue with God, he carefully and meticulously selects 5 smooth stones. He prayerfully weighs them in his hands and seeks their texture with his sensitive fingers. Every gesture an act of worship. His discernment, obedience, courage and faith turns every pebble into the stuff that slays giants. Prof Willard did this with his every word, action, prayer and the way he lived his life. Each prayerful and contemplated act, an unmistakeable stone earmarked to slay a giant for the Kingdom of God.

    I will surely miss seeing the stones fly from your slingshot, Prof, but I pray that what I have learnt from your books will, in time, bag me a giant or two for His glory.

    Thank you Lord for this life, so well lived, so splendidly ended. He surely finished well!

    Corne Hurter
    South Africa

  • Christopher Key

    I first met Dallas and heard him speak at a 1998 weekend Vineyard Church retreat in Malibu. His message of discipleship and the immediate availability of Gods Kingdom was life changing for me. I felt right away that his message was the most important one for Christians – turn away from God as the golden ticket to Heaven, and turn toward the life with God as disciples of Jesus Christ – learning to do the things that Jesus did. Since then I’ve read his books, listened to many of his lectures, and my life with God has become the most important driving force in my life.

    Over the years I tried to attend any local event where he was speaking, promoted his books and message to others, and the things he taught me have become the way I live – in an ever deepening relationship with God. The truth of Dallas’ teaching has transformed my character and the way I live, and as a result God has opened new doors of ministry I never expected. I now really know that the grace of God is what allows me to do that which I could not on my own. :)

    Dallas not only had a message, but he lived it out, showing us by example, the truth of Gods Kingdom. Kind, humble, patient, he demonstrated the love of Christ in tangible ways. No matter what church I may attend, I will always consider him my spiritual father and mentor. I hope and pray that his message will continue to bear fruit for generations to come, for the life with God is the eternal life. I will miss him and I thank God for him. Our loss is Heaven’s gain

  • Ross

    I miss Dallas!

    Through his words he had been nourishing my soul and drawing me closer to Christ. Now I have a real tangible sense of loss. There are so many things I would have loved to have asked him. I get a sense of how the disciples must have felt when Christ ascended into heaven.

    Dear Lord Jesus,
    Thank you for the life and example of Dallas Willard. Please raise up more like him – who so clearly model life with you. Help us in our loss. Help us to be your presence to each other.

  • Ron Hutchins

    Instructed by Dallas that change wa really possible. Returned to Dallas repeatedly when tempted to despair. Look forward to meeting him.

  • Robyn Johnstone

    Like many others, I had the great privilege of both sitting at Dallas’ feet and also to have a brief time in one to one conversation. There are few men like Dallas in the Christian realm, who were truly God’s gentlemen. I ‘met’ him first through his writings, and then in person. My life will never be the same either, as others have shared. Through his very demeanor, he taught me what it means to look like Jesus. I have been blessed to know quite a number of deeply godly individuals, but no others of his public presence. If I miss him and cry when I think of his loss on this earth, I can only imagine how his family may feel. May you all be comforted with all those amazing memories you have of him. I am sure that he was always the most ‘real’ kind of person there could possibly be. All the time. His life has inspired me to live more like Jesus. To be changed. To become more like Jesus as I journey towards my home, where he now lives.

  • Sally Rackard

    My condolences to Dallas’s family. “Yet, in the gloom a light glimmers and glows”. I am sure Dallas Willard’s legacy will live on to point countless more people to the invitation that they have received. Thank you.

  • Tom Wilson

    Prof Willard came to our church in Belfast, Nr. Ireland 31st May & 1st June 2004, and spoke at a two-day conference. It was a wonderful time – so good that he came, and such a blessing to have him here. We had 200 people from all over Ireland and further afield. I still meet people who speak of it as being the best, most encouraging, most helpful teaching on spiritual formation they have encountered. Prof Willard’s Christlike manner and way of being with us incarnated all that he taught us.
    For several years Prof Willard’s books had formed the foundation of my own approach to spiritual life and ministry, so it was a great joy to host him here in Ireland and to have the privilege of conversation over those two days.The impact of his teaching, his person and his life – all, always pointing to Jesus – continue to be at the foundation of my spiritual life and my ministry. I thank God for him.

