2014 Knowing Christ Conference with John Ortberg

Senior Fellow John Ortberg spoke for two inspiring days at the Knowing Christ Conference in May  2014. Hosted by Richmont Graduate University and sponsored by the Dallas Willard Center and Conversations Journal, the conference addressed the need of ministry leaders to learn, model, and teach the gospel. What is the gospel? “The kingdom of God — living in God’s presence, in the reality of God’s goodness and care — has now become available for ordinary human beings to live in.” (John Ortberg)

The video sessions are now available below.

Making Up There Come Down Here -- 2014 Knowing Christ Conference Session 1

The Ultimate Small Group: Life In The Trinity -- 2014 Knowing Christ Conference Session 2

But Wait...There Is More: Abundant Living Here and Now -- 2014 Knowing Christ Conference Session 3

Saturday: Living Between Crucifixion and Resurrection -- 2014 Knowing Christ Conference Session 4

Basic Anatomy for Spiritual Formation -- 2014 Knowing Christ Conference Session 5

A Conversation Among John Ortberg, Bill Willits, Kris McDaniel, and Gary W. Moon -- 2014 Knowing Christ Conference Session 6

Abound and Abide: Thriving in a Life of Ministry -- 2014 Knowing Christ Conference Session 7

Living In Christ's Presence

2013 Knowing Christ Conference

Videos from the 2013 Knowing Christ conference are now available on DVD from InterVarsity Press.

“Eternal Life Begins Now”  was the topic of Dallas Willard’s opening message at the February 2013 Dallas Willard Center “Knowing Christ Today” conference. The series of seven talks explores what it means to live well now in light of God’s kingdom. In this seven-hour, two-disc video presentation, Willard reflects on the state of the university, the meaning of knowledge, the importance of spiritual disciplines and more.

Two of the sessions are taught by John Ortberg, who also serves as a conversation partner with Dallas after each session. In the final session they explore what it means for us to offer a blessing to one another. You will also find a rich gift of grace in these timely videos of Dallas Willard’s final lectures.

Living in Christ's Presence -- John Ortberg

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