Conversations 5.2: An Invitation Into Solitude and Silence

In this 2007 article, Ruth Haley Barton recounts her realization that her faith life had become a rush of events and duties. She speaks to her inability to love, and the practice and prayer that brought her closer to the love of Christ. Ruth invites each of us into solitude, and provide baby steps for those of us who are addicted to hurry.

From Issue 5.2 of Conversations Journal, we present for your consideration Beyond Words: An Invitation to Solitude and Silence.

ruth barton

I have learned that the practices of solitude and silence are not merely self-indulgent exercises for those times when an overcrowded soul needs a little time to itself. Rather, they are concrete ways of opening to the presence of God beyond human effort and beyond the human constructs that cannot fully contain Divine Reality.

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