A primary focus within the mission of The Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center (MIDWC) is to promote and facilitate the expansion of four intellectual commitments that characterized Dallas Willard’s work throughout his career. The four commitments are:

  1. Robust metaphysical realism
  2. Epistemological (direct) realism
  3. The development of comprehensive, integrative models of the human person
  4. The development of objective tests—empirical and non-empirical—for different Christian formative practices that can help to place spiritual formation in the domain of public knowledge.

The Book and Research Awards initiative is one way that the MIDWC works to promote and recognize exemplary scholarship that addresses Dallas Willard’s four primary concerns for the Christian spiritual formation movement and the broader academic and church communities.

2017 Book
Award Winner

You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit
James K. A. Smith
You Are What You Love

2017 Research
Award Winner

“Virtues and Belief in God”
Robert Roberts
The Journal of Positive Psychology
2017 Book Awards Other Finalists

Finalists in the Article Category for 2017

“Recent Work on Naïve Realism”
James Genone
American Philosophical Quarterly

“Suffering in God’s Presence: The Role of Lament in Transformation”
Elizabeth Lewis Hall
Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care

“Physical Formation: Health Stewardship and Embodied Realities”
Diane J. Chandler
The Holy Spirit and Christian Formation: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

“Knowledge of Abstracta”
Angus Menuge
Philosophia Christi 

“Virtues and Belief in God”
Robert Roberts
The Journal of Positive Psychology

The Winners for 2016

Spiritual Companioning: A Guide to Protestant Theology and Practice
Angela H. Reed, Richard R. Osmer, and Marcus R. Smucker
Baker Academic


“The Husserlian Roots of Dallas Willard’s Philosophical and Religious Works: Knowledge of the Temporal and the Eternal”
Greg Jesson
Philosophia Christi

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