  • Fred Roberts

    When I had my “15 minutes with Dallas” as part of Renovare International Spiritual Formation Institute at Menlo Park we met in the old mansion at the retreat center. The mold and its smell were almost overwhelming . . . and Dallas patiently sat in it and saw
    God knows how many of us. He was tired, and looked it. I addressed him as “my dear professor”, and so he will always be to me. Yes, he reminded me of my dad, who was a department head at a small private college in Virginia . . . and loved his students as did Dallas. That day I wanted to encourage Dallas, so I let him know what Ocean View Church had been doing in my twenty-plus years as pastor, and what the United Methodists as a denomination were up to in the areas of discipleship and spiritual formation.
    His eyes widened, and brightened, and teared up. When I asked him what to do next, he said “O, keep going! Go on! Keep on doing, keep on following; just go on!” He gave a good, grandfatherly and God-like hug so I could rest my ear on his chest and listen to his heart beat while in his embrace.
    It has taken two or three failed attempts to put these thoughts into his memorial. Just this week I have been amazed at my desire to “consume” every quote and definition of his that I could find online . . . because as I read them I could hear his own voice speaking as he had during the institute. His words became a Living Word of the Dallas who lives, and will live forever.
    Perhaps as St.Therese of Liseaux said when when she was close to “death” Dallas will be doing even more and greater work now that he is in God’s presence.
    To you, my dear professor.

  • Jonathan Currier

    No writer has influenced me as deeply over the past decade. Both Renovation of the Heart and The Divine Conspiracy grabbed my imagination and ignited a passion for formation that has not cooled since. They are as well-thumbed and underscored as my Bible. An Episcopalian of a contemplative bent, I was struck by how effectively this learned Baptist was able to engage me. He was thoughtful, rigorous, and generous in spirit. I am greatly saddened that I won’t be able to look forward to a new book from him again. I only wish I had had the opportunity to hear him in person. May his family find comfort and solace in knowing how profound an impact he had on the life of the Church.

  • Kiel West

    Dear Dallas,

    Even now as I read the beautiful words that all of your friends have written for you, I want to be just like you Dallas. I want to ooze patient love like you do. Thank you for showing me that it really is good to be good. I want to be just like Dallas Willard, so that I can be just like Jesus.

  • Gary Peyrot

    Dallas has always been such a clear guide to the Way of following Jesus. I still see his life as a shining example of humility, grace, peace and effective living. I am grateful for his life and his works and for the small slice of his life that I was able to experience. I will miss him and look forward to seeing him one day.

  • Peter

    I had the opportunity of hearing Dallas speak and preach during a visit to South Africa. One occasion I approached him with a question during a lunch break, and was overwhelmed by the genuine loving and warm interest that he showed in helping me understand. He was clearly close to Jesus.

  • Philip Garner

    I just this May purchased a book on CD by this man. The Spirit of The Disciplines; it has been a great source of encouragement to me. Because I drive a total of 2 hours per day on commute, I have been privileged to listen to these words over and over. There is so much truth in this one work that I think it may take me years to soak it all up. I never new that perhaps on one of those days that I was listening that Mr. Willard was perhaps passing from this life simultaneously. It is obvious that his life is to be celebrated as is evidenced by all these comments left. Thank you Mr. Willard for the life you lived.
    Phil Garner

  • Tony Magana

    The writings, lectures and life lived by Dr. Willard have had a profound impact on my life with Jesus… I will forever be grateful.

  • Steve Orten

    Dear Jane and family,

    Thank you for sharing Dallas with us. I am sure his many travels, devotion to writing, conferences and lectures took much time away from you, his family. Please know that your unselfish act of sharing him with the rest of us has been a gift and blessing that I will always treasure. While I never met Dr. Willard personally, I felt a kinship to him, because he opened my eyes to the eternal truth of God. I will be indebted eternally to you and him for the way his teaching, humility, and love has impacted my life.

    May you be forever Blessed,
    In the name of Jesus,

    Steve Orten, Plano, TX.

  • Donald Mills, Chesapeake Virginia

    I know I am very late in posting my profound appreciation for Dr. Willard. I met him only one time, but his writings, lectures, messages and life will leave a permanent impression upon me. He was and will continue to be an inspiring role model, someone for whom I have the deepest respect. I am thankful to God for his efforts in advancing the Kingdom of the Heavens and making it so clear and real. I am looking forward to continue learning from him, even though he is no longer here.

    To his dear wife and family, please accept my belated, but no less sincere condolences. I am certain Dr. Willard’s transition to heaven must have been just one tiny little step into a glorious room, in keeping with the way he described the death of the believer so beautifully. It will not be long before all of us will join him at Jesus’ throne.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful man and his ministry with so many grateful Christians.

