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Conversations Journal  provides spiritual accompaniment and honest dialogue to those who long for radical transformation in Christ. It stimulates hunger and illuminates the path by drawing on classical wisdom and practice, exploring the vital role of community, and illustrating the journey with realism and hope.

Imagine a table where representatives from each of the major tributaries of Christian spirituality can sit and talk openly and honestly about what matters most, authentic transformation into the life and character of Christ. That’s Conversations, and you’re invited to pull up a chair.

Conversations Journal was founded in 2001 and began publication in the spring of 2003. Its founding editors were David Benner, Larry Crabb, and Gary W. Moon. The publication was built, in large part, around the key spiritual formation ideas of Dallas Willard and Richard J. Foster. Throughout the journal’s history, there has been an attempt to hear from a representative of each the six “streams” (the great traditions of Christian faith) in each issue. The structure of the journal is built around Willard’s model of the person. The Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center has collaborated with Richmont Graduate University to continue its publication.

Conversations Journal is published semi-annually in the spring and the fall. Their website offers a valuable blog with regularly updated posts as well as a lively Facebook community.

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