Conversations 10.2: The Royal Touch

What part does healing play in the kingdom of God? Why do some disciples seem to excel at intercessory prayer, or have a particular gift for healing? Willard Center Senior Fellow James Catford shares the history of healing in the church. He comes to the conclusion that a lot of healing comes from deep and attentive presence, whether it comes in this part of life or the next.
Following his article are a number of tributes to Pastor Bill Vaswig, founding leader of Preaching and Prayer Ministries.

From Issue 10.2 of Conversations Journal, we share with you The Royal Touch: Healing and the Kingdom of God, by James Catford (Bible Society (UK) Executive Officer).

By his life and example Jesus appears to go out of his way to model something that is open to all humanity if they will relocate their lives into the Kingdom of God through the power of the Cross.

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