    In Christ our Lord,

    Donald Mills

  • Rusty Brehe

    I am so thankful that I was able to particpate in the “Knowing Christ” conference this past March in Santa Barbara. I consider it a privilege to have been there and to have sat at this wonderful man’s feet to learn, be encouraged, and be challenged. Thank you Lord.

  • Marsha Escandon

    I was introduced to Dallas Willard’s books and ideas by a former pastor. I had already been a Christian for many years, but when I read his works I felt as if scales fell off my eyes! I learned why so few Christians learn to live a Christ-like life: mainly because we did not make it a habit of carrying out the disciplines, etc. of Jesus. We didn’t act like Jesus because we didn’t live like Jesus. Of course, there is so much more, but that was MY launching pad.

    I had the privilege of hearing Dallas speak at a few conferences and found him to be even more winsome, humble, intelligent, quick-witted, and godly than he appeared in his writings. He was for real!

    Although I feel deeply sad that I will never again read another Willard book, I can’t help but smile sometimes to think of what Dallas is learning again right now at the foot of His Master and the amazing fellowship they are having right now!

  • E. Patrick Moores

    I first had the privilege to learn of Dallas Willard in April 1998 when I was in a public library and ran across a publication “Christian Century,” which had a condenced commentary from his new book, THE DIVINE CONSPIRACY. It had to be the Holy Spirit that led me to that place and that publication and that article. I was blown away by what I read, and it really worked on me. I kept asking myself “who is this deep thinker?”
    Little did I realize that four months later I would have the awesome privilege of attending a two hour lecture he gave on “The Search for Truth” at the Shaldonian Theatre at Oxford University in England in 1998, as part of a two-week C.S Lewis conference. (I still have a treasured audio tape of that lecture.) The next week my wife and I had the honor of dining one evening across the same table with Professor Willard and his daughter at Downing College at Cambridge University in England. It was a night I will never forget, as we had a delightful evening talking about the book, walking with Christ and other matters. Our conversation that evening gave me the impression of what it must be like sitting and listening with one of the disciples that walked with and studied under Christ!
    Dr. Willard has had a real impact on me. My experience with him inspired me to consume everything he has ever written, not only in his books but also in his lectures and articles available on his website. He really works on my mind and I can only read about 10-15 pages of his writings at a time and then I have to go off and talk and argue with myself for a couple of days before I am ready to pick him up again. He has had such a major impact in my life. Although I was never a student of his, I have spent the past 15 years studying Christ under his influence and guiding hand.
    I did not learn of his dire health condition until May 7, and I learned the tragic news of his death the next day. John Ortberg’s beautiful eulogy to Dr. Willard in “Christianity Today” refers to Willard’s “…remarkable mind. He was always careful to note the distinction between mind and brain. ‘God has never had a brain,’ he would sometimes say, ‘and has never missed it.’ ” That statement really intrigued me, but when I remembered the Psalmist and John’s word’s that “before wisdom, God was,” I really felt the meaning of Willard’s statement. Dr. Willard has so kept me in humble awe of his mind and ability to teach us about the mind of Christ.
    GOD bless you Dallas Willard for all you have given to prepare us for meeting Christ. I know you are now having the time of your life in glory meeting and talking to that great source of all wisdom!
    E. Patrick Moores
    Lexington, KY

  • Richard Oyekan

    Talk of a mentor, Professor Willard was a mentor to me from being a student of his at University of Southern California (USC) to making sure that I get married when I have no more excuses for not getting married on time. After taking philosophy classes from him I came to the conclusion that every U.S. citizen, who can be a juror of his/her peers, should take introductory to philosophy.

    For sometime we were going to the same church at USC and I cannot wait after church to engage in life transformation conversations with him and sometime with Jane, his beautiful wife.

    When he moved farther away from my locale he still made himself available to visit and engage in discussions about life, God, and how to be transformed for His purpose.

    Although he has passed on, his influence on me, through his mentoring, avails until I join him.

    Rest in peace Dr. Willard. We will see one of this days.

