Conversations 10.1: A Vision of the Redeemed Life

News outlets regularly report that fewer Americans consider themselves Christians, or even much of any religion at all. Secularity is the way of life for many. At the same time, over in the self-help section of online retailers and brick-and-morter bookstores, treatises on How To Achieve Happiness proliferate. Coincidence? Senior Fellow John Ortberg doesn’t think so. In fact, he sees the trend as an opportunity to clarify our beliefs and extend hospitality.

In this 2012 article, John talks about the problem of secularity and what to do about it. A conversation between John and Willard Center Executive Director Gary W. Moon follows. From Issue 9.1 of Conversations Journal, here is A Vision of the Redeeemed Life.

There is an indissoluble connection between character and the ability to perceive. A narcissistic pastor may have memorized every spiritual writer from Polycarp to Pannenberg; he will still present a God who is a cosmic narcissist because his mind is not capable of understanding God any better.

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