  • Kip Wieland

    I’m one of the many who considered Dallas Willard “my” teacher for a certain, most recent, time of my life. The Divine Conspiracy is one of the most influential books I’ve read. I’m so grateful for what I’ve learned – for how the Spirit teaches me through Dallas Willard’s writings.
    I am ambivalent over his home-going. I’m glad for him – for it must be a wonderful thing for Dallas to experience life without “the veil”. But there is a sense of losing a great thinker and teacher.
    I watched the memorial service while in a solitary hotel room on a recent business trip. This was such a wonderful gift to be able to view this. This marks a time of life for me. Thank you to the family for allowing me to see this and to share in it in a small way.
    Someday I will be able to meet Dallas in person. I imagine we will talk about God and life together – and it will be worship – every thought.
    Thanks again for being so generous with the memorial service, with Dallas’s teaching, and with the memories.
    I am grateful.
    Kip Wieland
    Bristol, Indiana

  • Doug Reader

    I am a latecomer to Dallas Willard’s writings and teaching. A pastor recommended his books and this has been a valuable discovery. My wife and I continue to consult his recommended readings and read these books ongoing – it’s a great list. Perhaps what changed us the most was the advice to memorize great passages of Scripture (from Personal Soul care chapter in Renovation of the Heart). When we found at first that we didn’t make much progess memorizing, in spite of good intentions, we began to set the Scripture verses to song, and this made all the difference. Thus, this has opened a new ministry for us – setting Scripture to song in a way that (hopefully) interprets the text, without distracting. We had hoped to see Dr. Willard at a conference or other appearance – at least we can view videos on this site. I am grateful to God for Dallas Willard’s ministry and will continue to consult his work until my work on earth is also finished. May God bless the Willard family in the absence of Dr. Willard’s loving presence.

  • David Carpenter

    Dallas Willard’s passing has brought about sadness and great feelings of regret that I never wrote to thank him for his life of service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His books, videos, and efforts to bring about the Kingdom of God here and now have had and continue to have a profound impact on me. I have thanked God on many occasions for Dallas Willard and the way God has used him to develop my understanding of spiritual transformation and renewal.

    I am confident I will see him in heaven someday, if I am fortunate enough to make it myself.

    God bless Dallas’s family and those who strive to continue his work.

    David Carpenter

  • Katie Marsh

    I am almost done with my undergraduate education, and many men and women have influenced the way I think, the way I live, and the way I worship. Dallas Willard is one of those people. I am heartbroken to have just realized his passing. Not for him, but for the rest of us who will not benefit from his teachings. Thank God for this man. “Salvation is a life.” -The Spirit of the Disciplines, Dallas Willard.

  • Lon

    I can never thank you enough

  • Steven

    Dear brother:
    May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace forevermore!

  • Brad Hubisz

    Dear Dallas,

    You are patient and kind: the warmest, wisest, sweetest, safest, humblest, happiest, holiest person I’ve ever known. You were “Jesus in the flesh” to me.

    When I first met you, I hated truth, I hated life, and I hated God. You called me your “atheist friend.” You spoke with me as if I were the only person alive. You gave me water in the desert. You pointed the way home, and you walked with me there.

    I hoped one day I could be like you; you said, “No, no, no, aim higher.” I named my son after you, hoping he would look up to the best; you said, “He will look up to his father.”

    You are the best teacher, the best friend, the best spiritual father I’ve ever had or ever could have hoped for.

    Thank you for looking at me, sitting with me, talking to me, accepting me, welcoming me, hugging me, smiling at me, hearing me, liking me, believing in me. Thank you for being relaxed. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being. Thank you, thank you, thank you, forever.

    Good-bye for now, friend.


  • Dwight Carlson

    To Dallas (if he is able to read these from heaven), family and those he has so positively influenced.

    I have only known Dallas at somewhat of a distance, however, Dallas’ teachings and his books have had the greatest spiritual impact of any human being on my life over the last 30-40 years. I am deeply grateful.

    Dwight Carlson

  • Kathy Curtis

    Dear Family,

    My husband and I met Willard at a conference in Glorieta, NM in 2007? 08? He shared with many others the stage though that was not necessary. Just heard of his home going and I must say….family and friends, we all who are still here have the rare opportunity to share His light, His hope, His “so great a salvation” to anyone who will listen while it is yet day! Praise God for Willard’s great example. Keep looking up, so happy that I do not have to run to the bookstore, our library already contains Willard’s books! Blessings!

  • Edward Son

    Im really sad, i worry about getting into marianopolis but im blessed to be alive, thank you jesus for the opportunity also shout out to marc abdelsayed :(

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    just give me password

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  • Azusa Sato

    I have never met Dr.Willard in person, but was greatly encouraged and challenged by his writings and words in the works he has published. Thank you so much. It was shocking that just around the time that I have “discovered” his works, he has passed to his eternal home.

    Azusa Sato
    Associate Professor
    School of International Liberal Studies
    Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

  • DNA

    So many kind words on one page is really a great thing and I hope when I go into the Kingdom of God I have half as many people who share their kind words about ones own life. This has really touched me and although I never met Dallas in person he must have been a very great man to receive such comments.

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